Saturday, January 22, 2011

The backward donkey

I sit pondering the mess we have made for ourselves. The whole world is a mess largely based upon leftist idiocy. The left has created a Ponzi scheme that is going to hurt all of us. The current mess shows that it is not building weapons that bankrupt nations it is social spending.

The current matrix shows an alliance between the left and the largely and increasingly civil service unions. It would be nice if we built better systems that did measure productivity. It would be even better if imbeciles did not populate the ranks of upper management.

The greatest cure for a belief that government can solve anything is to work side by side with these useless dimwits and dullards in management. The new scam is to have a tool that measures performance unfortunately the tool takes 20% of the shift and measures nothing of consequence. The workers are stretched thin by some idiots idea that decisional people should do clerk work handled effectively by people making less than 1/3 of their salary. It doesn't take a genius to see the system will not work, but the dance of the imbeciles in government goes on.

We are going to live through an era of belt tightening. All of us are going to make sacrifices going forward. When the pain hits you personally, blame a Marxist for the abuse and waste of resources and Social services industry that discourages results. The culture of excuses and rationalizations of poor decisions and featherbedding government with pork are real issues. What does society get from a brainwashed grad spoon fed a diet of Marx, Chomsky and Menchu. A Sociology and Anthropology grad is qualified to do what. A Peace Studies major might be good at cleaning toilets, but likely has no ability to think critically given the Marxist Gulags of the faculty.

We look around the world at the messes created by Marx and his minions. Planned starvation in areas that exported food. Worker states where workers risk their lives to flee or drink themselves into stupors. Commies point to drugs in the inner city while pretending their darlings Hugo, FARC and Hezbollah are innocent of drug dealing.

Then we deal with the Marxists greatest ally the Islamic fundamentalist loon. The left is now championing a[apartheid states created for Muslims. The notion that Muslims need to respect others is just not spoken behind shrill and hypocritical populist antisemitism and antiamericanism. It does not take great effort to find decent Muslims like Stephen Schwartz and the CIP who are sick of criminality and barbarism being rationalized in the name of their religion. Yet the voices of reason like the CIP are drowned out by the power mad left that seeks power at all costs even if millions needlessly die for no tangible benefit. A devotee of Marx will not flinch at starving workers while claiming to act in their name.

I feel sorry for the Sprite and the world she will inherit long after one too many bags of Chips cuts me down. Yet, my legacy of love and career of changing lives will be more than enough for several lives. I am privileged to change lives mostly for the better. My career has already brought smiles to thousands and perhaps tens of thousands before I retire or get a toe tag. While commies and gadflies like Gene of Harry's Place (not a commie just an anti American fake ) talk about labor, I quietly serve as a union activist on the front line. Bullying and abuse of workers is a serious problem. The deviant inhumane management by sadism is a fact many of us are too aware of.

We on the center, and those on the right need to stop being polite to those on the hard left. Those on the decent left, need to do more to distance themselves from the criminal hard left. The Duck talks as if he is the moral center of the planet. Yes, Dr Yeagley is a racist with a warped sense of what it means to be an American and Christian. Has Yeagley ever rationalized terrorism, rationalized wholesale crimes against humanity, aided each and every enemy of his country and tried to dictate every aspect of our lives outside of the bedroom? The Duck is and remains an advocate of political criminality. The Duck is far more fundamentalist and off the wall than Yeagley.

FYI When actual Nazis whose posts are linked by Stormfront comment on familiar sites his leftists allies welcome them and link the blogs.

Our future begins now. We must eradicate all vestiges of Marxism. Marxists should be treated with the same contempt one gives the KKK. The media is partially to blame it has zero difficulty telling you that blowing up Black Churches is evil. Yet the same media romances and rationalizes Keystone clown Marxist terrorist Bill Ayers and pretends violence fostered by Marxists is somehow different.

I am not optimistic.


Always On Watch said...

I used to be optimistic. I lost that optimism somewhere along the way.

Ducky's here said...

Wow, what happened Officer, they got you doing pat downs at LaGuadia again?

Ducky's here said...

Beak, what are these apartheid states for Muslims?

Is this something like Israel? Leftists didn't create that situation, although if the Soviet bloc hadn't armed Israel in 1947 it might not have been established.

Oh well, happy ranting. The struggle is eternal.

The_Editrix said...

"Has Yeagley ever rationalized terrorism, rationalized wholesale crimes against humanity ...".

Actually, yes. Slavery comes to mind, or the celebration of Pearl Harbour and the valiant Japanese who attacked you.

"... and tried to dictate every aspect of our lives outside of the bedroom?"

What about the ruttish, lascivious sniffing at the bedclothes of interracial couples, Beak? Including your own, by the way.

The only thing you'll achieve by this analogy is that the Duck comes out of it as a paragon of intellectual honesty, humanitarianism and family values in comparison.

beakerkin said...

That part about interacial unions is true. However, the Duck has appointed himself as the Kitchen Kleagle and Generalisimo of garbage. The bedroom is the only room the Duck wants to leave alone.

Those were pretty low examples of Yeagley. However, the treasonous Duck is lower than Yeagley.