Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Drew we have our own supply of trolls here

However a familiar friend from FPM has set up shot and is looking for a resident troll. I have plenty of trolls as the Recidivists toadies are here daily for their dose of racist and run. They used to try and post more but courage is not their long suit.

To be a good troll you must have courage. You will be getting your ass whipped daily.
Creativity is a prize among trolls. Screaming Pathetic, Hypocrite and Racist is not original. My blogs trolls are unskilled but I have a few.The official Beaks speaks troll is the moron Viper and his asssssssistant Craig B.

Q Drew what qualifications do you posses if you want to be the official troll.

Q Do you have creativity

If you want Big Bubba is looking for an official troll.

If you want to be a troll here you will have to share the stage with the others.


beakerkin said...

Warren do you think Drew has the talent to be the official troll. He is less whiny then Viper but the Viper has more Camp.

Drew said...

Sans any mild caliber of concept and topic, there is very little to 'troll' about. No trolls live under bridges which no one ever crosses -- this is simply not economically viable. The 'trolls' under the deprecated bridges -- those are called crackheads.

How old are you anyway?

beakerkin said...

I am in my thirties

We might have to promote you to official troll. You have demonstrated something Viper and Craib B lacked a sense of humor.

Pending a discussion with Warren I hereby welcome you as the unofficial Beaks Speaks resident Troll.

Warren said...

Welcome, Your Trollness... er, Drew.

beakerkin said...

Drew You are now the official blog troll of the Beak Speaks. I do find you more talented then the whiny Viper or the crybaby Craig B.
Practive the craft and remember trolls are graded on originality
and camp.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

How much is that trolly in the window?

beakerkin said...


Drew has talent at least he doesn't cry.

Warren said...

He has potential!

Craigy, (et al), back on the dole with ya.

beakerkin said...

He doesn't whine . I like my trolls
manly. Do you hear that CraigB and Viper. Recidoofus why should you be the official troll of this blog