Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Blog Policy Question

A serious protocol question is why should we let a poster have free speech when he does not reciprocate the courtesy ? I am in favor of Free Speech and deleting the Recidoofus may be waranted. Should we honor the rights of those who deny free speech to others .

All participants of the blog including our talented troll Drew. We will even grant a vote to the Recididoofus and Craig B . However no anonymous votes will count .

Question number two is the Deletion of anonymous comments . If you are not brave enough to leave your name why should we leave your remarks. We do know that the annonymous troll is the Viper. He got tired of being smacked around and was never known for courage or brains.

I think leaving the Recidoofus remarks give us more rope to lampoon him with. The Great Dane is his own worst enemy with classics like Egyptaians are not Arabs. I vote in favor on the grounds of comic relief. I also vote in favor of the first amendment . The fact that the Recidivist is a totalitarian of either Green or Red does not mean he is banned. We can rudicule his hypocrisy every time he posts. How many times does he deny that he reads this blog. Yet we see him here all the time and we get extensive coverage

I am leaning against the deletion of messages from people not brave enough to post their name Viper . He must have grown upset about the useful idiot remarks. If we hurt your feelings Viper remember I meant every last word .

I would like to point out that I am very inpressed with our new troll Drew we will Give out the first Troll and Critics Report Card

Critic Kafkaesq Brave decent guy A+ . I do not agree with him but he is a good guy
Zombie A Class act and a nice Guy
Hawke A Funny insightful relevant , Witchunting whine cost
a perfect score.
Chemist B Not here often but above average

Trolls Drew A- Great potential to be a pest . Original creative
almost manly needs to stop with the got banned from
FPM. I have some pull there DH sometimes reads this
Recidivist B- Repeats himself but has campy comedic moments The
sad part is he is not trying to be funny
Viper85 C Whiny hysterical pointless and no courage.
CraigB C- Pointless whiny unintelligant and a boor
Mark Jordan D- Vile stupid and barely alive

I will also take advice on adjusting grades. I will let those that were graded grade
The Beak.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

May I ask a serious question?

Why the obsession with "Recidivist?" He seems to dominate the topic of your blog too much. And since your blog doesn't link back to his, if he even has one, I'm stuck here half the time just taking your word for it that the guy's a dink.

Don't get me wrong, he probably is a dink. Most people who only have merely 167 IQ points are. But certainly there are bigger dinks to fry than him. Just think of all the time you've spent posting about Recidivist that you could have spent productively constructing pipe bombs or learning to play Jenga in zero-gravity. YOU CAN'T HAVE THAT TIME BACK!

Keep comments open. You might drop the ability for posting anonymously if trolling gets too thick, but in a blog asking for debate, you've gotta leave others some way of responding.

I don't know. Do what you want. I'm just here for the toaster.


beakerkin said...

Well Beamish he is such an inviting target but I promise Friday will be Satire. The Republican Crocodile Hunter will travel to NYC . He is looking for
the rarest creature the URR. The Urban Red Redneck is a fearsome creature.

We have had request to replay the RNC convention. People do not believe it. I always wanted to do satire.In fact that is what this blog was dedicated to until a troll attack.

Recidivist said...

Beakerkin, by all means ban me from your Cornucopia of Utter Racist Shite.

You have been repeatedly shown to be a shameless and pathological liar who can be discredited and who is unlikely to be able to influence the views of anyone who actually matters.

In case you hadn't actually gathered as much from what I said yesterday, I don't actually give a monkeys cuss what you say or post about me on here, because almost every single statement is a demonstrable falsehood and apart from Warren ‘the moronic Mormon’ and two visitors from the laughable ‘Bad Eagle’ there is zero evidence to suggest than any of your very small audience ever venture anywhere near my blog. (or even your blog. come to that). Had it not been for the howls of derisory laugher that your posts on here were receiving on a Jewish forum here in the UK, I wouldn’t even have noticed what you were posting yesterday, because I don’t actually even bother reading this shite anymore and have pretty much imposed a self-imposed bad on venturing anywhere near this sorry excuse for a libel production line. .

You have been mentioned a handful of times on my blog, yet you somehow think that everything I post has something to do with you and you claim that you should have a byline ... that is your one contribution of comic content because I am mentioned in almost every post you have ever made.

Lets face it, we all know that you are a weasel faced little coward who only says what he says because he feels safe from behind a shield of anonymity and that you are far too scared to actually show yourself and to back your accusations up with any real evidence.

I vote that you ban people who ban you.

Your grade: U - Unclassified and failing to achieve the minimum standard required for classification of a racist troll: Inept, factless, clueless, humourless and brainless.

beakerkin said...

Well That is two Votes against and one vote for.

Hmmm it would allow you to play the victin. Yet yiu are an inviting target being brain injured.

I notice that you have not gone near the Simon Jones post. Did your
Jooooooos see that as well ? Don't count Viper as a Joooo he is just a nebish good for toting my sweatsocks.

Are you going to deny the source you cited is directly linked to David Irving ? The proof is right there as the neglected details about the Mufti and Stephen Wise.

Only the most deranged , bigoted and illucid blame the Joooooos I mean Zionists for the Holocaust. The Jews in the US were not Jooodini and if you read John Loftus there was alot of establishment that blocked the effort. Oh I forgot FDR was a liberal Democrat.

As far as my grade goes I voted myself a B. Now you can get all your toadies but they must post from a blog or have been on the blog befoe. Unlike you we will tabulate the grades fairly.

You should take troll lessons from Drew . Then again he has two things you lack a brain and a sense of humor.

Tommorows post will be Satire unless a big event takes place.
Your friend Jones is even more gutless then you

Elijah said...

Thanks beak, i will check them out

Drew said...

It IS true beaker... you don't really have any prove for you accusations and your delivery of all your polemics is too exaggerated to take seriously.

If recidivist were an anti-semetic blogger, who posted Irving links as support for his thoughts, wouldn't he openly acknowledge it here . . . since after all, he openly would have done so on his blog?

No matter what you say, discussing or linking to David Irving, discussions of ZOG or WHATEVER, is not, in and of itself, bigoted.

A) You just get a thrill accusing people of being anti-semetic. Thi can be a self-affirming feeling, understandably. It is not however, reasonable discourse.

B) You realy DO think that its reasonable to slander people for merely mentioning ZOG etc.... which bring into serious question, you intellect .. . . a suspicious backed up by your innane rants, poorly formed writing (mostly suspicious as it is on your own blag after all) and bizarre fixations.

In either case, you fail to provide a coherent forum for political discourse. I declare this blog Officially Stupid.

Drew said...

ahem. dun mind the spellin errers

Drew said...

SMALL WORLD. Oddly, i note now that i have posted to this blog before Beaker . . . I have some faint recollection of having done so, but didn't realize the mastermind i had been tangling with. A google for "thebeakspeaks" led me to this:

Drew said...

On the grades?? As I recall, I have neither spell checked not validated grammar. How i got an "A" is beyond me. Perhaps I should be ashamed to have recieved such high commendations from you.

beakerkin said...

Drew you have rewarded my faith in you as the Oficial Beaks Speaks troll. We don't like crying whiny trolls . We prefer our trolls manly
and hostile.

Spelling mistakes are part of the Beaks Speak. I really should run spell check more often .

The Recidoofus plays the game with the word Zionist and Jooooo. He likes to minimize the Holocaust but you can read what group stole the Holocaust. He never did provide a source for his 25,000 dead claim as there is no known source .

He tries desperately to say I am not a bigot. Try to looose the ZOG complaint and stick to trolling .

You were born to troll

Elijah said...

I am amazed how many americans are deeply involved in the politics of their country. As it should be considering you have a voice. A congress and senate that has weight. Here we vote, then one man runs the show for four years.

beakerkin said...

Well remember that this blog gets a wide cross section of points. Drew is the official blog troll because he is the apex of incivility.

Our regular readers lean right but we do get articulate liberals like Kafka. You can learn alot from the back and forth between Kafka and the others.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Perhaps you could provide the dictionary definition of "racism" and ask Mr. Recidivist how your highlighting and pointing out the suffering of other ethnic groups and the hypocrisy of those who single out Israel / Jews / Zionists for criticism meets the criteria for being called "racism."

Or a "Cornucopia of Uttter Racist Shite" as it were.


Think much?

357martini said...

Great question .... I think those not willing to leave their name ought to be deleted because their lack of, is ( I believe )symptomatic of extreme intellectual myopia when discussing any issue. I nonetheless leave their comments (I've only one ) just to show other readers I'm not going to selectivly respond and/or shape the perception of my blog. As a pure writing exercise I love the blogging concept. As a source of information it is much like the internet - full of fucking wakos proposing and projecting truly fucking idiotic beliefs. Even those who are stating they have phd's and mba's and law backgrounds are posting some truly stupid shit.
It's really fun to just "next blog" for something to read. It's actually how I stumbled upon you.

If you've no balls continue to post anonymously, however if you write for reasons other than to hear your own mundane bullshit echo off of the hollow inside of your cranium, please do post your makes communication much easier.


Drew said...

Well, honestly, I think of myself as better than 'troll' to use your blog geek-speak. As noted previously, There would appear to be any lack of focus. What exactly are we TALKING about?

Seemingly... no, actually: nada. It takes no great man to locate a loony toons anti-semite or bigot, whether or not recidivist is or is not.

I suggest a reasonable point of topic that doesn't involve anecdotal stories of peace-sign painted marxist undergrads.

That is the equivelant of citing any and all right wing racists -- it makes no point beyond dull slander.

Please to commence to fine discourse, my jooooooooooish friend.

'Thought & Humor' said...

You have a riveting web log and undoubtedly
must have atypical & quiescent potential for
your intended readership. May I suggest that
you do everything in your power to honor
your Designer/Architect as well as your audience.
Please remember to never restrict anyone's
opportunities for ascertaining uninterrupted
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There is a time for everything, a season for every
activity under heaven. A time to be born and a time
to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest. A time
to kill and a time to heal. A time to tear down and
a time to rebuild. A time to cry and a time to laugh.
A time to grieve and a time to dance. A time to
scatter stones and a time to gather stones. A time
to embrace and a time to turn away. A time to
search and a time to lose. A time to keep and
a time to throw away. A time to tear and a time
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up. A time to love and a time to hate. A time for
war and a time for peace.

Best wishes for continued ascendancy,

'Thought & Humor'
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Drew said...

What is this quintessence of dust? for 'tis to me nothing but a sterile and pestulent congregation of vapors.

I commend you to her . . . . blah blah blah.

Look here, beaks. You've attracted the finest of Cambridges finest: the humourloguers. AND thoughtloguers. Thought AND Humour from some of our Publick Schoolings finest institutes.

Thank God the brains of the nation are here to watch o'er the joooooos, lest they be scrubbed clean of their state.

It brings to my mind something said by one of Harvard's finest presidents (he has a really cool name).

He said, to paraphrase: I think we should limit the acceptance of joooos to the University, as they cheat.

His Man Friday pointed out that OTHER students of varying backgrounds cheat as well.

The president paused, and said: Yes, but I'm talking about the Joooooooos.

Warren said...

Drew said:
Well, honestly, I think of myself as better than 'troll' to use your blog geek-speak. As noted previously, There would appear to be any lack of focus. What exactly are we TALKING about?

MY LORD, Drew!!!

You just got the gig and here you are bitching already!

You're not just a "troll", you are the bonafide, official "TROLL". The others were just trolls.

Say it with pride, Maybe we'll get you a T-shirt or coffee cup.

WE have created this position just for you, don't let us down. MAKE SOMETHING OF IT !!!

Be in there and work at it. Any anonymous "RACIST PIGS" from you and you are out the door, get it?

If we have to tell you what to do, your not the man (or Troll) we'd hoped you'd be. You have great potential.



beakerkin said...


Warren is right you are not a Troll
you are the offical Troll of this blog. Your courage and manly comparment compared with your peers earned you the promotion. Please tell the other trolls that there are standards .

You are the troll gold standard and are much more entertaining then your peers. We not only have excellent comenters we have a better quality of troll.

Now keep up the high quality of trolling .

SL&V said...

Since when was disagreeing with someone's viewpoints and questioning their source material "trolling"?

As for the grading system... you really are still stuck in high school semantics aren't you?

Such a pity that you abuse your blogging potential in this way. I'm sure blogger would have something to say about your incessant attacks on other bloggers.

beakerkin said...

Gentleman Hawke

The Recidivist is not an innocent party. What bloggers do I attack the Recidivist and the even more bigoted Simon Jones.

Disagreement is fine but remember I
have never censored anyone . Yet Warren and I were dennied the same courtesy. You will find that I return the courtesy I am treated with.

The Recidivist has not only been bigoted and brain dead he has been
a bad host. Have you ever been mistreated here. You were always welcomed and respected.When you disagree with me and raise a valid point I agree.

Your friend has posted the most blatantly anti -semitic material.
He has even been low enough to go attempt to delegitimize the Holocaust. He has posted a site directly linked to a Holocaust denier David Irving.

I didn't think you would care to comment on the blatantly anti-semitic Simon Jones link. Nor would you care to comment on his repeated attacks on me . Tell your friend to be civil on neutral sites
and he will not be bothered.

If he wishes to file a complaint with blogger it will fall on deaf ears. One can not provoke fights and then cry victim. Do you notice I am not to broken up about his allegations. He has no quotes unlike the numerous ones I have posted. Now he is crying homophobe
in addition to his usual cries. What he bases this upon is unknown
as I am not in any description.

Thanks for stopping by and if your friend is smart he will follow your wise advice. He gets destroyed every time he picks a fight. Advise him to be smart and to let it go.

I wish you good luck and happiness in all your pursuits.

SL&V said...

To be honest looking at this from a fairly detached point of view (I couldn't care less about the plight of the jews or the semantics of Zionism, I have much better things in my life) I don't ever see Recidivist's posts or comments coming across like that.

He has a pretty strong opinion on Zionism for sure but I don't think that automatically makes him anti-semitic. And you really have to realise that word doesn't carry as much weight in the UK as it does in the US. It just isn't one of those bog-standard racist charges that people grow up with (unlike being prejudiced against Asians or Gays, that's very British).

When I (bother to) read your site I really only see someone who likes to cry wolf. Constantly attacking and disparaging and (even worse if you want to be taken seriously in an intellectual debate) resorting to name calling and insults to get your point across.

The jokes at another's expense, the heavy handedness of belittling another person's IQ, all these things make me think that everything else you have to say is said in hate and prejudice of your own.

The way you approach these situations certainly doesn't do you any favours.

As for the subject of censorship... well I can understand that someone wouldn't want what is written here to infect their own blog. You take the whole thing entirely too personally and suddenly what could have been an interesting debate becomes a tit-for-tat argument with both parties (for the most part) ignoring what the other is saying and just saying what they want to.

I can totally understand why no-one would want all this bad ju-ju to run amok on their blog, this is, after all, only a part of what Recidivist talks about on his blog. Not the entirety, unlike for your blog.

I'm sure it's wonderful that you have some people who will back you up in all your arguments now but just remember the reactions that your writings have produced. Most of them haven't been that positive and this is certainly the first blog I've seen that has had such a negative amount of comments aimed directly at the author without the blog being deleted by Blogger.

Freedom of speech only goes so far my friend, you have to start considering how close your writing is to inciting racial hatred.

beakerkin said...


Do you seriously read your friends blog it is blatantly and pathologicaly Anti- Semitic ? What
part of the original Simon Jones post did you miss. Jews calling gentiles the enemy or being responsible for polution. Holocaust
minimization ,accusing the Pope of being responsible for the deaths of
millions or blatant anti USA statements. His newest one is calling Native Americans Mormons as
a slur.

I welcome your efforts to complain
to Blogger. The second this blog gets censored it will be covered in Front Page Magazine, Free Republic and Monnbat Central.

You are complaining about my ridicule of the Recidivist. He has called me illiterate, racist and homophobic. You want me to stop the behavior your friend started.
We back up our statements here and have proved every last one. The Recidivist is brain impaired and picked a fight with the wrong blogger. He is free to defend himself here a courtesy he does not
grant to me.

You have accused my blog of being close to racial hatred. Arabs and Muslims are not a race in any description. Palestinians are Arabs
and the Zionist source is the PLO charter. I have provided sources for the reader to check my facts.

Any discussion about Israel begins with Arab and Muslim colonialism.
This is not my opinion but historical fact. The Muslim conquests and historic abuse of Jews and other minorities is well
doccumented. You can find Coptic,Assyrian,Yezidi,Zorostrian, Hindu , Bha'i and Budhist accounts
of the same story.In fact your friend mocked the plight of the Coptic Christians.

Since you were a gentleman I wish you well. Your assesment of my blog
is your opinion. You are entitled to your opinion . I think you should reread your friends blog and take another look.

Maybe you should have this conversation with your friend.