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Special Ed on the War on Terror #2 Mugniyah

The part that frustrates me the most in talking with Liberals is their utter stupidity. A perfect example is they come armed with slogans no oil for blood, malaprop intended. However they do not understand the basics of the Middle East. They
talk about fake indigenous people and ignore real ones. The level of ignorance is apalling in the war on terror. Everyone claims to be a terrorism expert but the fundamental view of terrorists is fiction.

Prior to 9-11 the terrorist with the most American blood on his hands is Imad Mugniyah. I find it amazing that I asked peace protesters who Mugniyah was and got zero correct answers. Remembering slogans is easier then picking up a book.
Council of Foreign Relations

" Hezbollah is a Lebanese umbrella organization of radical Islamic Shiite groups and organizations. It opposes the West,seeks to create a Muslim Fundamentalist state
modeled on Iran and is a bitter foe of Israel. Hezbollah means the party of God is a terrorist group belived responsible for 200 attacks since 1982 that have killed more then 800 people.Experts say it is an important force in local politics.......

Hezbollah was founded in 1982 in response to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon and subsumed members of the 1980s coalition of groups known as Islamic Jihad. It has close links to Iran and Syria

...Mugniyah is considered the key player in Hezbollahs world wide terrorist opperations .During the Lebanese Civil War in the 70's experts say Mugniyah trained with Fatah.When the PLO and al Fatah were expelled from Lebanon by Israeli forces in 82, Mugniyah joined the newly formed Hezbollah and quickly rose to a senior position in the organization.

..Its base is in Lebanon's Shiite dominated areas including parts of Beirut, Southern Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley.In addition US intelligence say cells operate in Europe, Africa, South America and North America..... Hezbollah has carried out attacks outside the Middle East......its reported involvement in the 01/2002 attempt to smuggle a Boatload of arms to the PA, and its role in the 92 and 94 attacks in Argentina.......In 06/202 Singapore accused Hezbollah of recruiting Singaporeansin a failed 1990 plot to attack US and Israelis ships in the Singapore straits. Hezbollah is one of the few terrorist groups President Bush mentioned by name in his 01/02 State of the Union adress.

Notable attacks by Hezbollah

1 A series of Kidnappings of Westerners in Lebanon including several Americans in the 80's
2The suicide truck bombing that killed more then 200 Marines in their barracks.
3 The 1985 Hijacking of TWA flight 847. A Navy Seal was killed in this crime.
4 Two attacks in Argentina 92 bombing of the Israeli embassy 29 dead 94 bombing of a Jewish Coomunity Center 95 dead."

.." The group is an ally of Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas. Hezbollah is believed to have contacts with Al Queda......Mugniyah reportedly met at least once in the 90's with Osama Bin Ladden.In addition Hezbollah and Al Queda have been repotedly cooperating on logistics and training for some opperations according to some intelligence officials and some terrorism experts"

The myth of Hezbollah as an unknown shadow terrorist network in the 80's hampered our ability to deal with the problem. Hezbollah is an arm of Iranian and Syrian foreign policy. The correct response to the hostage taking is to attack military targets of those nations. Mugniyah works regularly with Iranian intelligence.

The problem`is that Americans are too lenient with the Muslim Community. When the leader of a Muslim organization praises Hezbollah at a mass rally they are spiting on the graves of Robert Stethem and the Marines killed in their baracks. This is why if liberal critics truly care about Islam they should get behind Stephen Schwartz.
Schwartz is a patriot who deeply cares about his country and his faith. He does not play word games about terrorism either.

American Jihad Pg 206 Steve Emerson . I also saw the video tape of this event on FOX

" On 10/28/200 , pro- Palestinian protesters marched from Freedom Plaza to Laffayette Parkin Washington DC singing " Victory comes from Allah and Hezbollah is our model" and Oh dear Nasrallah we are allied with you in liberation"

Almoudi speech in Lafayette Park
" I have been labeled by the media in NY to be a supporter of Hamas. Anybody supports Hamas here . (crowd Cheers) Anybody supports Hamas here (crowd cheers again)
Anybody is a supporter of Hamas Here ( crowd Cheers Louder) Here that Bill Clinton ? We are ALL supporters of Hamas. Allahu akbar. ( Crowd cheers) I wish they added that I am a supporter of Hezbollah anybody supports Hezbollah here. (crowd cheers again)

207 " At the end of 01/2001 in Beirut Almoudi participated in what the US State Department called a terrorist conference with a destructive agenda. The conference brought together leaders of Hamas , Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Osama Bin Ladden's organization. ".

Going back to Bodansky The Secret History of the Iraq War . Pg 44

" Iran recomended that Hezbollah in association with the Fighters from Al Queda launch spectacular strikes that would elicit Israeli retaliation against Syria unleashing a Choatic war before the US was ready to intervene. Given the close cooperation between Hezbollah and Jihadists in Lebanon since the 90's Tehran could trust that they would operate jointly. Sadr went to the Bekaa Valley to inform leaders of Palestinian terrorist leaders and Hezbollah of their role in the Iranian plan; Nassrallah for one enthusiastcally supported the strategy. On Sept 03 , Iran moved to prepare Palestinian and Hezbollah leaders for their operations , launching a three day training session in Tehran supervised byIRGC experts.The great importance
assigned to this terrorist offensive by the leadership of Tehran could be gleaned from the nomination of Mogniyah - formerly Hezbollah's cheif of special opperations , now a senior operative of Iranian intelligence and close collleague of Bin Ladden since the establishment of Hezbollah Int in 96 to oversee the preparations.Indeed Abdallah Izzaz ad Din , Mougniyah's operational officer chaired the sessions in Tehran. Other training sessions aimed to train Palestinian commanders
to organize and run major opperations from bases in the West Bank and Gaza. For Israel these threatts were all the more credible and menacing givenTehran's obsessively held position that the USA was unable to react to crises make decisions
or take drastic steps during election years ".


" The Iranian infrastructure included three defense lines established earlier in the summer. In June Bashar ordered the acceleration of the terrorist buildup in Southern Lebanon in accordance with the Tehran Conference including Mougniyah's nomination as the local supreeme comander. By the middle of July Mougniyah's command included 12,000 trained Shiite fighters and an arsenal of heavy weapons , including 10,000 missiles and rockets as well as 10,000 Palestinian fighters and between 120 and 150 Al Queda veterans who arrived via Pakistan and Iran. Mougniyah's forces were deployed in a series of fortifications covering up to a 15 mile widesector north of the Israeli Lebanese border, with a central HQ in an underground complex in a hill in an eastern neighborhood of Sidon overlooking the Mediteranean. The new command enjoyed lavish logistical , intelligence and financial support from Iran and Syria including an expanded and dedicated training infrastructure in Lebanon, Syria and Iran. Indeed some officials considered this buildup a more urgent threat to America than that presented by Saddam"

The page details the armaments that Syria gave to Hezbollah including Missles that could hit any part of Israel.

Reports of a person residing in the UK claiming to have an IQ of 167 attemting to join Mougniyah's army are false. Apparently terrorists have behavior standards and rejected him as too stupid and boring. He then turned around and blamed the Neocons
for his rejection.

Page 393 " The key to escalating this jihad was the emergence of a Baghdad based , Iran sponsored , all Islamisist high command cooperating with the Baathist experts. The command was organized in the same fashion as Hezbollah int. : established by Iran in 96, it was the first opperational alliance between Osama bin Ladden and the assets of Iranian intelligence, most notably Mougniyah. By August the high command was led by an elite team of Al Queda opperatives under the command of Zarqawi and two of Iran's most senior terrorist Mougniyah and Anis Naccache. Zarqawis authority stemmed from specific instructions and guidance he recieved from Tehran from Osama bin Ladden, Dr Zawahiri and Saad bin Laaden. Both Mougniyah and Naccache are proteges of the Iranian elite and are close personal friends of Moshen Rafik Dust and Rafsanjani effectively the source of guidance and mandate . Mougniyah who has known and cooperated with bin Ladden since the 90's met with him to formulate and coordinate their cooperation inside Iraq."

Perhaps some of the beheadings are an attempt to divert attention of Iranian involvement in the Iraqi uprisings. If so it is sucseesful because the media has done a lousy job reporting Iranian involvement.

Page 489 "however the most impotant development still ahead is the activation of the elaborate Shiite terrorist infrastructure that has so far been largely dormant. In mid Dec. , Tehran dispatched Mougniyah, along with a team of Hezbollah and Iranian intelligence experts to southern Iraq to bolster the Shiite forces and organize a new anti-American terrorism campaign . Both Tehran and the Iraqi Shiite leadership expected a major crisis with the occupation authorities to erupt in the spring of 2004, anticipating that America would ignore Shiie demands for empowerment, as articulated in Sistani's Democracy Fatwas. The Shiite forces were allready well organized ,trained, funded and equiped. Several expert terrorists from all over the Middle East were hiding among them . Mougniyah's task was to prepare these forces for strategic eruption and be in command of the ensuing guerilla offensive. That the anticipated time for launching this offensive coincided with the first aniversary of the US invasion of Iraq would only serve to heighten the passion and anti-American sentiments throughout Iraq. The 12/27 eruption in Qarbalah might have been Mougniyah's first test strike. "

Page 519 - 520

Mindful of the strategic significance of the coming intifada , Tehran organized the evacuation of key terrorist leaders from Iranian territory just days after the London Conference. Four of the most senior Islamisist terrorist chiefs Zawihiri, Mougniyah , Saad bin Laden and Seif Al Adl were seen at the IRGC controlled sector of the Mehrabad airport, near Tehran boarding an unmarked plane. They were escorted to the plane by friendly IRGC and intelligence official who saw them off.....In the past these commanders ( and others of similar stature) had been evacuated from Tehran and other Iranian population centers before a major terrorist strike in order to prevent Tehran from being blamed as a sponsor. This time however US intelligence failed to apprise the Bush administration of the significance of this evacuation ; indeed it continued to endorse the claim that Zawahiri was in Wana on the Pakistan Afghan border a work of pure Pakistani disinformation."

We have seen some of the handiwork of Mugniyah in Iraq. The question is that if we knew where Mugniyah and Zawahiri are in Iran are we prepared to bomb it. The role of Iran in international terror gets down played. Terrorists are mercenaries and work with intelligence agencies and each other.


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Most people dont understand the infrastructure that hezbollah maintains in lebanon, schools etc. The mullahs are close to being brought down I believe, the Iranian people are fed up.

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Esther said...

"Hezbollah was founded in 1982 in response to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon"

Actually, I believe the organization was formed at the time of the Iranian revolution in 1979. Its purpose was to replace Lebanon's secular government with a theocracy modeled on Iran, and they were receiving significant support from the mullahs to achieve that end. I need to do a post on this point myself. It amazes me that people don't know that the group responsible for killing more Americans prior to 9/11 was Hezbollah.

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Esther I think you may be right on
the origins of Hezbollah. However I get leftist who visit so I try to use sources that are as neutral as possible.

I got frustrated asking liberals to identify words Pan Arabism, Assyrian, Hezbollah etc so I started this series.

It is not intended for conservatives or people that read.

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You started with Liberals can not pick up a book. Let me add how about a map. Do you think Liberals even realize Iraq is located between Syria and Iran? And when you add Afghanistan, Pakistan and India on the eastern side, Turkey to the North. If I wanted to isolate a country this is the exact strategy I would follow. Sung Tsu I think called it divide and conquer