Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Final Gasp of the Current Left Matrix

In the course of time there are turning points. There are moments where the world around us changes. The days of the Arab strongman are behind us. Despite an army of wonks, none of us know what this means. The era of entrenched power in the Arab world is over. The despots that remain will be more brutal to survive.

One thing is certain viewing all events in the Middle East with a paranoid focus on Israel is passe.

From Greece to the USA the days of Big Labor are over. The days of the left's bloated votes for payola are history. Labor must tighten its belt and recognize the days of wine and roses are over. The old ways depended upon much larger population growth that is a thing of the past.

The future begins now. Leftism has never been more irrelevant.


Ducky's here said...

One thing is certain viewing all events in the Middle East with a paranoid focus on Israel is passe.


Is this really Beak?

Alligator said...

Beak, there is no doubt that the Left is having trouble and its power base is being shaken. However, I'm not ready to say "last gasp" yet.Too many times, there have been empires and movements going down and seemingly able to lash out and do incredible and sometimes irreparable damage before they finally expire. Rather like a mortally wounded grizzly. We're being gutted like fish by our "leaders" and we have some pretty bad folks on the outside who will take advantage of that - China, Iran, even Russia and the up and coming Caliphate in the Arab nations. No time to get comfortable even if the Left seems to be on the ropes. Gee, am I ray of sunshine or what? By the way, welcome back.

Speedy G said...

Bwah-ha-ha. The age of the Arab despot isn't OVER. A new generation of despots have yet to emerge and metamorphosize.

They are still in their "larval" stage.

michael- said...

LOL! You say this while more and more people are joining unions, as more and more billionaires are siphoning more and more wealth off the middle class, and as membership in Left-wing organizations has grown 20% in the last 18 months? How ridiculously out of touch you are. Sales of Marx’s books are at an all-time high!

You really want "labor" to tighten its belt when the top 2% are making more money than ever? You just had a major economic crash because of predatory capitalism where the elites made billions in profits while millions lost their jobs? You want even lower wages for the working class (which have basically been frozen for 30 years) and less taxes and increased wealth for the billionaires? You want to live in a society like this?

You go ahead and immiserate millions of people because you think they “deserve” it and see what happens to your “civil society”. Make the poorer even poorer and eliminate the middle class and you'll have millions of undereducated, angry, psychopathic young people primed to revolt, invade your pathetic little gated communities and take what they need. You want to live in a world where struggle for survival is between a minority hyper-wealthy and a vast majority of poor and sick and ANGRY people? That’s your utopia? Your worldview/morals of "us" vs. "them" speak volumes about the kind of people you are.

Why not work towards a world where ALL PEOPLE have what they need?

No matter how much you wish your white-christian order to remain, it won't. You and yours are at an end.

michael- said...

“There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” - Warren E. Buffet [source;">]

Ducky's here said...

Officer Paper Pusher, are you part of "big labor"?

Being part of a completely dysfunctional, wasteful agency shouldn't you be thankful and a little circumspect.

beakerkin said...


I do not write about Israel that much. Nor do I view all events in the region through the prism of events in Israel. This paranoia about Israel has turned the left into a cartoon.

Israel has zero to do with the events in Yemen, Lybia and so forth.

I am part of a local. My role is confined to preparing questions for meditations and technical advice on work standards. If our local management were not so backwards their would be zero need for involvement on my part.


We do not know what will come of these uprisings. I do think the days of the flamboyant Khadafy and Saddam types are a thing of the past. We will likely see a more subdued version that will at least for now be more focused on the home front.


Here we go with a comedic rant given my return from a Marxist mess in Guyana. Actions by two conflicting Marxist parties and playing games with race has created a mess.

You can look across the planet and directly see the result of this failed philosophy of ignorance. Marxists delude themselves in the same manner as all other theocrats
that they have a divine wisdom. Your rant is more comedic than anything else.

The Tea Party is growing in strength while all vestiges of leftism are becoming irrelevant. The reactions range from the HP Elite paranoid search for Nazis in the Tea Party while ignoring commies in every left of center gathering or rationalizing their presence.

If you wish to look at the train wreck in Europe you can see the level of Marxist malfeasance is directly related to the level of trouble the state is in. Simply put Greece is in more trouble than Italy because socialists spent more time in power.

The era of big government is over.
Union made a crucial error and should have remained focused on the workplace and kept out of politics. Now the bloated union contracts and quid pro quo labor deals are being re-examined.

Book sales are often driven by academic coercion. The sales of Marx, Chomsky and so forth are driven by academic thugs attempting to brain wash the masses.

FYI India has improved by investing in its people and moving away from Marxism.

Foghorn Leghorn said...

Somebody try to keep Michael laughing out loud. I'd hate to think of what would happen if he stopped. Has it come to this? Will gated communities (retirement communities) need armed militia to fend off the needy, or would that be the greedy? (Depends on how you look at it?) Union membership has been declining since it's high point in the 50's. 37 percent public sector and 8 percent private sector membership, presently. That makes for about 12 percent of the overall work force being presently unionized, and those figures are STILL in decline. The working class, and by extension, the middle class, is made up of far more workers than union workers. Who else pays the lion's share of the tax to feed those union pay scales and benefits anyway, if not the non-Union worker? If Marx is suddenly selling like hotcakes maybe it's due to the fact that books in general are selling well (Kindle, anyway.), and/or, conservatives are boning up on the latest nostalgically Leftist 60's destructive trends that Michael seems to be just now picking up on. Michael, you are a psychopathic Socialist crackpot who needs to do some homework. All of your stats are wrong and I can take them one by one and prove it to you, if you like. Membership in Leftwing organizations has grown 20 percent in the last 18 months, you say? Can you cite a source for that statistic, or is that just neophyte Socialist wishful thinking?

Socialism is inherently an adolescent philosophy that unfortunately makes a lot of sense to many if not most college freshmen, especially when they are taught by professors that have never grown up.

RNC Scab said...

It's a shame that we're witnessing YET ANOTHER FAILURE OF SOCIALISM (Islamic Socialism in the case of Libya), and not making public note of it.

In 1979, they tried Islamic Marxism, but it's currently failing also.

Jihad-Revolution...Revolution-Jihad. Two sides of the same coin, of the same failed theory.

I guess the world will never learn the fact that despite countless efforts of imposing a socialist state... it always fails the moment the dictators run out of other people's money to steal.