Sunday, February 08, 2009

Don't Hold Your Breath

Now that we are in a recession it is time to take on big education. The costs of higher ed are going through the roof. It is time to demand Universities do their jobs and eliminate all loans for degrees that do not lead directly to a job. If you want a degree in gender or peace studies do it on your own dime. The core curriculum of all Colleges accepting student loans should have a business base. Lets see is anthropology more useful than accounting to a job applicant.

We should also eliminate social science research. Let Marxist hacks publish worthless scholarship on their own dime.

The costs of higher ed is going to make on line education a viable alternative. Maybe Universities as we know it will be finished in ten years. The poster boys for what is wrong with American Universities are Ayers, Churchill and Chomsky.


Brooke said...

Higher Ed has become SO unreasonable! It is ridiculous to expect someone to take on student loans that will take a lifetime to repay.

I predict that this will severely hurt the medical field in particular. Who wants to be a doctor when your entire paycheck goes to paying loans and high malpractice insurance?

Great post, Beak.

Beamish said...


We didn't have a recession when Bush was President.