Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Message from "Hell Bound Zionist " to Recididope

I correspond with several writers most take the time and answer my questions. Mr Poe
has been rather helpful and has changed my mind on a few subjects with brilliant points. Imagine my surpise when the man with the 167 IQ starts attacking Mr Poe.

A person is known by the company they keep and the Recidivists best known writer friend is Simon "Butthead " Jones anti - semite whose works can be found in the equally notoriously anti-semitic Jewish Tribal review. Among the thirty writers I have corresponded with are David Horowitz, Richard Poe and Dr David Yeagley. I guess the recididimwit choice of an anti semitic writer is an accident .

" My eternal thanks to Red Jalepeno for poining me in the direction of this comical
thread over at DTN's Fucktard Central where the slime creatures were in a boil........ "

"The potty -mouthed moron himself Richard Poe wants George Lucas and all the good folks at Lucas films LTD. to know they have placed a burr under my saddle.. does he imagine that the good folks at Lucas films actualy give a shit what an insignificant
paranoid dunderhead like Richard Poe thinks"

Potty mouthed is odd claim from the notoriously foul mouthed poster who just used
the word Fucktard and has his middle finger on his blog today . More examples of his sophisticated manners include putting a pigs snout of Ariel Sharon.

Poe has written several books and to the best of my knowledge never wrote a 93 word sentence with 13 commas or in the Recididummy's case comas. When Mr Poe goes to the bathroom what he flushes in the toilet is smarter then the Recidope who by the way has an IQ of 167. Mr Poe , Dr Yeagley or David Horrowitz do not have to brag about how brilliant they are, their writing speaks for itself. I have never seen or heard any foul language from Mr Poe. Poe does not suffer fools easily ,so the man with the 167 IQ would last ten seconds or long enough to say duh.

Some Classic Recididope comments Druze, Palestinians, Egyptians ,Iraqis are not Arabs. More Homosexuals are killed in the US then the total number of people killed in the UK. I could go on but regular readers are aware of more intellectual attrocities from the brain injured Great Dane in the UK.

"Perhaps the dimwit imagines that he is threatening freedom of artistic expression with a second coming of McCarthyism ? .. under his leadership perhaps ?

This charge coming from a person who bans Zionist from his own forum is absurd. The
mere fact that one believes Palestinians are Arabs is racist.The fact that it is accurate and mentioned in the PLO charter is lost on the man with the 167 IQ. Those
references are linguistic references , only to people who are brain injured.The fact that Arabs, Muslims and Palestinians are in no definition a race is more proof of his
inate stupidity.

" What do a handful of irate neocons trying to flex wholly imaginary political muscle
really think that they coud do in the way of damage to Lucas Films ?The more they complain and whimper , the wider the already huge international audience gets...
because the world generally hates Bush with a passion , thinks that he is the reincarnation of Hitler and will be drawn in greater numbersto the $$$ magnet "

The only people who think Bush is the reincarnation of Hitler are those who are so far off to the left they are irrelevant. Most leftwing people in the USA are embarassed by the Bush Hitler talk. They claim that idiots like this do not talk for them vehemently.

Another post from the comatose one 5/17/05

" Would NNDB being left wing autimatically make it evil and propagandist ? No and other than saying that it is a left wing propoganda site , Richard Poe hasn't actually managed to present a single fact to show that it is or why it should be dismissed .. in all of its enteries he hasn't found a single inaccuracy ...... But of course , we mustn't forget that being branded left wing by the dimwits at DTN simply means that you aren't a rabid hell bound Zionist and that you dare to have a view different from theirs and must therefore be a threat to them and their twisted vision of the world"

I coresponded with Richard Poe who wrote this......"The breif snippet you quoted in which he implies that I am "rabid hell bound zionit" tells me all that I need to know. As you correctly note, I seldom write on Israel , prefering to focus on issues
closer to home".

Perhaps the brain impaired one confuses Plaut with Poe. They both write at Moonbat Central and Plaurt writes on Israel and his favorite Jooooooo Norman Finkelstein extensively.Finkelstein is a goooooood jooooooooo because he is a left wing seditious
joooooooo. Plaut and myself are bad jooooooooos because we support the right of Israel to exist and refute stacks of Arab and left wing lies.

The problem is that Left wing Communists , Nazis and Paleocons all play a disguting version of who is a Jooooo . Thus people who do not consider themselves Jews are labeled Jooos by Bigots. I am a Jew and if you have a problem with that it tough. The
whole issue is to create Joooos where Jews do not exist. The suggestion is dual loyalty on the part of the left. The same people are the first ones to scream racist at the mere hint of a similar sentiment against Muslims. Richard Poe is a Catholic and has never been Jewish or called himself Jewish . His father is Jewish but his mother was not and he was raised Catholic. Stephen Schwartz was raised in a secular home and is a Sufi Muslim. Jaimie Glazov is a Christian but calls himself a Christian Jew in recognition of his heritage. The point of many of these bigots is that the mere hint of Jewish blood makes one a Joooooo.

The truth is Jones and the Recidivist are left wing educated rednecks. Both are longwinded and have Joooooooooooo fixations. Jones is a prime contributor to the virulently anti semitic Jewish Tribal Review. The Recidivist's bigotry has been exposed various times. He cries that I am trying to silence him , but how anyone silences another blog is beyond me. . He deletes comments He is a clown


Elijah said...

wow, you say a lot in a short span beak. Entertaining. You open a lot of doors in one post. Hilarious epithets, of which there were

beakerkin said...

The original Recidivist is so stupid he creates fresh material.

Elijah said...

Ignorance is bliss they say..

beakerkin said...

The Recidivist is the most miserable person alive. He is so consumed by hate that it is ridiculous. He honestly thinks he is a genius.

Poe was amused.

Elijah said...

Sounds like megalomania.

beakerkin said...


He has a few flunkies that come here and whine.

Notice that we have disagreements and challenges and it is okay. I have friends and readers , there are some educational posts.

We invite those who disagree to step foward. I stand by my posts and have no need to censor.

Elijah said...

Why dont you get yourself a or i bet you would get a larger audience.

Warren said...

I believe it is necessary to expose those like 167 for what they are. By screaming fascist and bigot at everyone that disagrees with them, they expose their own fascist tendencies and bigotry.

As has been noted elsewhere; In a way they seem like the man behind the curtain in "The Wizard of OZ". They scream and bellow at the top of their lungs and when you expose them they yell "Don't look at the man behind the curtain!".

Its all smoke and mirrors.

Sometimes I believe that, if you stripped them of their rhetoric and checked all their references back to the original source; all that would be left is a worn copy of, "The Communist Manifesto", in which someone used, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", as a bookmark.

Always On Watch said...

Who and when decided that the Recidivists's IQ is 167? R is so filled with hate that I find it hard to imagine that there are any thinking brain cells remaining! From what I've read (I'm relatively new to this blog), R strikes me as a pathological liar in constant denial of facts.

kajando said...

you're right on Mugniyah, I wanted to leave a post with your story on him, but with all that spam I figured I'd just post here. He is the undisputed heavyweight champion of terrorism. I posted his picture and a link to his bio back in March. this guy needs a serious bounty on his head
sorry for going OT

Always On Watch said...

Personal post here...Yesterday, I was in a car accident, a rear-end collision. I'll be seeing the doc on Friday to check out this back pain, which is so bad that I can't read the daily newspaper (mostly spin, anyway). So, if you don't hear from me regularly, don't think that I've dropped out.

Elijah said...

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! lol warren.
Remember Issac Newtons IQ was apparently around 167.
so we are talking about some serious genius here.

beakerkin said...

Always on the watch

Get better soon and if you get a chance check in. You have to feel sorry for the Recididummy. He needs me to boost his prestige as a victim of a witch hunt. The problem is that the conservatives
here kick ass, especially Warren and Jason. Every time he comes here he gets two black eyes.

Elijah : I am happy as a small site . We get some surprising guests. Dr David Yeagley, Richard Poe and David Horowitz have visited. Author Stephen Schwartz sent a correction .

As a small blog I can answer questions and treat everyone as individuals.

Kajando: I think the time has come
to rethink terrorism. Abu Nidal , Mugniyah and the others work as mercenaries with foriengn governments. The image of rebels for a cause is just incorrect. Mugniyah will work for you for a price.

Warren: Our friend Mr 167 is now attacking Dr Yeagley . He thinks we are upset with him and have ruffled a few feathers. He is too
stupid to realize he has become a
comedic prop like a bad tempered
Rubber chicken.

Warren said...

I read the post after you tipped me off.

Quite amusing actually. Its no wonder that 167 gets everything bass ackwards.

If I said that homosapiens are primates, he would probably call me a homophobe.


I believe that the 1 in the 167 was a typo! I have a friend that looked at some of his postings and argued that there should be a decimal point between the 1 and the 67. I had to concede the argument.

Warren said...

Always on Watch,
Take care of yourself!