Thursday, January 06, 2011

Laws of unintended consequences

I spent last night with the daughter. Long term readers grasp my difficulty with curry.
Thus, I bring food in or store it around the house. I brought in a chicken gyro from the Greek place up the block. Next thing I know the girlfriend decided she wanted one.I said I would just get one from the truck up the block. I ended up going all the way back to the Greek Place and the daughter asked for more chicken nuggets. I stopped by the Chinese place and grabbed a quart of chicken soup.

I had some of the chicken soup. Normally, I pour some of the soup on the dried dog food and it is eaten quickly. It does seem strange to see the Maltese and the Pit Bull drinking the stuff from a bowl. I am amazed that the Pit Bull eats any wet food in seconds. The dogs are not stupid and will grab fresh bones from the oven or butcher store vs the commercial treats. The butcher tossed a few lamb bones in with my purchase and even the little Maltese will lie at my feet while I sleep gnawing at a bone that is much too large for him.

I did go to Chinatown on the way home. I purchased one of those knit Rockie the Squirrel hats with dog ears for the daughter. I never dreamed she would wear it to school. I can just see the lecture from the teacher coming tomorrow.

I am off to spend some time with my daughter. It is my favorite job.

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Always On Watch said...

Did she get into trouble for wearing that hat to school?