Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Guyana

I took a boatride down the Berbice river with the brother of the Tranquil Sea. Like everything else in Guyana negotiation for the boat was complicated. It involved some
purchases of fish for some prawns the size of my hand, a red snapper minus the eggs,
local currency for the owner, driver and fuel. The locals insisted I wear a life preserver as safety was always a top concern. The waters were muddy but teaming with sea life. Herrons and shore birds went about their business as our boat moved towards the floating bridge.

We passed loaded freighters and into a mangrove swamp. There I saw kingfishers and mudskippers. I stepped out of the boat and onto a sand bar. I collected a few shells and head towards the area the locals clim is teeming with crabs and saw a few.

The boat moved along the shore and we spotted the inlet towards the Canje Creek. The current was too strong for the boat and had we been there at high tide passage would be possible.

I landed back at the dock and the boat owner welcomed me back and asked if I got sea sick. In truth Lake Champlain and the Hudson were far worse on many a day I crossed them. I smiled and said hardly noticed to the laughter of all on the dock.


Always On Watch said...

Were the bugs biting?

beakerkin said...

Believe it or not the bugs are worse in Vermont. Most houses have nets and one can sleep under one. I never saw a net in Vermont.

In fairness Vermont has the problem six months of the year and Guyana has it all year. I also did not see Tarantuals in VT. However, they do not bite despite my efforts to kill them with towels, sprays, belts and assaults with the local paper.