Monday, January 10, 2011

The Arizona Shooter and the Duck

Contrary to media reports. the Arizona shooter like the Duck lists the communist manifesto as one of his favorite books. The class mates that he scared in college described him as left wing and his ZOG rants are on a par with the Ducks usual obsessions.

Thus far the links to AMREN are very murky. Accuracy in Media once again lists the odious types and describes Yeagley prominently. The Soros funded stooges should note that Yeagley has been willing to show his birth certificate. He is the biological son of a Native American mother. The charges about his racial hangups are largely accurate.
There are zero links to the Tea Party and conventional GOP politics.

This is quite similar to the portrayals of the Holocaust Museum shooter as right wing. His rants sound much like the material found on left wing blogs like Renegade Eye or Troutsky in the comment section Zionist er Jews control the US government media, 911 conspiracy bunk and blood libel 2010 bs from Psuedostine.

Radical leftism in its essence is 1/2 mental illness, 1/4 bigotry, 20% stupidity and 5% cult theology.


Ducky's here said...

"Department of Homeland Security is investigating Jared Loughner the Arizona shooter for having direct ties to a group called American Renaissance a right wing anti-Semite, anti-government group that supports the Tea Party cause and has Tea Party HQ advertising on its website."

That's from Politico. What's your source, the ever reliable dipstick Psycho Pam Geller?

American Renaissance, didn't your good friend Dr. "why dd they take down his Wiki page" Yeagley have something going on with them. "Doctor Yeagley is a great man and a good friend", right Beak.

Now that you've been slapped down worse than you were over at trout's you can go back to airport pat downs, you hack.

beakerkin said...

Actually there are zero ties to AMREN and they never use the term ZOG. This idea is identical to the material posted by Troutsky himself. Even wacked out Professor Tarzan and Lichanos stated the comments of Troutsky were way over the line.

The rhetoric and obsession of the shooter with Jews matches your own
rhetoric more than Amren. The fact that DHS investigates something does not infer a fact. It is a fact that the shooter lists the Communist manifesto as one of his favorite books. The fools at AMREN are loons but as a commie yourself you are quite an expert on being a fool yourself.

Never been slapped down at Troutsky's as I regularly deal with your kind with ease.

The Pagan Temple said...

Politico is a left-wing site, isn't it? I would hardly consider them a objective, reliable source. That's some pretty shitty writing, if I do say so myself. They are investigating him for having ties to AmRen?

Really, Ducky? THAT'S what they are investigating him for?

I'll say it again, that's some pretty fucking shitty writing.

Alligator said...

I went to his Youtube site and watched all his videos. Everything posted there was drivel, nonsense, incoherent ramblings of an unhinged man. The closest thing to "political views" was his listing of "Mein Kampf" and the "Communist Manifesto" among his favorite books. And don't forget his occultist skull shrine. How "conservative" is any of that?

It is so sad, and sickening that the Democrats and the media who regularly tell us "not to rush to judgment" or "overreact" when there is an Islamic attack (or one attempted) are rushing to judgment and overreacting about so-called conservative links.

The only difference is, there is tangible, irrefutable proof for Muslims behind terror attacks. So far, the links of the shooter to Palin, Republicans, conservatives, Tea Party and talk radio are only in the minds and darkest hopes of the Left.

To politicize murders is despicable and it demonstrates how morally bankrupt and desperate the Left is to demonize the Right at any cost. Turning this into a political football is dishonorable and disrespectful to the dead and injured and their families. Oh well, as Rahm Emmanuel said, "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

Always On Watch said...

Have you seen Loughner's mug shot? Look at his eyes!

Can anyone say "Norman Bates"?

Brooke said...

Reading one of Ducky's comments is akin to reading something hammered out on a keyboard by a monkey with a dog bone wrench.

Anonymous said...

dr jackboot may be a half wit or a fool trying to CASH in with his injun MO, but he is far from the kind of sick sob who killed a 9 year old little girl, thus all the semantics on this and that are BS, or give me 30 mins with this sob, bleed the sob and make him take 4 days to meet his maker if the sob has one. dr jackboot you are still a lost or wayward injun, but alas you aint that damn krazy, Beak shalom and again Peace Naiche

The Pagan Temple said...

I'll be honest with you though, when I first heard the AmRen reference, it was about the same time they was showing a still video image of some guy they was looking for they thought at the time might have been involved with Loughner. They later said they questioned the guy and determined he wasn't involved in any way. But when I first saw the picture of the old long gray haired Indian looking guy, the first thought that popped into my head was "Damn, is that Yeagley?"

beamish said...

That wouldn't be the trans-national progressive leftist Ducky that called into Always On Watch's blog talk radio show and demanded that Andrew Breitbart be "put in a body bag," would it?

Scratch any leftist and you'll uncover a seething, potentially genocidal maniac.

Maybe we should warn Homeland Security about Ducky's unhinged behavior. After all he has told people he owns a .50 caliber rifle and about his love of Iranian government approved films. And he does at times seem a bit upset about the number of Jews remaining in the world all these years after leftist Karl Marx declared the end of capitalism would require a "world without Jews." And he does seem to want for America the same "socialism in one country" model favored by left-wing labor activist Adolf Hitler.

Yes, Beak. I think it's time you seriously consider making a report about Ducky. How many years has he beenm stalking you online now?

Justin said...

"Radical leftism in its essence is 1/2mental illness, 1/4 bigotry, 20% stupidity and 5% cult theology."

Based on a Psychoanalysis of Ducks past and present rantings you have nailed him to a "T".

I am amazed that the Duck is not extolling the virtues of Loughner since one of his favorite writings was the communist manifesto and he evidently has the same problems with Jews as the Duck.

Ducky's here said...

The new details from Mr. Gutierrez about Mr. Loughner — including his philosophy of anarchy and his expertise with a handgun, suggest that the earliest signs of behavior that may have ultimately led to the attacks started several years ago.

Mr. Gutierrez said his friend had become obsessed with the meaning of dreams and their importance. He talked about reading Friedrich Nietzsche’s book “The Will To Power” and embraced ideas about the corrosive, destructive effects of nihilism — a belief in nothing. And every day, his friend said, Mr. Loughner would get up and write in his dream journal, recording the world he experienced in sleep and its possible meanings.

--- New York Times

Nietzsche? The guy was a Randoid like Beamish.

beamish said...

The only thing I have in common with Rand is a cigarette habit. Whitaker Chambers pretty much shut that hack up where no leftist could summon the intellect to do so.

And Nietzsche wasn't a left-wing idiot? Progressive eugenics build a superman of action right a bell?

Damn Ducky, do you ever read the crap you type up before submitting it?