Saturday, February 14, 2009

Best Night of My Life

Sunbeam is a domestic goddess and prepared the most special evening for me. She caught me by surprise as I have always been the romantic one. If we think back of our
own lives there are always one or two people who loved us from afar. I have alway loved her and never forgot about how special she was. Most people can not compette
with dreams, but Sunbeam exceeds them in every way.

I am a very lucky man and I count my blessings each and every day. I work amongst the
fake, the lost, the clueless, the useless and somethimes I see the hopeful. Every week I see at least four childhood sweethearts or stories of a romance between family
friends or a siblings friend. I guess my situation is not quite as unique as I thought.


Always On Watch said...

Your situation may not be unique among your circle of friends and family.

But it is unique for YOU!

I'm guessing that this Valientine's Day is the best you've ever had. Am I right?

beakerkin said...


Sunbeam followed an amazing evening
with a better day.

In reality she is far more conservative than I am. If you were
to predict her position as a social
worker vs mine as a law enforcement officer you would be shocked. She is more law and order than I am.