Monday, January 24, 2011

Lessons from Rav Roov and my family

Those who read this blog grasp that my younger brother is an Orthodox pulpit Rabbi. He is a man of God but he ain't heavy he's my brother.

I have a new family and I have kept my life separate as I have no idea how to answer questions from the Sprite. How do I explain my brother is religious and I am more secular and American in thought.

My fears about my mother and much less my father were proven wrong. They love the Sprite and her phone calls to my mother are enjoyed even as my mother is going through some serious medical issues. To them the Sprite is my child whom I greatly love and they could care less about her complexion and point out she looks almost Sephardic. They have a good relationship with the Sprite and want to see more of her.

My younger brother and his family also wish to see my daughter. The fact that she is darker does not change the fact that she is a loved family member. I want to point this out to the Dr. of divinity who has an obsession with race and thinks he is some type of expert on Judaism. The Jewish people are very family oriented and no matter what we stress unity. Rav Roov does not see a child of another race. He sees a child whom his brother loves with all his heart and she has asked many times where is Little Beaker?

None of this should surprise any of you. When I met AOW and TMW and showed them the pictures the reaction was heart felt. They reacted to a picture of an adorable six year old. The notion that she was racially different never came up ever. Then again both are Christians who live in a State of grace. The notion that some are less accepted by God because of their skin color would make a mockery of their beliefs.

Where I will have some issues is that Hinduism is not egalitarian. I will celebrate the festivals and respect the norms but do remind them that I am not Hindu. It is odd because I remind them if the inherited status were something I valued my Status would be way higher than their family.

My daughter caught a glimpse when the elders of the community call me sir. I always
remind them my first name is fine and help those in need. My girlfriend is somewhat protective of my time and will keep meetings short. I remind my daughter that sir is short for Officer, but it is important to help in the community. My spirit of community comes from the same heart of my parents and Rav Roov. I do not ask the race or religion of those that seek help, that they are neighbors and friend's are enough.

The Duck talks about workers race and lofty bs. Do we actually hear him leaving his cell meetings to do work with those in need. He looks down his nose at Christians and Jews who help others in need while feigning that his Marxist faith renders efforts on his part quaint.


Always On Watch said...

So, when are you bringing the Sprite here for a tour of D.C.?

Ducky's here said...

Delusional again, back to LaGuardia pat downs for you.

beakerkin said...

Let me survive the trip in February.
Travel is difficult with the daughter as she only will sleep in the same room with adults.


If I did the job would still require more skill than a doodling instructor. As a decisional officer
my job requires more skill than yours.

Ducky's here said...

The Duck talks about workers race and lofty bs. Do we actually hear him leaving his cell meetings to do work with those in need.


No, because it's something done in private with a small circle of friends, not something you spread around the internet while you're strutting and making an ass of yourself calling yourself an "Officer" you pompous clown.

beakerkin said...


You do nothing. Period. Commies are all BS

Anonymous said...

some of whom like Yeagley are racist. Birtherism at its worst is in no way
near the level of bigotry expressed openly at Peace Party protests. AOW did see some John Birch types, but I did notXXXXX.
Birch types like in dense 'wood' for brains, Yep you bet the stormtroppers of the jackboot site of wayward injuns and or sieg heil MO, yep the duo of luancy is at it again, the need of attention seems to be the calling of the few, whose own words speak like wallace, duke and or white is right types. Yet they are right, well at least from their POV which is from their backsides, yet FUNNY that a banned bigot is talking shyt on race relations, is that like lester maddox or george wallace going to the center, oh well go figure, some azzclown love the drama, even with their view from the azz, LOL and shalom from the apache/jew/black/mex/and whatever else dumazz nic you know who want to rant and rave about, but of curse they be right HEH