Monday, May 09, 2005

Eric Breindel a real Journalist

The late Eric Breindel was a rarity among Journalists. He was friendly with liberal
Senator Pat Moynihan. Yet Monynihan was an old time liberal who recognized the danger
of Communist infiltration in America. Briendel worked for Moynihan and was well on his way to becoming a Neoconservative.

Briendel graduated from Hrvard in 1977. He went on to study at the London School for ecconomics and then Graduated from Harvard Law. Briendel was never healthy and had a variety of medical issuesthat were to plauge his short life.He was arrested for attempting to buy heroin in 1983. His chronic pain problems let to a dependence on pain killers. He first started writing Editorials for the NY Daily News. Ruppert Murdoch chose the young Briendel to run the NY Post editorial page. In 1991 he was diagnosed with cancer. In 1997 the Cancer returned and by 1998 we had lost a giant.

A collection of the best of his writing is in the book A Passion for the Truth. I recomend the Venonna Cables only to good liberals like Kafkaesq. Sometimes honest liberals forget the perfididty of the lies we were told by the left for years. Another reason is that the very people who tried to undermine this country in the Cold War are doing it again. People on the far left are seditious by nature and as internationalists their only loyalty is to the cause.

Of the Zionism is Racism debacle that the Recididope is fond of repeating. 11/12/87

"The Zionism is Racism resolution , after all was passed by a Soviet, Arab,Third World Coalition,the same bloc that dominates the world body today.And the resolution did , in fact, do abiding damage to the UN."
"Even Javiier Perez de Cuellar , the UN secretary general, apparently beleives that the 1975 resolution weakened the UN."

"I was a graduate student in England in the late 1970s, and I watched in amazement as left dominated student unions, in University after University throughout the country ,barred Israeli representitives from speaking on campuses.

The method used was always the same.Resolutions would be passed denying the podium to racists. It would the be asserted on the basis of the UN's Zionism resolution that the ban applied automatically to Zionists,that is Israelis.

This syndrome has manifested itself not just in England, but throughout Western Europe."

These same students never barred Comunists from speaking. Even in the 1970's free speech is reserved for whomever the left deems appropriate. Thus 100,000,000 dead under Marx was a meaningless number. The brutal human rights records of various other countries were not mentioned. Thus Israel alone is held to a unique standard.
This is by definition bigotry against the worlds only Jewish state.

The new concept as practiced by the Recididumbass is to deny the defense of Israel at all. He allows seditious left wing type Jooos like Viper 85 to affirm his lunacy.
This lunacy includes posting material that Joooos see non Joooos as the enemy and that Jooos are responsible for polution and alienation. In fact we are all Jooos defacto if we live in America. This is the lunacy of his initial Simon Jones post.
Yet these morons on the left claim that left wing lunatics like Kovell and Norman Finklestein speak for the majority of Joooos. In fact they speak largely for themselves.

Even in the 1970's the lefts corruption of the English language was underway. Muslims,Arabs and fictional Palestinians do not constitute a race in any definition.
The fact is that every one of Israel's neighbors except Lebanon has an official religion. We did deal with the issue of discrimination against Christians in Muslim Countries. Jews also do not constitue a racial group in any definition. Have the Falashas become martians ? What racial group are the bene Yisroel from India or the Sinlung from ?

5-30-91 Saving the Falashas

"This condition,historically,is nothing new for Jews . Many times througout their history, Jews have been -to say the least vulnerable.And they hav've had no safe haven to which to flee.
What is different now ?
Zionism: the exsistence of a Jewish state. ......
Read the news reports,look at the photos,watch the film footage- one fact is plain: Notwithstanding any UN resolutions ( Or idiots on the mindless left) , Zionism- whatever else it may or may not be is not a form or racism"

To be contined in Part Two Brendel on the Holocaust


Jason_Pappas said...

I remember Eric Breindel appearing as a commentator on TV talk shows. And I remember some of his editorials. It's sad to see we lost him.

I'll have to read his book. It should be interesting.

beakerkin said...


The book is on sale in the Strand
in the Journalism section. It is selling for nine dollars.

What people do not understand is that he was close with Robert Kennedy Jr . He is one of the people that gives a tribute .

"Everyone who knew Eric agreed that he was the smartest person we knew.Later I spent a year in London
with Eric when we both attended the London School of Economics, where he made me proud to be an American and his friend by being the smartest person in that school too."

I guess we were fortunate to live in NYC . We were treated to the work of Briendel , Ray Kerrison, Norman Podhoretz( another eulogist)
and even in the liberal Daily News we got Sowell, Will and John Leo.

He was a Neocon before it became popular. I became one defacto by being a Cold Warrior. Reading the Post was the most irritating thing
one could do in the late eighties.
Rush Limbaugh had a local show and was the second most annoying man in town to Bob Grant.

Briendel had no trouble calling a Communist a Communist. Communism is
at the heart of the opposition to the war in America. Until people like Kafkaesq push away the extreemists they are doomed to irrelevance.Communists were never made to answer for their crimes in the Cold War.

Warren said...

Really good post.

beakerkin said...

If the book A Passion for Truth is Available in your local library pick it up.

I am remembering how controversial
his column Kristalnacht in Brooklyn was.If I can find it on line I will post it on Bad Eagle.
The City was shaken by his words and there was much debate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beaker, I'm getting too many websites to visit. You, FPM, Bubba, TinFoil Hat info, and all the other stuff I love to pour into my mind. I'll drop in every time I'm in town. The Antelope, Deer and Elk have migrated up and the rabbits graciously share the property with me. This place is pretty close to heaven.
As soon as I buy the "section" (one square mile, 640 acres) of land I'll sell the 10 acre ranchette and buy a snowmobile for winter access. Snowed in or snowed out at 8,000 ft sux. Strawberry River is a premier "Brown Trout" fishery. There are some Rainbows and Cut Throat Trout too but I go after the Browns.
I bought two new fly rods today, a 5 weight for trout and an 8 weight for Steelhead. I expected to spend about $700 but got out of there for $460 for both rods (graphite) 2 reels set up with line and two rod cases. The 8 weight fly line was $56.
So I gotta lotta fun to get done to amortise this investment, $25,000 in paraphernalia to get a 2 cent hook into some dumb fish's mouth. No wonder Bubba calls me a lunatic.
Bubba is fun to play with and I'm sorry David banned him but he did yank Roberta's chain good.

Jason_Pappas said...

Before there was the New York Sun, the New York Post was the only newspaper where you could read no-nonsense criticism of our enemies like the USSR. I look forward to getting Breindel’s book and read some of those editorials again.

You mentioned somewhere on my blog (I got the e-mail) that many don’t know the communist origins of many of the anti-war groups. Of course, we who keep up on this via FrontPageMag know the story. Even the rank-and-file supporters of ANSWER doesn’t know the truth.

At the time of the start of the Iraq War I was arguing with some of the anti-war people online and I pointed out that ANSWER supports North Korea and was a supporter of Milosevic. They thought I was making that up. But I dug-up info on Ramsey Clark (a ANSWER big-wig and a big supporter of both of those dastardly regimes) and all but one of the anti-war supporters of ANSWER were shocked. One guy admitted he knew after I got the evidence.

I’ve tried to separate respectful dissent from those who just hate everything America stands for. There are many good people who just don’t know the agenda of some of the leadership.

But I think many of the loyal opposition are beginning to look around at some of the ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ who pretend to be mere reformers rather than the radicals they are. I think after the Kerry loss, some will think twice about cheering for the likes of Michael Moore. Or have him sit in the guest of honor box at the next convention.

beakerkin said...


It is amazing that you mention the NY Sun because it has become the paper of choice among Young Republicans. Even my father who is
a Rhino loves the Sun but hates the Post. Rush Limbaugh has quoted the NY Sun.Sadly the whole paper is not available on line.

The part that baffles me is decent
liberals like Kafkaesq. Why even entertain Communists at all ? I think that a KKK type that wandered onto my blog would get an earful from all of us. The Communists have killed way more people then Nazis or the Klan. The debate over if Nazis were left or right is moot as I believe in the

I doubt the democrats will get their act together. Yet I was encouraged that Rudy came in second in a Free Republic poll.