Saturday, February 05, 2011

Coercion and health fascism

I am hardly surprised by the rulings in the court against the Obama Plan. No doubt those on the left and their European clowns echo chambers are unfamiliar with our legal system. We have not heard the last of the Obama Health Care Plan, but it will be a long process. Hope and Change with no common sense or clue was a mistake of the American voters.

I will be traveling shortly to destinations unknown. The place is very dangerous and crime is a real problem. I will not be like the Euroweenies at Harry's Place and proclaim myself an expert based upon a short trip. I am concerned about the members of my family and my close friends in various countries.

I will miss the Sprite, the Little Maltese and of course my family for a week. I have my fedora ready. NYC types can not walk around with Bull whips and handcuffs as it would give the wrong idea.

The antimalarials and the lack of Red Meat and cheese is killing me. The Sprite asked if I missed the beef. I do at times but I explained to her that I do not miss burgers and steaks , but do miss Stuffed Cabbage and Kreplach. I packed away 100 SPF sun screen from Nutrogena and two bottles of Off. I have yet to create Marxicide so the Visine will have to do.

I am packing two books The Deerslayer by Fenimore Cooper and Bruce Bawers second book. I will try to finish Wafa Sultan's book before I go.

The cost of medical care is a serious issue. We do need insurance and legal reforms
before anything else is discussed. Obama has not learned from his mistakes and his Amen corner largely in the European left is more shrill than ever. Obama has not deduced that pandering to Big Education, Big Media and Cocktail Party Gadflies like the losers at Harry's Place will cost him dearly.

I am not a Palin fan. I am hoping for Mayor Bloomberg to step in and create a division. I will vote for Bloomberg as a leader who can govern and get things done.
His candidacy as an independent will end the Obama debacle.

The crime of the Obama Presidency was that he really can not lead and he has been a flunky all of his life. He has sucked up to lefty elites like Bill Ayers, Rahid Khalidi and professors who are too doctrinaire for left wing governments in Brazil. We wanted a post racial President who would unite the country and instead we got a semiconscious doctrinaire lefty who has never displayed independent thought, leadership or demanded accountability from anyone. On second thought he did fire a General who similarly stated he was out to lunch.

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Dora the Explorer is going to Guyana (for some obscure reason) and he thinks secrecy is necessary for national security.