Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What is this crap First Americans ?????

The latest odd fashionable term for American Indians is First Americans. These odd terms are used by Bolshevik academic parasites whose sole encounter with American Indians was probably limited to a casino trip or watching Mazola commercials.

American Indians are one of the few groups NYC residents do not encounter. Thus my frame of reference was defined by idiotic anthropology professors. I was socialized to consider Indian a slur equivalent to the dreaded N word. Imagine my surprise when I visited Bad Eagle's site and learned the preferred term is Indian.


Anonymous said...

The first Indians came across the frozen Berring Straits... from Russia.

Now do you see where they're going with this?

The Pagan Temple said...

I don't listen to these baboons anymore. I've had it with their crap. It's Indian, not Native American, it's mentally retarded, not mentally challenged, and if you're a single woman you are a Miss, if married you are a Mrs., and in neither case are you a Ms.

And if you're black, please pick a fucking term and stick with it, preferably something with three syllable or less and no hyphens.

Finally, if your name is Dick Gregory, what you do is not called comedy, it's called bitching. If you are someone who thinks Dick Gregory is funny you might well be what is commonly referred to as an ass.

Sorry if I come across a little too politically incorrect. Since I don't have a Sunbeam in my life yet, maybe I just need to go out and get me some. I think I'll go out and see if I can pick me up a nappy-headed ho.

Brooke said...

First Americans? That's a new one.

What a bunch of PC crap.

Patrician Patriot said...

As 1/8th Creek Indian I can honestly say ... who gives a crap ... America is a big melting pot ... I say if you consider yourself any kind of hyphenated American go back to what ever hyphen you refer to yourself as.

As 1/4 German and 1/4 Jewish I say I hate myself ... lol.

As 1/4 English, 1/8th Irish and 1/8th American Indian ... lets get drunk and go on the war path mate.

As 100% American I say I am proud to be one of the 58,343,671 who didn't drink the kool-aid.

Always On Watch said...

First Americans? I've seen the term in the newer editions of social studies texts.

Interestingly, Indians considered their tribes separate nations, certainly not as Americans.

Well, the march of revisionism continues. I combat it as much as possible with the small groups I teach.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Beak, I hear you on this one....the museum dedicated to Native Americans is called the "American Indian Museum" in Washington DC.

It was quite an interesting thing to visit, but I much preferred the national air and space museum.