Sunday, February 06, 2011

Bruce Bawer's Surrender

I am reading this book and despite many of the events being familiar it is still a fresh experience. Bawer is a writer by trade and it shows in his excellent presentation. An example of this is when he writes of the familiar story of the self righteous and untalented Dixie Chicks. The far left music establishment handed them awards for their dreadful work. They were not silenced by anyone. The reaction of the music industry was to make a political point with an inferior product. Bawer also lists the hysterical claims of censorship and over the top claims of facism by the Bush administration. Bawer also points out that Laura Sclesinger and Michael Savage were silenced after making comment that offended gays.

This will be an easy book to read on my vacation.


Always On Watch said...

Bawer does know his writing craft. Easy to follow.

cube said...

Sounds like a good read. Enjoy the down time.