Friday, February 20, 2009

how do you bond with your significant other

I was thinking about my time with Sunbeam who remains the love of my life. We are able to bond in many ways shopping, preparing a meal, sharing a meal, driving, movies, museums. One can argue if the bond fosters great lovemaking or the other way around.

My mother waits for my father no matter how late. They travel, go to museums and especially Broadway together.

This may sound cruel but food is an important part of the way I bond. I love to shop together, prepare a meal together, share a meal together and life with a vegetarian would be a lesser life for me. This is why when I hear a woman is a vegetarian I do not
consider her to be compatible with me. At one point Sunbeam was vegetarian and if she reverts I would never stop loving her but it would impact my ability to bond.

In reality this may sound funny but a persons vegetarianism is more intrusive than religion, orientation or any other factor. Someone who is Kosher or raised as a Hindu understands that others are different. They never preach or try and subject others to their ways. Even missionaries who try to convert me are respectful and kind. Vegetarians are obnoxious and self righteous and I do not want to hear it. I have never heard a gay person try to convert me and ask for anything other than tolerance. I have even had women promise me anything to give up meat and the choice is simple a nights pleasure no holds barred or a bucket of KFC. I chose the KFC much to the astonishment of a vegetarian who over rated her importance. Who wants to be with such manipulative idiot. The offers happened more than once and recently in VT.

Even a coworker who is vegetarian often dictates where the rest of us can go. I wish they would learn from those who keep Kosher and Hindus and learn to understand others
live differently. Drink a soda and try and be a good sport. Nobody wants to force you to eat meat but controlling others, subjecting them to guilt trips or political lectures is just wrong. As a person who does not drink or take coffee I go along with the group as a good sport.

I am tolerant up to the point where another tries to lecture me or force their will upon me. I am not bothered by religious, orientation and most political opinions. The sole exception are commies, anarchists and racial power freaks who witthout exception are the embodiment of evil and do try to subject their sick lifestyle on the rest of us.

Beamish in 12. Renegade Spleen to be denaturalized and sent to North Korea and Ducky
to be sent to Bible study with Christian Native Americans who abhor liberation theology BS.


Anonymous said...

Considering the fact that there are bound to be many MANY more shared meals than sex acts, I think you made the right choice, beakerkin. ;-)

Brooke said...

I'll second that one. ;)

FJ is nothing if not astute.

The Pagan Temple said...

You're more honorable than me. I would tell her, OK I'll choose the night of sex, assuming it would be somebody I would be interested in having sex with. Which there is a better than average chance I would not be interested in somebody like that, but I guess it depends on the mood I was in.

The way I look at it, surely I can go one night without meat. It might do her good for somebody to use her for one night and then drive the point home to her she's not all that after all. Nothing would say that like a big bucket of KFC the very next night.

Always On Watch said...

My Buddhist neighbor didn't mind a bit when I grilled steaks and shared with his wife. "To each his own," was my Buddhist neighbor's attitude. And he lived that attitude, never judging others!

I can well understand why sharing a meal is a bonding experience.

Besides, vegetarians have such an attitude of superiority. Mr. AOW and I were grateful when his brother finally went back to eating meat; he was much easier to have a conversation with, particularly when we gathered over a meal.

Z said...

I'm with you, is a LOT to me..way beyond cooking and eating.
My husband and I love sharing a meal, going out, cooking...'bonding' ..good way to put it.

Beamish in 12 is right!
And I will be glad to contribute to the fund to send Ducky to Bible study......where do I sign up!$$