Saturday, January 15, 2011

Out of Town for a while

I will be leavinmg shortly for a trip. My cell phone will not be working and I will try to email AOW and Warren if possible. For sevurity reasons my destination will remain unknown.

This is not a trip I wanted to make. Unfortunately all of us have things we have to do.

I tried to cut my trip short but was unable to do so.

If, Im can blog from the trip it will be from parts unknown. I did manage to blog on previous trips. This trip is not to the safest destination and security is a top priority.


Ducky's here said...

Gee where coud Beak be going, Guyana?

beakerkin said...

I may be in any number of places.
The girlfriend wants to go Nevis and South India.

Moreover, Surinam and Trindidad and Tobago are possibilities.

Given the possiblities are endless speculation is unwarranted.

Alligator said...

Beak, my money is on Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan. Black Ops. The question is, are you repelling in from a Blackhawk, or jumping from a C-130?
Good hunting. Stay safe.

Capitan Schpaldink said...

Earlier this last year I was in sight of Nevis, as I put in at it's sister island of St. Kitts. I'd tell you that the following is my yacht, in which I sail the world in, but I would be stretching the truth a skosh.

I did see that yacht, though, as I envied it from my modest twin outriggin fishin boat.

Didn't you say you looked like Tom Cruse? (Or was it Tony Curtis?)

Strike up the Mission Implausible Theme!

Always On Watch said...

You had better keep in tough. Otherwise, your friends will fret!

Ducky's here said...

Anyone making book that Officer beak is on a secret diplomatic mission to North Korea?

Brooke said...

Ducky is showing his tail feathers once again.

Stay safe wherever you go, Beak!

The Pagan Temple said...

HaHa if they sent Beak to North Korea on a diplomatic mission, there'll be all-out, full scale war here any day now.

beamish said...

Be careful in the sub-American wastelands of Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and Antartica.

Remember, you're not just going behind enemy lines, you're going right up in their assembled might. You may want to carry the super-soaker of Visine to get the Red out.

Beakerambo IX: Smash the Left will be filmed on location...