Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Delusions of Gradeur from Mr 167 IQ

The Recididumass now thinks he has upset the Neocons . It is an amazing thing when
someone is so clueless that he doesn't realize he is being laughed at. He doesn't have a clue as to who is and who isn't a neocon.

Dr Yeagley is not a neocon and is a classic conservative. Poe seldom writes on Israel and is closer to a traditionalist. I am a Rudy Republican but have been interpreted as a Neocon, the label may have some validity.

Do you want to look at the site meter for Moonbat Central or Bad Eagle. People listen
to and respect Dr Yeagley and Mr Poe. Who listens to the man with the 167 IQ Craig B
and the useless idiot Viper ? I see more names on my blog lately then his. Every poster on my site except one has a blog that the public can acsess.

The Man with the 167 IQ has not figured out we conservatives are using him as a comedic prop. He has become a foulmouthed low class rubber chicken good for a laugh
and not much else.

Poe is laughing as we speak at a low class,stupid untalented blogger. Nobody is upset at all we are too busy laughing . Do you want to ask another one of your friends to ask me to stop picking on you. Listen up Mr 167 I am a Jooooooo and an American Patriot. I walk on two legs as opposed to the aptly named Viper who slithers on the ground. Any poster that comes here walks on two legs like men . We are Americans and proud of it. If that does not suit your wishes too bad. The shame is that there are Americans who do not recognize an Anti Semite and a probable Communist. However Jason , Pam and myself are NYC residents and we know your kind well. Warren and Bubba served in Vietnam and they have heard your kind as well.


Elijah said...

Hopefully this doesnt sound too ignorant, it may be implicit in your posts, but american politics is quite the animal, and can be confusing to us canadians.Are you pro Bush?

beakerkin said...

I am Pro Bush because he is the best we have . I would love to see
a social liberal who is tough on the war on terror like Guiliani but that is in the future. Vision and Leadership are the things I look for.

Elijah said...

There are many people anti bush here in canada. Bush takes a lot of shit in america and here. Sure his popularity takes a beating, but if the U.S doesnt take control of the natural resources, russia, india, china surely will. So many people dont understand that. It has to be done. You have to look after your own interests, and who better to run the show?

Warren said...


Too many people in the world are so comfortable that they can't see the real threats of a dangerous world.

They worry about the US 'destabilizing' the status quo.

We have China and its thousand millions, bent on a greater Asian sphere, (reminiscent of Japan pre WW2), who sees the US as it greatest threat to domination. We have radical Islamics that vow to spread Islam throughout the world as the dominate culture and call the US the "Great Satan". Then there are all of the left over "Peoples Republics" and "Socialist Workers Paradises", that constantly rattle their scabbards and threaten the existence of their neighbors or export revolution.

But somehow, George W Bush becomes Hitler and true mass murders become the "oppressed".

Its enough to make a sane person gag!

Esther said...

Well said, Warren. Soooo true. Sometimes the world seems to have turned upside down.

beakerkin said...


Warren takes no prisoners and I have to do a post on Marxism and famine. The two are related but the left swears that this is not the case.

Warren said...

Thank You, Esther.

Just after GWB was elected the first time I was invited to post on a Liberal message board called "Bushno" or Nobush or some such rubbish. I was more of a Libertarian then and certainly not a Republican.

GWB, was the first Republican that I ever voted for in a national election.

I lurked around for a while until I spotted a post by a pseudo-Hindu that said:

Republicans are [insert some Sanskrit term here]. To them, evil is good and wrong is right...'

And on, and on...
I couldn't help myself, I had to reply!

The shear arrogance of the poster was amazing to behold! How could this person call all of the things we hold dear, as Conservatives and Libertarians, "foul" and elevate the most vapid thoughts and failed theories of Socialism and Marxism, pretending to be Liberalism, as "justice" and "moral".

I could go on for pages describing what happened. In the end, that message board shut down. It wasn't my intention but they just couldn't argue with fact.

The owner of that board seemed to consider my "fierce independence" (his words), a character flaw! LOL

Now, I find myself more conservative and less Libertarian. How could it be otherwise in the face of fact.