Friday, May 13, 2005

The Electronic Bar Part 5

The Electronic Bar is my favorite segment as we introduce new bloggers to our small
community of mostly Conservative Bloggers. We also get to talk about blog issues that face all of us. Every blog runs into common problems and the ideas that we share
are often insightful and helpful.

I would like to introduce Always on the Watch to our community of Bloggers.He is off to a good start and many of you have met him . He has an excellent blog that covers
the white wash of Islam by the politicaly correct.
This fact is that the left cries when we use their own tactics . The model for my response to the criticism of Israel was Zinn. The double standard is one can use the Zinn model to indict Western Civ ,the US and Israel. Yet when we turn around and use the Zinn model on Islamic Civ the left cries racism . This despite the fact there is no Muslim race. If this model is bigoted when used on Islam then it is invalid when done on the West.

The adress is

The second blog I credit Warren with Spoting. My Nephew has a mostly music and entertainment blog Nicotine and Rock. Elijah runs a fun blog with a surprising amount of depth. Warren noticed it first as there was much more depth then I guessed.
Every blog has a personality and a stlye and there is room for a fun blog.

Elijah's adress is Http://

Then there is the Bum From Jersey who does not fit into any categories. He is not a Conservative or a liberal. He has a rather unpredictable blog and unpredictable is good. Http://

Today's topic is those annoying trolls. Troll are not people that disagree because disagreement makes for great blogging.Troll's are people that do nothing but post personal irrelevant attacks. My format lends itself to be prone to trolls . We even have an official troll Drew. We use them here as part of the routine and the more acerbic the better.

How do you handle trolls on your blog ?


Always On Watch said...

Thank you for introducing me. I'm checking in very early and will continue to visit at sporadic intervals throughout the day. A bit more background on my awakening, then on to the topic of the day.
I've always been a conservative but until 9/11, not particularly interested in political developments nor in current affairs. The attacks that day turned me into an overnight news junkie(and a rabid patriot too--driving by the the Pentagon site in 2001 and visiting the WTC site and Shanksville in 2004 renewed my patriotism) An avid reader and a person inclined to do research on my own (I'm an educator), I wrote down the names of every talking-head "expert" and, when possible, obtained an "expert's" book on the subject of Islam(ism). What I learned from Trifkovic, Shorrosh, Pipes, et al, led me to the realization that the left was ignoring the importance of the insidiousness of tolerating the presence of an ideology sworn to our destruction. When the media moved on to other topics, I discovered Spencer's site. Some of the postings there led me, in March of this year, to Northern Virginiastan's blog, which is of particular interest to me as I live very near the Wahhabi Corridor (Paul Sperry's term) and want to keep up with what's happening "in my own back yard." Once Northern Virginiastan invited me to be a team blogger, I was off and running, and I joined the blogosphere, where I have discovered a lot of people who understand what the media buries or propagates. I believe that I got to this particular group here by means of one of Jason's posts at Spencer's site.

Now to the topic of the day...I haven't had much contact with trolls other than to observe what they spout on other sites. However, before I jumped into the blogosphere, I anonymously sent some information to Northern Virginiastan; one of the items I wrote was an account entitled "Neighbor or Terrorist?" One post accused me of embellishment, so for a while, Northern Virginiastan and I went back and forth with him. After a while, I stopped responding because I could see that reason and explanation didn't reach the poster. But disagreement does not a troll make, so I'm interested to read here how to handle the problem, should it arise.

beakerkin said...

Always on the Watch as most readers
know I am a survivor of WTC 93 and an eyewitness to 9 -11. I was always a relative Conservative more then a real Conservative.

The world had changed by 1984 and my type of Democrat did not exsist.
The Cold Warrior liberals like Henry Jackson were a dying breed.
It was the choice of a yes we can vision of Reagan vs Walter Mondale
(Jimmy Carter Redux). The choice could not have been more obvious.

The 1980 brought an era of Democratic obstructionism in the Cold War. Reagan had backed a series of proxy wars. The goal was to roll back Communism. This was the first time I heard of John Kerry and Harkin. Both were part of the infamous Dear Comodante letter. This topic was never adressed in the primary.

Moving ahead to trolls handling them is a matter of style. Big Bubba invites them in but if they are smart they don't stay there. Bubba hits them hard with facts and Hyperbole.

My blog attracted an army of trolls
and they became part of the format.
They weren't manly trolls mostly
crying whiny screaming voices. I
started to count racist , facist and pathetic. We were having too much fun with them so they left for greener pastures.

My advice is respond in the manner
they present themselves. Have fun with them and after a while they will move on.

John Brown said...

I have only had a couple on CitzCom but I just say something like "how does that Kool-Aid taste." To be honest I just like having the traffic, trolls or not (for now anyway).

Jason_Pappas said...

I generally ignore the trolls and let them make a fool of themselves. They usually make their side of the debate look foolish.

There are exceptions, of course. It those cases, I dismiss them in general terms. Going into detail usually means they'll come back with bogus factoids just to make you hunt down the true facts of the case. And that can take time.

Elijah said...

Thats very nice of you beak
cool post, great idea

BigBubba said...

I haven't attracted any trolls yet. I miss ducky boy the pond queen. I do have my blog lunatic, samwich. Beakerkins, have you checked out my sly "History" link at the bottom of my blog? Have you commented on my Yeshiva Yell leaders concept yet?

Elijah said...

Your blog covers a lot of interesting ideas beak, you might think about moving to a
or, also maybe a typepad, or wordpress presentaion, same with warren, you both cover some controversial issues.'s seem to get a higher profile. But blogger is still a great medium.

beakerkin said...

Big Bubba

Samwich isn't a troll but he thinks outside the box. I wish that idiot the Recidivist would start the Mormon bashing with Sam around. Why is it that Jews, Mormons, Catholics and now Hindus
are ok to bash.

Yeshiva Yell leaddders that sounds
hysterical. The initials for Yeshiva University are YU. The opposition always remarked what is it with you Jews and Questions.

Elijah I have thought about the move but I like the community we have here. Warren , Jason, JB, Big Bubba, Kajando, Always on the Watch
it is a community. I forgot Russet Shadows . Welcome to the fraternity
we have fun and some great writting.

BigBubba said...

It doesn't sound like you read what I wrote about Yeshiva yell leaders on my blog. Did you?

The Chemist is directing traffic to Upon Further Review where he promises a smashing bashing of President Bush's social security program. No one has come to play yet except for Big Bubba. Go help our Liberal pals out - I did with two posts. Those silly boys are such a hoot!

beakerkin said...

No I caught the Yeshiva University Yellers .

I am taking it easy on the Chemist
as he gets touchy.

Anonymous said...

Yo Beak, It' me Neptune.
I'm unfamililiar with BLOGGING, so I chose to post under Anonymous. Explain to me what it means to establish a Blogger Account. I have no desire to set-up a Blog Site of my own. What do you reccomend?
Yo Bubba, Captain Neptune reporting for duty. Do you have a Blog site?

Anonymous said...

It's me, Neptune, again.
Speaking of Trolls, I'm glad to see that FPM finally assigned a Monitor. It was long overdue.
However, it seems that the Monitor has ignored some of the worst Trolls on board.
I see that Socrates is still posting under a half dozen different screen names.
One of the most annoying habits that the Trolls have is using multiple screen names. There are three or four regulars on FPM, that use multiple screen names. Sometimes they even carry on a conversation with themselves.

beakerkin said...


You can reach Big Bubba's site by highlighting Big Bubba's symbol.
It will take you directly to his blog.

Creating a blogger account is easy
and Free. Google Blogspot and follow the easy steps to create your own Blog. Donal , Impertinent
and Samwich have accounts without blogs.

We have a small community of conservative bloggers. My blog gets invaded by anti-semites from the UK. I hit back quite hard and the trolls do not enjoy getting smacked around. Anyone who supports Israel or is Conservative is ripe for trolls. They do not like ridicule and they get it here.

Good to see you Neptune.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

How do you handle trolls on your blog ?

Article 17, Section 8, Paragraph 3 of Mr. Beamish's Crank Files Top Secret Comments Section Rules states: "...the supplicant shall be doused in napalm and set alight with flaming lawn darts."

Warren said...

Always on watch,
On trolls:
We all have our own way of handling them.

Beak, likes to leave their posts standing as a monument to their childishness and stupidity. I wouldn't do that on your board, it wouldn't agree with the character of your blog.

Go ahead and delete them unless you feel their post can be used to prove a point.

A real troll's intention is to divert your attention from the post at hand and waste your time. Don't waste a lot of time with them.

If you get a really obnoxious one, get in touch with me.

With a little luck, you won't get anything worse than an occasional, "FASCIST BASTARD".

Always On Watch said...

Thanks for the good advice.

I learned a long time ago not to waste time or energy in arguing with fools who won't listen. I can handle name-calling because it shows a simplistic mind. For all their words about "meaningful dialogue," most leftists are unwilling to engage in any--as Ann Coulter has pointed out numerous times.