Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All Suspects except Commies and Jihadis

The media always rushes to judgment about the motives of a killer, except for when these acts are committed by Muslims or Commies. The Ft Hood Massacre was portrayed as an employee rage bit. The original NYC Times Square bombing was immediately described as a disgruntled anti Obama nut.

Predictably, Chris Mathews on idiot central points the fingers at Mark Levin. People should note it is unlikely the shooter listened to MSNBC or his cohort loser Olberman
as their ratings are negligible. Mark Levin dismissed Mathews idiocy in seconds and
given this was a pothead fan of Marx one can speculate if Mathews is developmentally
challenged. Having a low IQ was probably a job requirement for his position in the Carter Administration. As Levin is an actual Constitutional scholar, as opposed to a political hack of a failed administration, it is likely Levin is talking over the low IQ of Mathews. Has Mathews commented on the anti Semitic antics of his former employer Jimmy Peanut or the fruit of the looney tune Marxists in Academia and the MSM. It is more than likely that given this persons reading of Marx and the targets heritage that this person was influenced by Marx and Campus Radicals. Remember his classmates described him as a far left loon.

The sanctimonious MSM is now talking about tone. Funny, but we had years of Bush = Hitler from the left and no calls were made to lower the tone. While it is wrong to criticize Obama on the basis of race, it is wrong too shield him from criticism based that goes with the job.

As stated before this loon like the Duck lists Marx as among his favorite authors. He has a fixation with Jews like the Duck. He is described by classmates that regularly listened to his rants as far left wing, Only in the imagination of the left does this person become a Conservative.

For the record Amren is a low organization that I do not support. Unlike the Duck they do not run around talking about the dual loyalty of Jews or use the term ZOG.
ZOG is basically a lower class version of the theme of far left Prof Walt favored by Commies and their brethren like the Holocaust Museum Shooter. Nazis and Communists did work together in the past and you can look at far left sites and see rhetoric identical to what one sees in Stormfront.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, can you point to any indication that he was involved in any ZOG, rants?

It's not that you do it intentionally but you are so deluded that you end up lying through your teeth as a matter of course.

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, you need to check out the Dr. today.

He claims the Jews are behind linking him to Laughner through American Renaissance.

He still reads your blog.

Say hi Dave, how are things in the closet?

Alligator said...

Beak, the Leftist lies that the shooting is the fault of Palin, Fox, Tea Party, and Conservative rhetoric continues to fall apart. ABC interviewed his best friend from school. He said the guy didn't watch TV, disliked the news and didn't listen to political radio. He said he was neither left or right, and he wasn't shooting at people, he was shooting at the world. Other people that knew him as a liberal pothead, into heavy metal. Only a fool or liar would say a person like that was "conservative". The lefties have finally wished themselves into fantasy land. They don't care about truth, they just want their ideology to win no matter the cost, and that means taking down the opposition by any means necessary including cold, calculated lies. And while emotions are high, they are going to push to strip away even more liberty, before the reality that they are lying hits home.

Speaking of delusion, Robert F. Kennedy's little piece on the shooting is a real corker. Now Lee Harvey Oswald is a right winger! No shame, no sense of decency. Savage is right, liberalism is a mental disorder.

beakerkin said...


There is more evidence that you are gay than Yeagley is. What is the big deal if he was gay. Your homoerotic obsession with the man is odd.


We go through this after every shooting. The guy likes the Communist Manifesto and believes in nutty 9-11 conspiracies that involve Jews. Sounds a lot like one of Duckies friends.

For the record the Duck has never been a truther.

Then again he likes Marx and 9-11 conspiracies so perhaps he is the one guy that reads Tikun