Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Left out in the Mix

While the upheavals in the Middle East are in the news the plight of the religious minorities has not been discussed. The few Jews of the region can safely emigrate to Israel or in the case of Syria the government insists they go to the USA.

The USA, Canada, Australia and the EU need to come up with a plan to deal with Christian refugees from Egypt and Tunisia. Now that Hezbollah is in power in Lebanon the USA should consider TPS for Maronite Christians until the situation sorts itself out.


Speedy G said...

The plan - Send them to Israel. Unlike the pseudostinians, their return will be accepted by that government and will be seen by ALL as an assett (as opposed to a liability).

But then, perhaps THAT is the only difference between a Jew and a UNWRA charity grubbing Arab...

Speedy G said...

Oh wait... Christians will still be 2nd class citizens in Israel, won't they? Oh well. Nothing's perfect. ;)

Ducky's here said...

I notice you have very take very little notice of the Egyptians who are looking for democratic representation and also assume Christians aren't among the demonstrators.

You probably think that they are all Muslim Brotherhood. Typical deep thought from the fringe right. Yeagley probably agrees with you or maybe you got it from Michael Savage. Whatever, Officer.

beakerkin said...

Dr Doofenshirtz aka Ducky forgets that I live in NYC amongst Copts whp have expressed the similar concerns.
What a moron.

The Pagan Temple said...

Ducky thinks like Ren. If Mubarrek leaves tomorrow there's going to be a great big old positive, forward thinking brotherhood of Arab socialist states throughout the Middle East centered around Egypt. Once Egypt is transformed, all the dominoes will fall into place and the unions and socialists will pick up the pieces.

I can almost hear Ducky singing there will be piece in the valley, with all the grateful Egyptians playing along while some wise socialist leader waves the baton, of course.

Then Israel will have no recourse but to make peace with her neighbors. The Palestinians will swarm into Jerusalem and all the rest of Israel, and in no time at all their fears will be allayed, and they'll all embrace in great big old socialist hugs and kisses.

Ain't that right, Ducky?

Ducky's here said...

Oh my, Officer Pup lives in NYC, he's a cosmopolitan paper pusher.

Tie a can on it Beak, I live on a short street that speaks five languages. One is Arabic. Stop strutting long enough to realize you've been sheltered in Crown Heights.

Ducky's here said...

No Pagan, what we should do is indulge Kahanist freaks like Beak.

Allow Israel to make the conditions in Gaza so poor that people are desperate and Egypt has to fear a stream of refugees it can't manage.

So Israel has peace and we all talk about what a wonderful ally it is.

I do know that when a right wing American diaper pisser starts talking about "freedom and democracy" he means that doesn't include the damn wogs. They should just accept whatever we give them. Whether it's a dictatorship or higher food prices caused by our fiscal policy to deal with the financial crisis.

But we're Americans. A pathetic sad people who are bound and determined to make every one else pay for our screwups.

beakerkin said...


You know very little about what I do
or the local Coptic community. They are fleeing in droves and do not hold your commie peers in high esteem.

Of course real indigenous people like Copts with a 1000 plus year history are ignored while the left venerates contrived fake indigenous people. What is next Brooklynistan or New Jerseystan.

The Pagan Temple said...

Ducky, you're trying to play the old bat and switch by calling Beak a Kahanist, when he is clearly not that. If I were Jewish I would be more than likely to be a Kahanist than he, all the more if I was an Israeli Jew. You just didn't want to answer my question. That's cool, but I know I'm right, because Ren and others on his site have said it so many times its burned in my memory. You all have it in your heads that if Egypt and Iran become socialist the whole region will follow, and eventually that will include Israel, which will include Gaza and the West Bank, thus Palestinians, in what would be just one of many socialist Middle Eastern states, this one a multi-cultural one involving Jews and an eventual Arab majority living in peace. I know that's the goal. I also know its a pipe dream, but that's the goal. The stated goal.

beakerkin said...


The Duck is well aware that I am not nor has ever been a person who advocated secularism. In fact this is part and parcel of the far left anti semnitic cliches I lampoon.

How a person with a Hindu stepdaughter becomes a Kahanist is only in the clouded doctrinaire mind of the Joooo obsessed Duck.

The Duck correctly points out that I did associate with Dr. Yeagley. He fails to note that I was named the leader of a antiYeaglist conspiracy to frame him as a racist. Been there done that ..

The Duck makes claims that I live in Crown Heights. This is Commie speak for calling me a Lubavitcher.
A Lubavitcher with a Hindu Step daughter is a comedic classic.

The Duck calls me a Likudnick. I am clearly hostile to Socialist parties of any type, but I do not tell other people how to govern other than toss Marxists out. I am not a member of any foreign political party. The claiming that Jooos have loyalty issues is quite funny when comming from a person politically similar to Julius and Ethel. The Duck frequently mixes them up with Fred and Ethel.