Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beakerambo live from the front

Mr Beamish has latched onto the truth Beakerambo intends to infiltrate Venezuela and hunt down Commies and especially their traitorous American helpers. Beakerkrambo will enter through an undisclosed jungle location and try to terminate these traitors with extreme prejudice.


Ducky's here said...

Easy does it, Beak. Watch out for the diarrhea.

Brooke said...

What, the diarrhea of Ducky's mouth?

Alligator said...

Venezuela Beak? Wow I was really off base. I thought maybe one it was one of the Stans so you could assess the strength of the Taliban-Al Queda-Iran tripartite.

But Venezuela, I can see that, especially since Chavez just announced their oil reserves exceeds that of the Saudis.

Go get em Beak! Uh-rah! :)