Monday, February 16, 2009

The French Approach vs NYC

The question of what to do with immigrants who violate our laws is best illustrated in the difference between the French approach and the NYC approach. France does not have the libertarian traditions of the US. For an American freedoms of religion, speech and the right to privacy in our homes are sacrosanct. The government under normal circumstances avoids families with the exception of domestic abuse. Where these traditions are violated is generally the work of some Marxist goon creating unamerican speech codes in the work or in a University gulag that go beyond common sense. In France there is a notion that all must be equal and that inequality violates the culture.

The reality of some of the cultures is at odds with these standards. Yet the question is do we as a society have the right to enforce certain norms. Do we want to denaturalize polygamists? Do we want to use coercive government tactics to enforce monogamy. Do we want to provide social services to women and children in confidence. Should our goal be to keep family unity at all costs?

In France the government uses coercive tactics to break up polygamous households without much success. Contrary to popular belief polygamy is not a free for all in the bedroom. In Africa the norm is that there are separate housing and space. This situation does not exist in even the largest apartment or home. The women interviewed describe the trauma of an extra wife. France offers large subsidized apartments as an incentive for women to leave the household and apparently there is an effort made to encourage divorce.

In Africa the tradition is to have as many wives as one can support. By providing financial incentives we are encouraging more polygamy. There is a difference between helping a family down on their luck who needs a hand and a person who seems to think he has divine sanction to flout the laws of the USA. I am perfectly willing to lend a hand to family A with three kids who just cant make it. I am not willing to help family B with two wives and six kids. Family B has knowingly violated US law deliberately and maliciously. Every applicant is asked directly do you intend to practice polygamy in the United States. Unlike a criminal act taking an extra wife is a planned activity.

The question is what do we as a society want to do. By use of the French model we risk not having the confidence of the women and children when they need social services. We also run the risk of Black robed Marxist freaks determining what is a viable family norm. Today it may be the Bhurka and tomorrow it could be Hasidic women in the PC cross hairs.

Sunbeam is in favor of family unity in the country of origin. I am more reluctant but note the arrogance of families who think that they are entitled to financial support as a divine right. There is a difference between a single mother with two
children and a polygamist with ten. I am also dead set against giving four bedroom houses to people who violate our laws. If they make enough to support themselves this becomes privacy.

Are we prepared to adopt the French model. Is denaturalization and deportation of people who lie to the government something we want to do.

There are no right answers on this one.

America is not Africa or Arabia. If you come here respect our laws and above all do not ask me to subsidize your violation of laws you promised you would respect. We do want to treat women and children who need help. However there has to be an understanding of the basic social contract.

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This one's easy. No polygamists allowed. Period.