Monday, January 03, 2011

Fire Tom Coughlin

Tom Coughlin has had a good run but it is time to part ways with the head coach. Unfortunately, ownership has decided to retain him so this is a plan to rebuild the team.

1) Fire the special teams coach. The special teams under Coughlin are bad year after year. How much of Matt Dodge's horror of a season was coaching related remains unknown.
An experienced punter to replace Dodge would be nice. Resigning Hixon is part one as he helps coverage and returns. Hixon also is a decent receiver.

2) Fire the QB coach. Eli Manning needs someone like Turk Schonert to remind him how to play.

3) Fire Kevin Gilbride. The offense stunk at times and his play calling stinks.

4) Let Kevin Boss go. He seemed to have drops every game and was a liability.

5) Let Travis Beckham go. He does not seem willing to block. We can see if a new coordinator can find ways to utilize an H back.

6) Keep Bear Pascoe but find more ways to use him as a receiver. He should be better next year.

7) Sign Barry Cofield. He played hard.

8) Thank O'Hara, Suebert and Kareem McKenzie for a good careers. Move in Diehl at RT
Beatty at left and Koets at Center. Let Mitch Petrus Play and use a First round draft pick here at Tackle.

9) Let Bradshaw walk. He fumbles way too much, but at least does not blame the team ala Tiki Barber.

10) Sign coverage types of LB. This is harder than assumed.


Ducky's here said...

You think this is bad? Wait till the Spankees try to face the Red Sox without any left handed pitching.

New York sports is pretty much crap anyway. No hockey or basketball, football is marginal (Jets will be out quickly), one baseball team is lousy and the other is going to show how badly on the decline it is.

Fitting for a city that can't even deal with a Northeaster.

The Pagan Temple said...

"Fitting for a city that can't even deal with a Northeaster."

That's those fucking unions for you.