Monday, January 31, 2011

Can't win this one

The Sprite woke me up six times. I went to sleep and she woke me at 5 A.M saying she wants hot chocolate. The Maltese nipped at my pant leg so I took him with me. I went to the bakery and got real Hot Chocolate and fresh brownies. I placed them on the night table and went back to sleep. My daughter woke me up again to tell me the hot chocolate was too hot. I placed milk in and was told she doesn't like walnuts in the brownies. She woke me up a little bit later to cut water melon.

I was pushed out of bed three times the night before for I am hungry, followed by cut more water melon and I am bored.

I adore my daughter, but one can only laugh.

Her dog spends as much time trying to get me to take him when I run errands. As he is a small dog I can carry him in stores.

Out of all the kids show I get stuck watching Phineas and Ferb is the best. The Nutty
Prof Doofenschmitz reminds me of the reality impaired Duck. He is always plotting to
rule the planet while trying to deal with an Ex- wife and a goth daughter that thinks he is a nut. The real Duck was likely the inspiration for this character. Perhaps Ducky can change his avatar while creating Doofania which is more realistic than his failed utopian workers paradise.


Speedy G said...

99.99% of all life's situations are NO WIN.

One musr simply "endure".

Ducky's here said...

Why don't you discipline the brat. You're not doing her any favors.

beakerkin said...


Are you sure that you are not the model for Heinz Doofenshmitz?

My daughter is an ordinary seven year old girl who loves her dad very much.Being picky about food is something she will grow out of.


That is true.

beamish said...

Put knock out drops in the hot chocolate ;)

The Pagan Temple said...


Give the poor little girl a break. At seven, she's probably already having to attend a Leftist Indoctrination Camp, otherwise known as the public school system. If it weren't for the crap she's being intellectually and emotionally force fed five days a week for what, nine months or more out of the year, she wouldn't need so much attention from a normal, well-grounded human being. Don't blame her for reaching out in desperation for a caring life-line to sanity.

Liberal Progressives-destroying children from the womb to post-puberty since 1973.

troutsky said...

No one likes child rearing advice but I'm with Duck on this one. Seven year old tyrant it sounds like.

The_Editrix said...

I'm with Troutsky and the Duck here. You are teaching her to disregard and disrespect other people. You are not doing her a favour.

beakerkin said...

Mr B seems to have the answer.