Monday, February 21, 2011

Democracy everywhere but the USA

It seems the self righteous types at Harry's Place of eurodolts and europhiles has decided that everyone except the freely elected govenor of WI has a right to govern.
Teachers unions like every other union including my own must tighten the belt through rough times. The sinister payola deals by the teachers unions which are political adjuncts of the democratic party need to be re-examined. The days where the public could afford corrupt deals between unions and no accountability are over.

The folks of the Cocktail party elite talk about the working man. The working man is being raped by high taxes, government sloth and political hacks stealing from the public funds. While the folks at HP move from DC Cocktail party waxing about Gore Vidal novels and blather on about Huffington and the NYT the rest of us are being crushed by tax burdens caused by the corrupt left.

Of course peaceful protesters who want to dismantle socialism and the welfare state are beyond the grasp of the HP cocktail party gadflies and rakes.


Ducky's here said...

Today is the anniversary of the publication of the Manifesto.

I'm very disappointed that you didn't take note.

Alligator said...

Duck, I'd say Beak's NOT taking note is probably his way of commemorating the anniversary.