Wednesday, May 25, 2005

9-11 and You

Regular readers know I was an eye witness to 9-11 and a survivor of WTC 93. My city was attacked by nihlistic muslims twice. These were part of other plans to commit mayhem and death in my City. To deny that there was a common dennominator is to deny

What is your responsibility in the post 9-11 world ?

The days where we could sit back and ignore the problem are over. Maybe if you are in Canada or in Europe the threat is exagerated. So the warriors of Jihad kill a few
thousand American. This is not acceptable and I do not want to hear rationalizations
from the left or Islamic Americans. There is no excuse for attacking civilians ever.

I hear alot of self righteous hand ringing over alleged abuse at Guantanomo. Shooting
School children in the back and beheading are human rights abuses. Homicide bombing
of busses and civilians are human rights abuses. Much of the complaints at Gitmo involve humiliation . I am for humiliation if used in interrogation. The Geneva conventions do not apply to non uniformed terrorists. These attacks are seldom aimed at military personel . In fact any civilian casualties in Iraq should be blamed on terrorists.

What are your responsibilities in the 9-11 world
1 Attacks aimed at civilians are always wrong. No excuses , no rationalizations for disgusting behavior ?
2 Stop the PC strait jacket that is worried about offending Islam and Leftist .
A Islam was spread via war and a Jim Crow culture of humiliation . This culture of discrimination exists today.
B Leftist Utopians are heirs to a culture of death and mayhem. Liberals should step away from the Communists before we even discuss anything with them.
C The truth hurts and do not worry about it. Osama bin Ladden killed 3000 Americans and we heard idiot conspiracies from the leftist utopian and Islamic media. Label anyone that blames 9-11 on anyone other then Al Queda a Crank.
3 Accept that the world has changed and there will be inconveinces . Do not blame the government for this blame the terrorists and their appologists. I had to go through well over an hour of delays at Wall Street yesterday. This is the fault of Muslim radicals and their leftist appologists like Lynne Stewart.
4 Never appologize for being American ever. Even if you are a Liberal state that you disagree with the policy but stop feeding overseas paranoia. If you see an Anti American statement speak up.

The country has changed forever but acceptance of excuses for terrorism is unacceptable.3000 dead is not a plea for attention it is a crime. The crime was commited by those who felt they were acting in the name of Islam. The responsibilty
of American Muslims is to say those people do not speak for me. This is not the message Americans are hearing from the Islamic Community. There was a recent rally in DC and it was a good step but more needs to be done.

National Security is not a luxury it is a matter of life and death.

9 comments: said...

I know many Jews in the militaty and you are right, they are not spoken of.

The moment Sharansky zigzagged across that bridge (after being told to "walk straight across the bridge" was one for the ages.

beakerkin said...


I forgot that he zigzagged but at the time I thought it was due to ill fitting pants that kept him stumbling. There was such a joy when Sharansky was freed. The only thing that was close was the return from Entebee in 76. People forget about Dora Bloch .

Jason_Pappas said...

It always pays to reiterate the big picture. For some reason the left would like to focus on American’s imperfections while ignoring the vast differences of our history and the histories of communism and Islam. Some ground rules for a civil and productive debate make sense.

By the way, that rally in Washington DC, by the Free Muslims, attracted only 50 or so Muslims. We keep hearing about the 7 million Muslims living in the US (it’s about 2 million.) Where were they? I figure, with the large Islamic community in Washington and surrounding Virginia (“Always on Watch” can vouch for that) you’d think they could muster up more than 50. I think there were a good two dozen organizations that were co-sponsors. That means about 2 per organization showed up.

From the photos that I’ve seen there were more at the pre-9/11 rally where an ex-CAIR official led the crowd in cheers for Hamas and Hezbollah.

Like I say, there are moderate Muslims but they become moderate by not practicing the religion – in other words, by being apostates. And the punishment for apostasy is death. I’m amazed there were even 50!

beakerkin said...


I saw the footage on Fox where the crowd cheers who is for Hamas.
I was even more outraged at the Hezbollah part. Everyone seems to forget Robert Stethem and the Marine Barracks but not me. Those idiots were cheering a group that kills Americans.

Esther said...

GREAT, great post. You laid your points out effectively. Well done. :)

Many people simply, and sadly, don't get it.

beakerkin said...

Esther : I was at Wall Street yesterday. You would not believe the security down there.

bum from jersey said...

Hmmm...interesting piece. Something troulbes me about the world responsibility because to me responsibility infers duty and what you said, while valid, i don't know if its anyone's duty to do those things. Or maybe its that I don't expect those ideals of Americans not because they aren't valid and reasonable but for the most part - they should be in place. For instance you mention the PC straight jacket should be eliminated. Even though I am pretty young, I don't ever remember when its been used. We are a country that prides ourselves on the first amendment and using it in anyway that we want. I understand that you probably were directing that comment to the extreme left but I think for the most part, people are pretty open about their beliefs. But to just defend those who say they should be pc about saying it...I think they argue that way only because we tend to generalize things and while we do not mean to do it, that often leads to people getting offended and really a dispute over nothing. So while I think people should be open about what they say, don't tend to over generalize (i.e. all muslims hate the US and the western world, which just isn't the case).

I disagree with the world has changed and people should change with it. I agree that people should change but I think we should have been changing for a long time, even before 9/11. You just have to look at history and time and time again, the country that is at the top always is hated on and eventually attacked. I remember the day and was seriously enraged when the towers came down but after calming down and thinking about it, I wasn't totally suprised that it happened. I don't think that the US brought it on itself but rather that since the US is considered the world leader, I expected it come sooner or later.

beakerkin said...

Bum From NJ

As you are in college there are subject that are a taboo. If one discuses the spread of Islam and the dhimification process the automatic response is bigotry. In my day the taboos were the Contras
and Afirmative acton. Speaking on either subject could harm your grades.

The country changed on 9-12 and in
practical terms it is forever. Machine gun toting police gaurd the stock exchane. I had to go through 11 security checks.

The freedom that you had prior to 9-11 is gone.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


The only freedom I have lost since Sept. 11th, 2001 is the freedom to view the New York City skyline from the 110th floor of the World Trade Center.

We're fighting this war to make that the only freedom we have lost.