Saturday, May 28, 2005

Wolves do not devour their own ? Left wing Utopians Could learn from watching wolves

Regular readers know that we lampoon a blogger known as the Recidivist. He is the most bigoted and ignorant blogger on the net. If anyone can tell me who trained an earthworm to type I would be apreciative.

Let us get some terminology straight I am a Jew. I do not appologize for being Jew or supporting Israel. Jooooos are leftist utopians who serve the needs of the knuckle
draging left wing Utopian Anti- Semites.

The Recidivist has tried to excuse his pathological bigotries by hiding behing far left Joooooos. Nobody with a functioning brain buys this illogic. Thus an idiot whose site has been linked with a prime contributor of Jooooooish tribal revial and has posted Holocaust Minimization speaks for itself.Now The Recididumbass has turned on his gooooood joooooooooooooo . Mark Elf provides the gooood Joooooo role at his site Jews Sans Fronteires. It should be renamed Jew with head up his tail for his monofocused idiotic content that is focused on Israel and providing cover for real

"Mark Elf is a non-Israeli,anti Zionist Jew who has done as much to show that being a Jew and being a Zionist are very seperable and that there is absolutely no moral contradiction in being pro one and anti the other."

This statement should tell you all one needs to know about Mark Elf . If a person who
is a fan of Simon Jones a key contributor of the virulently Anti Semitic Jewish Tribal review likes a Jew there is a reason. As we have said here before left wing utopians are not Jews, Americans or whatever other ethnic group they belong to. Far Left utopians are seditious by nature and are heirs to the Marxist cult of death and 100,000,000.

" Peter Tatchell is a looney - left Gay Propogandist and terrorist who over the years done infinate damage to the gay community he claims to speak for.....He is to be quite honest a single issue bore who seems blind to the fact that Gay Issues aren't always the most important challenges facing society "

The first part matches what we say about the Recidivist who claims to have an IQ of 167 except for the terrorist part. We would add the words stupid and bigoted. On the last part he must think it is better to me a serial bigot and a multi issue moron.He
does spend an absurd amount of time on Jooos and Israel

"However reading Mark Elf's latest scathing and disengenous attack on Peter Taschell
I have to wonder if Mark Elf Has complettely lost the plot and joined Tasscell on the rabid athoritarian left that refuses to accept that all issues aren't simple black and white."

The same authoritarian left where the Recididummy hails from no doubt.

Taschell's crime according to Mark Elf was carrying the following signs at one of his idiot Pro Palestine Nuremberg Rallies.

Taschell is not a zionist in any description.He is honestly concerned about his gay bretheren in the PA . You can read the Recididope lie spin and avoid this issue in the archives. We would live for him to move to the PA and join Hamas. He would not last 30 seconds before aquiring a toe tag.

Mark (Gooood Jooooo) Elf wites .....Now by conflating Homophobia in the thirdworld with extreeme domestic violence, and putting a negative spin on it as he could think of,he's crossed the line from seeking to embarass Palestinian Officialdom to full blown Anti Arab Racism and Islamophobia"

The fact that Taschell tells the truth is lost on Elf. The fact that Elf also calls any critique of Arabs as racist is telling. He is as stupid as the Recididupe as Arabs are not a race.

He spends the next part crying about what Warren and I have said on the subject. We have kicked his tail on this subject.

" maybe Mark Elf should engage his little brain ( look wh is talking) and actualy try and put himself in the position of a Gay supporter of that movement.. ( essentialy a moron) ..not only accused of being Anti-semitic for being antizionist, not only accused of being a terrorist symathizer and supporter for daring to speak up for Palestinian rights.... ( Not to mention holocaust minimization , hosting Simon Jones who claims Jooos are responsible for alienation and polution. Even Elf is not that stupid ) but also being a hypocrite for supporting a people who place so little value on the lives of Gay men and women generaly -the issue on which the debate bogs down ".

No he denied that the abuse exists saying he traveled there with no problem. He blamed the persecution on individuals not the government. He lied about the matter
entirely for the sake of his audience. Meanwhile he is so concerned about persecution of Gays in the USA. Persecution of Gays is treated as a law enforcement matter and should be. We do not accept lynching of Gays or anyone else here. This is a law enforcement matter.

He contradicts his earlier accounts
" The simple truth is that the predjudice is there in Palestine and so long as it is there and so long as propogandist for the zionist cause are able to use and exploit such facts, then it does weaken the cause of the Palestinians...and that in refusing to even discuss this sort of oppression the PSC and PLO /PA do undeniaably end up as being viewed as colluding with it."

" From the gay perspective , failure on the part of the PA to do something about the persecution of Gays simply allows Israel to be painted as some sort of gay utopia which Palestinian Gays flee , considering that living illegaly in Israel with the present fear of discovery by Israeli authorities is a better fate than living legally and persecuted in Palestine.In actual fact it is a smallhandfull who have chosen to flee to Israel , but those few examples are well publicized and are used against the Gay community every single day "

Here is where he starts playing with the truth.

" The truth about Israel ? It is a deeply homophobic society. Being Gay is still technically illegal, though decrininalized. What little gay equality you find there is given as a concession by the state which can be taken away at the stroke of an administrative pen not as a fundamental right. What little anti-dicrimination law there is , is rarely enforced.

I am sorry but it is the PA not Peter Taschell who is responsible for the Zionist propogandists being able to exploit the true facts about Palestine rather than seeing the gay attention being directed towards the deeply ingrained homophobia in Israel "

The Recidivist was challenged to back his assertions about Israel's treatment of Gays
on Mark Elf's site. As usual he makes statements and does not back them. There is no deeply ingrained homophobia in Israel . I am still waiting on his claim for Gay bars firebombed in to be verified. This is the latest in a series of silly claims that never stop from the home of the facts free presentation.

Now the Recididope tosses his good Jooooooooooo to the wind . Viper 85 will have to play the gooooood joooooo. Maybe Viper will tell us how he likes his new role as the goooood Joooooo.


Anonymous said...

It's easy for the leftist coalition of minority groups to lock arms and rail against those in power. Being "out of power", they aren't forced to confront and work out their vast "values" differences. They can concentrate on the things that bind them together.... that is... unless one of them has the audacity to criticize his fellow coalition member on the same terms he criticizes those he is fighting against for power.

Peter Taschell seems to have committed this particular intellectual faux-pas. He should have waited until his coalition had ousted those they fought, and then like Lenin (or like Adams), resolved the internal opposition within his coalition.

I'm NOT Jewish, but I would like to observe that anti-Zionist Jews do not understand the difference in meanings between the words "wisdom" and "justice". They don't understand the difference, because they have never carried the burden of real leadership. They "prefer" justice to wisdom, and as 6 million Jews were once to prove, that preference can lead to near extinction.


Robert Bayn said...

As one who knows much about the situation in the middle east for gays and lesbians, i can tell you (which you probally already know) Israel has been one of the safe havens for persecuted gays and lesbians in the middle east. Weather or not the Jewish faith or any other religion condones homosexuality is no concern of mine, but i do Admire Isreal for looking past it's religous Morality and reconizing a serious Human Rights Situation and giving a safe haven to gays and lesbians.

Neptune said...

Reply to Farmer John,
You're exactly right FJ. I tried to point out in my post to FPM, today, the radical Democrats don't really believe in representative democracy. The election process is too unpredictable. They prefer the rule by Judges. It's much more convenient to their Marxist-Atheist ideollogy.

beakerkin said...

Farmer John

Anti Zionist Jews are far left nutjobs. There are groups such as the David Project who do support a
partition. People who are antizionists want a one state solution and elimination of Israel.


Israel is a Jewish state but it has secular law. Gays serve in the military and have spousal benefits
in Government Jobs.

The persecution of Gays in the Muslim world is a failure to have secular law. Gay rights to live in peace are human rights. Zimbabwe is becoming a problem and persecutes Gays and alot of other people. Cuba has made some improvement but needs improvement.

Secular law is the key . Religious law is never PC and kind of religocentric. The trick is to balance the needs of minorities while respecting religious freedom.

Secular law in the Muslim world would benefit Muslims and all minorities including Gays.

Elijah said...

The issue of anti-semitism is prominent in toronto as well, we have sporadic cases of desecration with nazi symbols etc every now and then, monuments toppled. The worst being the stabbing death of a jewish father in broad daylight on Bathurst st[jewish community, hasidic and secular] two years ago.He was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, some white punk was responsible, and stabbed for no other reason than he was the first jew he saw after being joked upon by some jewish youths. They caught him though and he is will be away for a very long time.
I find anti-semitism reprehensible, most of my clients were wealthy jews, and all were a pleasure to work for.
It is such a contentious issue, with the palestinians etc, that to really get a grasp, one has to do a lot of homework. I have tackled the issue with several books, but this is simply not enough.

beakerkin said...


A comedic moment was when the sailors and the Beak met some gorgeous Canadian women. They were supportive of the sailors and had a laugh about normal Canada. They were from Toronto and not happy with the Yahoos in Quebec.

Robert Bayn said...

United States Could Learn Alot From Israel On this sort of issues, no?

Elijah said...

Yes quebec was a big problem about ten years back with the separatist referendum, which would of course be ruinous to quebec if they ever did seperate, actually i believe they did fall on hard economic times after the referendum, kind of like a major sports strike, when the leaugues suffer for many years after.
So many french still do not care for the anglos.
I dont believe the U.S would support quebec in any attempt to seperate

Elijah said...

On the firebombing of gay clubs..
does this really go on, In Israel?

beakerkin said...

Rob : I take the fifth but you are right . The Israelis do recognize the the division in religious settings. Thus an Orthodox school would never be required to admit a Gay Cantor.Yet a resturant would not get this luxury in employment
or admission.

90% of the problems involve this concept. The other 10% involve the age of education for sex ed . The reality is that every variant of gay activity can be carried out by
heterosexual. This is why the message of respect over technique is the key. Gays like anyone one else should be respected.

I wish there was a way to get past the religious cleavage. This issue is being adressed improperly by all.

Elijah said...

Beak, i read an article on government ifiltration in mainstream media, and how they dictate the content,you can find it on the illuminati site, homogenous news is the title. Do you believe this is true

beakerkin said...


I have looked for this gay club firebombing and come up with zero.

Quebec would suffer as a seperate country as would the rest of Canada.

Elijah said...

yeah, I cant imagine a bombing of this sort, it simple doesnt make sense.Not that any bombing does.
And you are right of course on canada also suffering.

beakerkin said...

I do not buy the government infiltrating media stories. Sometimes the government will send
out disinformatiom. This was done in the first Gulf war with the publicity about a Marine landings that never took place.

Media conspiracy is a Chomsky staple.

Elijah said...

Now there is a fellow i understand you either love or hate [chomsky] I never have read him, for the reason that there is such a polarity of opinion about him and his works. There is a young television personality, who hosts a couple of entertaining shows; for those interested in books, or controversial issues,
here by the name of Evan Soloman I believe. He had chomsky on and his distaste was clearly evident, I believe solomon is jewish, but not sure,I'm wondering if this distaste for chomsky is common in the jewish community

beakerkin said...

Chomsky is a far left Jooooo who
serves the death cult. He has defended holocaust deniers, Pol Pot
and has a deep hatred of Israel.

He has yet to voice a single complaint about countries with state run media like Cuba.

Robert Bayn said...

As Far as Sex Ed, I beleive 8th grade is about as soon as it should be taught, i can tell you Teenagers will have sex weather they been educated or not, and as parents they have a responsibility to prepare them for this, it's sad the schools are forced to teach this. As far as the cirriculm, Gay Sex, Straight sex is basically the same, i do beleive that as part of sex education that they address that some may be gay, or attracted to same sex, and that is alright, your not weird, or a outcast (as i know some gay teenagers have felt, as i did). The highest rate of suicide for teenagers is, 14-18 gay males, this must be address.

Elijah said...

Interesting, I did not know chomsky was jewish. Startling to hear he has a hatred of Israel, sounds vindictive.
Even more startling to hear he has yet to comment on state run media, considering he has written about 100 books?
Now I understand the love hate relationship with chomsky.
How can anyone be sympathetic to "communist" dictatorships.
Pol Pot? just another mass murderer

beakerkin said...


The focus should be respect for difference. Some people live differently and we should treat them the same as everybody else.

This situation has real application
in life. Personel sent me a transevestite and my mix was hardened excons an immigrants. The workers started to complain but I held a meeting that came out of the dirty dozen. I went down the line and told everybody look were
all oddballs or we wouldn't be here. So Raul is a transetive some of you are criminals ,others are immigrants and short and the chief of the special ed class (me) is an
asshole. So as far as I am concerned he is right where he belongs with the rest of the muts.
Raul's tenure was uneventful after that with a minor exception.


Chomsky dismissed reports from Cambodia while the genocide was occuring.He dismissed the accounts of journalist in an article of the Nation. He also made Jane Fonda type broadcasts while in Vietnam . He has never been held accountable.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I think there's much blog fuel to burn in a discussion of what makes someone a Jew. I'd do it myself, but I'm going offline for a week, and I'm just a crazy Judeo-philic Zionist mutt, not Jewish. It would probably come better from you.

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish enjoy your vacation. I will hold down the fort until then.