Saturday, May 21, 2005

More Proof That Left Wing Jooos do not practice the religion

I want to thank 167 who is so worried about racist islamophobia but ignores his own
pathologial anti- semitism, anti Americanism, Born again Christian, Jehovas witnesses,Catholics and Republicans victoriously has backed 4 Axioms about the left
without trying.

Axiom number 1 Liberals are great people who have reading comprehension issues. They
demonize authors and books they have not read. They will make long posts based on materials they have not read. When presented with obvious anti- semitism and anti Americanism they clam up. Thus liberalism may be a learning disability that when someone on the left says something we dismiss it as meaningless or rationalize

Take this reading test a quote from 167 "But on the subject of Iraq and the whole Fascist Judea- American Neocon war on terror Fraud "

Every conservative viewed this as Anti Semitic and Anti American.
1 Use of the term Fascist to link Americans and Jews to Right wing hate groups
Except that Fascist refers to the Italian version of Socialism. The original name of the Nazi party was the National Socialist Party. The old model of a left right line is outmoded. Thus the similarities of Nazis and Communists (genocide and removal of
all civil liberties, central planning) are hardly mere coincidence.
2 The linkage of Jews and Israel to the war on terror. The war is being fought for Israel and the Joooos.The fact that if it were Israel direction the targets would be
A Iran developing Nuclear missiles and Funding Hezbollah B Saudi Arabia the sponsor
of terror C Syria Funder of Hezbollah D Lebanon Home of Hezbollah E The PA where 95%
of the terrorism originates F Iraq with an incompetent army and zero airforce
3 The phrase implies a jooooish cabal to run the White House. Jewish Cabals are anti semitism 101 and were standard in Nazi propaganda and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the Classic Blood libel.
4The war on Terror as a fraud. My city was attacked twice and several plans were caught before fruition and the suspects had a common denominator Islamic fundamentalism. We can cite a series of provocations dating back from the RFK people
forget Sirhan Sirhan was a Palestinian. The USA waited too long to respond to this
and the Lone Bright spots were Reagan's Personal message to Quadaffi in 86. He has since stopped funding terror. There was also the brilliant capture of the Achille Lauro hijackers planed in part by Col North.

When confronted with this quote American Liberals say
1 Not anti semitic but the Author is stupid . The respondent is unaware of the 167 IQ
2 No Comment Please
3 Anti Zionism is not Anti Semitism ....When the quote was broken down the respondent
where have I said the war on terror was being waged for Israel or spoken of Jewish
Cabals. The problem was that he did not see the blatant biases in the original.

2 Axiom 2 The extreeme left is an inherently seditious movement treasonous by nature.
Thus Chomsky , Finkelstein , Lerner , Kovell have no qualms about betraying Israel or
America for the Cause. Jewish Critics of Israel are found almost exclusively on the hard left. The myopia is that those on the left deny the presence of Communists in their ranks. They merely march in anti war rallies organized by them and there were
DNC volunteers and shirts every where. People like Kovell and Finkelstein now call themselves Greens to escape the Communist Stigma . Chomsky hides behind the Anarchist label.
The critique that the protesters weren't Communists is because the left allows a fiction game. Known Communists create a front Group and Claim it is independent Answer and Code Pink are two of the more prominent ones. Would they be as tolerant if David Duke started a Green movement to save the Dung Beetle ?

Liberals want us to ignore that Maxine Waters has spoken at events for ANSWER. Howver we are supposed to get outraged by GOP people speaking at Bob Jomes. Yet we
are to to ignore Tom Hayden and the Progressive Democrats . If one looks at the list of speakers at any of the Communist Sponsored Peace Rallies one will typicaly find members of the progressive Caucus. We are also to ignore Henry Waxman's role in helping Code Pink Founder Madea Benjamin get 600,000 in money and medical suppiles in Fallujah. What administration did Ramsey Clark serve in ,but there are no ties of
the Democratic Party to Communists.

Axiom 3 Left wing Joooos are not Jews and seldom practice the faith or have basic knowledge of the religion. Jewish Women Watching

" Jewish Theological Seminary will not knowingly admit Gays to its Rabinical or Cantorial School"

Good for them as it shows that they still read the Torah. The Old Testament is quite clear on the subject of homosexuality. The matter of sexual conduct is discussed in the Bible. The fact that this group is protesting a Jewish seminary for following scripture is proof the Leftist are illiterate.

This recurring question of the role of homosexuals in Churches and Temples is left wing bigotry. The scriptures say something we do not like so lets throw a temper tantrum in a Cathedral. The question of who is being disrespectful to whom is obvious. If you do not like the teachings of a religious movement you are free to leave or go to a more liberal denomination. The complaint about the left in these matters is the left trying to force its values upon the majority.

The group also rails against Falwell,Robertson and Reed all friends of Israel. Thus pretending that this is a non partisan group becomes laughable. Lets see they can't
read the Torah and Rail against the religious right. They wail about Michael Steinhard sending youth to Israel . However Kudo's to the AJC for firing progressives. The nerve of the AJC asserting that its offices uphold Jewish and mainstream political vales.Now if the DNC could follow this example and boot the progressive Caucus . The group seems way more dedicated to condom distribution then
actual Judaism.The illiterate message spends an amazing amount of time griping about
the sexism of one blessing and complaints of bad treatment in a bakery. Bad service
in Bakeries and a blessing rank right up there on the feminist agenda with honor killing,Female genital mutilation, dowery burnings, footbinding and forced wearing of Bhukhas and Chadors. Yet the independent group manages to get a few gibes at Israel and Zionists. However as I have said earlier the groups illustrates that leftist who call themselves Jews are not Jew but Joooooos. Joooooos know zero about
their religion and history and care only for the left wing cause. Thus Joooos like Chomsky and Finkelstein readily serve the movement at the expense of their people. The Communist term is useful idiot and idiocy seems to be the chief occupation of the communists when not killing 100,000,000 or protesting.

Axiom # 4 There is a victim hierarchy on the left. At the top of the list is Muslims.
Thus any look at Muslim history that is unflatering is Racist. Muslims become a race
only in the language of the brain dead left. When one points to the Muslim equivalent of the crimes of Western Civ it is racism. This is used to justify a series of colonial excesses and abuse of a range of people. A partial list Jews, Assyrians, Copts, Yezidi, Greeks, Armenians,Hidus,Sihks , Budhists ,Slavs, Bhai and Zorastrians. The fact that they are exempt from bigotry against Gays. Thus the fact that Gays can't be Rabbis is more important then countries that kill and imprison gays. In fact Muslims have a right to ignore all norms of human rights in their countries and create fictional indigenous people. They also get to harass real indigenous people in their own lands. They also have the right to commit depraved
terrorist acts . If you defend yourself it is called racism.
Second On the list is Communist Countries such as China, Cuba , Vietnam etc. Communist get commit human rights abuses and to supress indigenous people. One can not ever talk about human rights in China, Vietnam, Zimbabwe or Cuba. Pictures of Sadam in his underwear is more important the 30 years of human rights abuse in Vietnam
3 Gays unless it violates rule one or two. Thus a cantorial school denying admission
is more important then Saudi Arabia that kills gays as law or Zimbabwe where Gays are persecuted.
4 Blacks unless it comes into conflict with 1, 2 ,3
Thus Sudan was allowed to persist for 20 years .Arab Muslims were alowed to kill black Christians. Now that Arabs have started to kill black muslims as well some on the left want to get involved . The fact is that religious Conservatives were the only ones talking about this subject in the context of slavery. Muslims were alowed to practice slavery up until today with nary a peep. Cuba is allowed to treat its blacks as second class citizens due to rule.


chaudes said...

I have posted some of
my photos here

beakerkin said...


I want to thank you for illustrating my points about the left. The fact that you send pornographic images shows the dire
staights that the exteeme left has
sunk to.

Rather then accept the truth that the left is infected with an array
of PC bigotries you send the messenger smut. I will leave the
material where it is.

I imagine that there are good liberals and know a few . I think
this speaks for itself.

You have not upset me at all.

BigBubba said...

Speaking of porn how about that Mary Carey the next tempest in a teapot for the Republicans.

Beakerkins, why don't you link to Warren and I? I just joined at Blogshares. I was trying to avoid it for the moment because it was just one more very complicated thing that I would have to study. Now I have been nudged into action.

beakerkin said...

When My Nephew gets here he will fix the links featues. Big Bubba stock has doubled in value I own 4000 shares

Tonto said...

This is my first time at our site. I am deeply impressed. I consider myself a "moderate tipping right"...because when I read stories like this make it painfully obvious how much sense the Left does NOT make most of the time.

Your thing about how liberals hate books they have not true...although I have to admit in the 80s when every other commercial was for "Dianetics...go buy the book." I never read it and always made fun of it. I guess I was having a liberal moment.

I am going to go back to my site and ask Ric to link to yours on ours...Release the Hounds.

I'll be back.

beakerkin said...


I am a default conservative as the left has mistreated logic. I am a social liberal but National defense trumps Civil Unions. The refusal of the left to stand up
for America pushed me away. The liberals allow Communists to use
front groups like Code Pink and Answer to enter the dialouge.

I wish the Good patriotic liberals
would stand up and toss the seditious extreemists aside.

Always On Watch said...

Axiom #4: As some of you know, I am especially interested in how Islamism is subverting our society. It never ceases to amaze me how leftists cry "Racism! [a term which doesn't even apply, as pointed out in this blog--islamism in an ideology, not a race] Prejudice!" when Islam is criticized. Many of its teachings are in direct contrast to what leftists are SUPPOSED to believe in, i.e., human rights. Because GWB has declared the terrorists the enemy, the left defends them, even in the face of egregious acts which any sane human being would condemn.

As to "good, patriotic liberals," they are strangely silent. These days, it seems that extremists proliferate without significant protest from moderates. Bottom line: leftists don't love America.

beakerkin said...

Always on the Watch

Alot of Libertarians call me a liberal and that is okay. Scoop Jackson was my type of Liberal not John Kerry.

My problem with liberals is this victims heiracy. Thus if you are
Muslim you get to create fake indigenous people and oppress real ones. The failure on the left to
demand any resemblence of human rights is a black eye.

There are patriotic liberals but they refuse to step away from seditious leftist like Code Pink
ANSWER and United for Peace and Justice. The fact that they make common cause hurts them .

The fact that they percieve me as a
far right extreemist says more about them. I am a moderate and if you can't talk to a moderate you have problems.

Always On Watch said...

I see what you mean about labeling. I am a conservative and would call myself a moderate conservative, but sometimes I get lumped in with far-right conservatives because I am a Christian. But I certainly don't always agree with the Christian Right. Case in point: Rudy Giuliani, whom I admire though some Christians feel otherwise because of his position on abortion and gay rights.
Somewhere, I read about the difference between liberals (who love America) and leftists (who are pinkos and anti-Semites).
I am unsure as to where libertarians fit into the above system because I've heard both liberals and conservatives call themselves by that term.
As a voter, I prefer to be labeled an Independent, though I tend to vote Republican, but not in all cases, particularly on the state or local level.
No wonder the Founding Fathers didn't like the two-party system!

beakerkin said...

Always of the Watch

B of Moral Authority is a Liberal
but we agree on about 90% of principles. I am for the war on terror he is not. The other difference is I have zero patience
for Leftist Utopians Green, Reds
or Anarchists.

I do respect liberals but the failure to step away from the Leftist Utopians is a problem.
People like 167 do not belong in the mainstram . The fact is that even if 167 agreed with me I would toss him out as a bigot.

The problem with Liberals is that they do not understand what Leftist
Utopians. Thus when the Chemist says there are Joooos that agree with 167 he is wrong. Leftist Utopians are not Jews ,Christians or Americans . They are members of the Marxist Cult of Death. Nothing
matters except the cult of Death.
To expect these people to show loyalty is silly.

Libertarians believe in eliminating regultion and smaller
government . Warren is a libertarian and I have found myself
influenced more by them then I like
to admit.

Always On Watch said...

The term Leftist Utopians seems like the best label for those whom I've been referring to as liberals. Patriotic liberals with integrity do not fall into that category, of course.
I have no problem with differences of opinion, as long as those differences do not advocate the downfall of our nation. True Americans come from many different philosophical and political positions.
Bigotry of any ilk is something I cannot stand, no matter what label or face is put on it. Never have understood the point of bigotry, which requires the expenditure of wasted energy.

beakerkin said...

I have switched to the term leftist Utopians because liberals were really furious over my use of
leftist. It would be nice if they
quit the party of god bit.

I have to do a post on Religion Gays and Bigotry . The post is comming but these screeching liberals have it wrong. The bigotry
is not from the Christians towards
gays. The bigotry is from the left
towards the religious.

There are churches that say I am going to hell as a Jew. This does not bother me . That is their teaching and I have mine. Religious scriptures should be left alone except where there is advocacy for killing people .

Always On Watch said...

As a Christian, I long ago decided that I have enough trouble taking care of my own soul without making judgments as to the souls of others. Not my call, anyway.

I loudly second the last sentence in your last comment above.