Saturday, May 28, 2005

Non Political Post

While I was with the sailors certain comments that should not have been understood be 22 year olds were. How do 22 year olds unsderstand the following items

1 Revenge of the Nerds -

2 The Village People-
3 Vanilla Ice


Esther said...

1. Revenge of the Nerds -- is it out on DVD?

2. The Villiage People -- do they ever go out of style? ;)

3. Vanilla Ice was on The Surreal Life a season or two ago.

beakerkin said...

I have seen the first film available on DVD but not the second one.

People seriously listen to the Village People. That is scary they had two songs In the Navy and YMCA.
My joke was that in Chelsea the only popular sailors are in the Village People. The whole Subway car cracked up.

I was helping break the ice with local NYC women for the sailors. I was playing the good wingman. I met this knockout who was a recent emigre from Poland. Without a break she told me Vanilla Ice stinks. Even people who weren't here know.

bum from jersey said...

revenge of the nerds - i know its a movie and that its probably about nerds. thats pretty much it.

the village people - ymca! and they were gay...i think.

vanilla ice - ice, ice, baby! he ripped off a beat and now 'hates' his former self. he and mc hammer were big at the same time.

Elijah said...

so very white, white, baby

drummaster2001 said...

Revenge Of The Nerds- awesome movie. i think Booger's character is one on American Dad or at least made to look like him.

Village People- SUCK

Vanilla Ice- MORE SUCK

beakerkin said...

The charachter Snot on American Dad is voiced by the actor who played Booger Curtis Armstrong. That charachter seems to resonate as the young sailors could not stop laughing about him.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Revenge of the Nerds - why using technology to defeat America's enemies is currently in style

The Village People - an early attempt at equating "cool" with "gay"

Vanilla Ice - a later attempt

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish

Vanilla Ice is a moron but 100% heterosexual. I worked at the Empire Hotel and he stayed there and had a thing for 16 year old girls

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I was using the word "gay" in reference to Vanilla Ice in a negative connotative way of saying "he sucks." I was being colloquial, not literal.

But I remember them days well. It was 1991 I think, and some friends and I were messing around with beats and turntables and sequencer / samplers trying to make music. We never really did anything of merit (although when one and a half-hit wonder Gerardo hit the radio after he had sampled and looped the hell out of George Clinton's "We Want the Funk," we had to throw out a song we were about to go to the studio with that was in many respects the same song, except his DJ could never hope to be as good as ours... I digress). Rappin' wasn't in the cards for me, but I still make music tracks and write songs. Then there was the whole driving to unknown cities across the Midwest to party in abandoned buildings until the cops showed up... ah... the rave scene...

I've been a lot of places on the other side of the tracks in this short life. Age has made me hardcore, LOL.

beakerkin said...

Vanilla Ice did suck and I think he made a film with the teen age mutant ninja turtles. I had no idea
who the hell he was when I met him.
He told me he was a white rap sensation and I told him I was an under pigmented oversized bushman.

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