Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dating a Single Mom

Over the years I have listened to many a single mom complain about men refusing to date them. I have dated single mothers before Sunbeam, but had not been in a serious relationship with one. I seriously doubt that if this were anyone else our relationship would have gotten off the ground.

A major turnoff for women is the workaholic man whose attention is always divided. Dating a single mother is the female equivalent of this situation. If you need to be the center of a woman's attention or life or have a big ego this is not for you. It is very frustrating having to deal with constantly altered plans, disrupted dates and moving from one distraction to another. I am hesitant to plan anything because every plan is subject to one emergency or another.

To her credit Sunbeam understands my frustration and at times exasperation with broken dates, dates that end early and constant texts. I also am understanding that there are children involved and some of this is normal and understandable.

The situation is tolerable because she knows I am frustrated with the situation and not her. I enjoy what time we have together always knowing the next text could end the date in minutes. Sunbeam would not be the woman I love if she were not a devoted mother. The key is to enjoy our time while we can but....

I will not criticize the next man for avoiding this situation. It is not an easy situation to be in and few women are worth the hassle of this scenario. Sunbeam is one of the rare ones who is worth this effort.

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