Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Fluffy Little Dog

Work was cancelled today. Amazingly my daughter woke up at 4:30 AM. NYC was a ghost town. Getting out was a challenge because the snow was three feet high. Fortunately I cleared a path and met most of my neighbors allready at hard work.

I walked to get some hot chocolate for the the daughter and some baigan choca with dalpurri at the roti shop for the Tranquil Sea.

Later in the day I took out little Rex ( the Maltese) for a walk with the daughter. The little Maltese loves the snow and did not want to come back in. The daughter fared almost as well.

The dog escaped out the back and came back matted like a popsicle. We had to place him in warm water in the sink. After a quick blow dry I have my fluffy dog back. He really looks funny when he is wet but I like my dog nice fluffy and warm.

We have dug out of the snow. It was another foot of added insult to a frigid winter.


Brooke said...

Well, at least it was a good time and the power stayed on!

Always On Watch said...

You're lucky that the Maltese will tolerate being place into the sink.

You should take some pictures of the Maltese in the snow.

Always On Watch said...

Here in the D.C. area, we dug out yesterday.

All the melting after sundown yesterday has turned the area into a gigantic skating rink. Treacherous! The wheelchair ramp here is a danger zone.

Alligator said...

Beak, will the union be slowing down street clearing today?

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, why don't you ever write about Guyana's president Jagdeo?

The guy is commonly viewed as a corrupt dictator who has stripped the country's natural resources, done little on providing basic needs and has promoted Indian on black violence.

As often as you dump on Chavez, at least he's tried to get some services to the poor.

Let's have your assessment of the Guyanese strongman.

beakerkin said...


We did a good job this time. Bloomberg for all of his faults learns from his errors unlike Obama who will forever remain clueless.


The source of Guyana's malady stems from Marxist fools. Jim Jones did not set up shop there by accident. You are correct that Marxists ran the place into the ground including a relative of your favorite so called Jews the traitor Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

There are Guyanese in America who are tired of Marxist malfeasance and some of them approached me. I am not getting involved in their politics. Technically, I will be eligible for citizenship just as I am eligible for Israeli and some Eastern European countries citizenship.

Guyana has not been championed by any congress person. For all of Charlie Rangel's ethical lapses and idiotic views he has tried to help the Haitian people.

I will help NGO's raise money for medical and educational projects.

Chavez is a drug smuggler and a war criminal who needs to be placed on trial for his crimes against humanity. His life should be spared only if he provides access to American and European governments to lists of agents.

All people on the list should be given a choice public trial with the death penalty ala Rosenbergs or surrender US Citizenships and deportation to North Korea.

Ducky's here said...

And do you hve any comment on the cheap fascist dictator Jagdeo?

beakerkin said...

Wrong Duncy you may feign ignorance on why Guyana is messed up. Marxists create messes like Guyana and everyone wants to leave.

As stated the fate of Guyana is decided by the Guyanese, not Communist agitators.

Paulus said...

Beak, concerning your Maltese, what color is his fur... 'cause if its white, all you'd see against a snowbank would be three black spots. :)

About this time last year, I believe Philly received a total accumulation of 50"... when my older brother found that I had been wishing for a Philly-type snowfall in north Texas he asked if any Texans had heard my prayer. I told him that I had seen some following me saying, "No, God, no snow." Then Steven growled, "It's a good thing you're in Texas."

beakerkin said...

My Maltese is a purebred and is all white with Black eyes. It is not a breed that I would have considered as I would lean towards a Corgi or an English Bulldog.

The dog was a gift for a seven year old girl. The dog for obvious reasons is very attached to me and goes wherever I go. As he knows I do all the feeding and walking and protect him from kids who think he is a toy the response is logical.

In short he just wore me out with natural charm. He is my little buddy always by my side.

The_Editrix said...

Admit it! He OWNS you, Beak! ;-)

beakerkin said...

He wore me down. I look foward to playing with my little buddy.Even when he is bored and wakes me up I just can't get mad.