Sunday, January 30, 2011

No real change

Even if Egypt falls other than mass emigration of Christians the prophets of doom are lost as usual. Egypt is an economic mess that has squandered aid with little to show for it.

The huge army is supported by foreign aid. Job creation is nill and poverty is rife.

The best clue as to what an Egyptian Brotherhood rule would be like is a poorer version of Gaza. The miltary would likely be to divided to do much. We could see the tyranny and corruption of religious police.

Any notion that Egyptians will embrace the Magna Carta and Jefferson is misguided. Societies with submission as a key cultural component do not readily lend themselves to this type of solution.


Ducky's here said...

So that's Beaks vision, either prop up a corrupt dictator to satisfy Likud or the Muslim Brotherhood rules.

The flaw of the excluded middle, always prominent in Officer Obie's thought.

Stick to filling out the forms and doing LaGuardia pat downs.

beakerkin said...

The anti semitic communist Duck provides us with another example of his bigotry. The bird brained loon who sees nothing wrong with Castro only has issues with pro American strong men.

We are either going to see a military strongmen or Muslim Brotherhood gvt. The Muslim Brotherhood will actually make the place worse and have sufficient problems governing to be a threat to anyone.

Alligator said...

Prop up a thug dictator or face the Muslim Brotherhood?

It's unfortunate that these are the only two real choices for Egypt. Obviously, Obama has decided not to stand up for Mubarak.

However, those are the only two options open for Islamic countries. By their very nature, nothing but a military strongman or a theocracy can rule in those cultures. Lebanon came closest to breaking the mold, now it is just a festering hellhole for Hezbollah.