Sunday, February 08, 2009

As the Apologists Lie

The truth about anti semitism and persecution of professionals in Hugo's madhouse becomes more blatant each day. His apologists would have you believe that the scores of people fleeing tyranny have nothing better to do than make up lies. These were highly successful people who should be the back bone of the economy. Instead they are harassed because the political abomination requires an other to rationalize its failures. The true believers will get some spoils but the loss of merchants and professionals ultimately does as much damage as oil price falls.

The apologists for Chavez were predicting he could defy the laws of economics and have a cyclical commodity rise linearly. As we have seen this is not the case. Anyone with basic competence in economics would have known this. Commies by nature of their low IQ failed to get this yet again. Have no fear the apologists will name another savior to replace Chavez and another and another.

It is time for the rest of us to get in the face of the traitorous apologists for a hostile regime. It just happens that everywhere communists set up shop the Jews suffer from their bigoted delusions. The problems repeated in several countries can not be laid at the feet of one source.

Scratch a commie smell the treason and bigotry.


troutsky said...

Sound regulation dude, what will have the biggest "stimulative effect"? You seem pretty savvy in the science of economics.Tax cuts or spending? Or did you take accounting?

beakerkin said...

Actually, I have studied economics, accounting and finance and gotten at least a b+ or better in all of them.Reducing tax rates typically increases revenues. This logic goes back to JFK.

There is a place for sound public works that should not be confused with pork. Water and Subway tunnels are more useful than more social science majors.

Jungle Mom said...

Beak, I am going to send you a photo of a Chavista poster found in many government offices these days. It is in support of the Palis and makes reference to 9/11.
Antisemitism is rampant over there.