Saturday, January 29, 2011

Heads in their backside

The far left is feigning ignorance as to the nature of the uprisings in Egypt and elsewhere. The Egyptian Army will do what Arab Armies do over time. The left imagines that Syria did nothing to keep this in check. Then again BAATHISTS are fellow lefty Arab Socialists.

The best thing Obama can do is shut his mouth and let the events play out. Arabs will decide their own fate.

Egyptian Officers likely have vivid memories of what Hammas did to their rivals in Gaza. Of course when Jihadis tossed commies from rooftops and then the same commies fled to Israel for protection the left yawned.

Gaza is a part of Egypt and its residents are Egyptian. However, the goal has never been peace. The Commie and Jihadi alliance want to eliminate Israel and stole populist antisemitism.

Egypt has a powerful military and it will act soon.


beamish said...

And my hard to reach sister in Cairo is even more hard to reach.

beakerkin said...

I wish I could find my contact in the Consulate in Cairo.