Monday, January 31, 2011

Quite Amused by Euros

I am quite amused by those in Europe that proclaim their expertise in all things American based upon Huffington, the NYT and a few visits to New York and LA. Americans for the most part really do not care who rules what abroad. They do ask that you tone down the mindless anti Americanism. A distinct minority, the Cocktail Party, does desire to be more like Europe. They are over represented in the chattering classes in media and academia and are in no way representative of the country as a whole.

When dealing with lefties abroad they talk about painting people with broad brushes. I am a traditional liberal and this is quite different than the current definition. Traditional liberals stepped away from the Marxists and understood the role of regulatory agencies. Over time the issues of learned dependence and the question of should government be doing this never were addressed.

The Euro left is quite arrogant. When one disagrees with them one is called uneducated or a Talk Radio groupie. The truth is we have likely read more books than our lefty peers and do not suffer from the infantile starting point of dividing the world into classes. We have covered this when lefty loons like Joel Kovel attempt to
define Native Americans as proto Marxists and so forth.

The left feigns ignorance of where Truthers come from. The folks at Counterpunch, Van Jones, Michael "Rabbi" Lerner and Howard Zinn and so forth are clearly on the left. In fairness one can see these loons at so called far right sites like Stormfront. The truth is that while the right has zero difficulty stating that the KKK is odious the left screams when one discusses their loons.

I have been to Peace Protests and Tea Party Events. It takes no effort to find Truthers, Jews Run the US Government, Celebrations of Cop Killers and occasionally Holocaust Deniers as Peace Protests. The closest thing at a Tea Party event is the Birthers, some of whom like Yeagley are racist. Birtherism at its worst is in no way
near the level of bigotry expressed openly at Peace Party protests. AOW did see some John Birch types, but I did not.

Of course it is easier to gain expertise from reading sites like Huffington where people expound on books they have not read, shows they do not listen to and protests they do not attend. The cocktail party of know nothings will make excuse after excuse for the Obama Kool Aid brigade. Palin is uneducated... Did she sit in a Marxist antisemitic Church for twenty years and miss sermon after sermon. Did she pal
around with Communist terrorists, professors considered to extreme by Latin American Marxist governments and have a communist mentor. Have we seen Obama's grades? When and where did Obama hold a real job?

I do not pretend to be an expert in Guyana despite being adopted by the community. I leave the Guyanese to solve their issues without my advice. My efforts are in NGO aid groups and that is it. Euros should behave similarly, but that would require genuine wisdom these types on the Euro left lack.

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The Pagan Temple said...

Yeah, its a distinct minority all right. You can spot them by their abject stupidity and if you were near them you could probably smell them too. They comprise between sixty to seventy percent of the Democrap Party and close to about twenty percent of Republicans. Maybe about one third of independents want it as well. In other words, its a problem.