Saturday, February 26, 2011

Don't want to hear about it

The left feigns ignorance of who Khadafy is. His buddies Chavez and Ortega should be clear enough. Ronald Reagan scared him into submission with a pointed message. We would be better off if he sent the same messages to Saddam.

The left plays this familiar ignorance when the leftist history of support of Saddam Hussein is discussed. The presence of T-series tanks, MIG jets and scores of Soviet experts on the great communist tactics of massacring your own people make any serious discussion of this comedic. Nevertheless, one will hear commies like Capo Ren make claims to the contrary.

The future is unknown. Those who view all events in the middle east through Marxist obsessions about Jews are making too much of events. Watching entrenched regimes crumble is exciting. No doubt Chavez is not sleeping well at night. He can offer his friend refuge while Ren and Ducky pretend the friendship is based upon love of eggplant.

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