Friday, May 06, 2005

The Connection of the Kahane Killing to WTC 93

I was at ground zero yesterday and it is good to see the site slowly coming back to life. On the north end a building is already up and the site is starting to evolve. Unlike the majority of the readers the WTC were a part of my life . I passed through them on my way to work. I was in the building on the day in 93 when it was blown up.

There are people who think that this war on terror is a joke . My city was attacked
and 9-11 was not the first time. In fact it was not the first time Bin Ladden attacked that building. There were also plots and people arrested for trying to blow up the subways , bridges and tunnels.

On Nov 5 1990 Rabbi Meir Kahane was assassinated in Midtown Manhattan. The suspect was El Sayid Nossair an Egyptian . The assumption was it was the work of a deranged
lone gunman.The truth was that it was the beging of events that led to WTC 93.

Nossair was not a model citizen in his new land. There were two Police reports of Nossair being involved in crimes against women including a rape and an assault. If our country was functioning rationally nosier should have been taken into custody and deported. Staying in the United States is a privilege not a right. People who commit crimes should be deported and barred from returning. The wheels of justice did
not work because fellow members of the Mosque to which Nossair and the victims belonged to convinced the women to drop the charges.

His selection of lawyers was hardly surprising veteran agitator William Kunstler and Michael Warren. Warren may not be as well known to the readers outside NYC.

Laurie Mylroie The War Against America page 14 " Michael Warren was another of Nossairs lawyers . A black Muslim with close ties to Louis Farakhan's Nation of Islam
, Warren had been involved in the racially charged Tawana Brawley hoax, several years before. Accordind to investigative Journalist Robert Friedman Nossairs virulent anti-semitism was matched by that of Warren himself".

Apparently, Nossair's anti-semitism did not prevent him from selecting a good jooooo
Kunstler as an attorney. Kunstler was a well known far left wing radical. Kunstlers
rush to join this defense is more proof that leftists are inherntly seditious by nature and their statements and actions are only motivated by the cause.

" Michael Warren repeatedly charged that the Judge , Alvin Sclessinger , whowas Jewish was bought off by Zionist intrests and was colluding with Zionist interests.Nossairs supporters demonstrated outside the courtroom with placards proclaiming "We don't want a Jew Judge"." The presence of Kunstler was okay with them because leftists are good jooooos.


Jason_Pappas said...

I remember walking across the plaza of the World Trade Center to the Marriot Hotel nestled between the twin towers. I would walk through the hotel on my way home in Batter Park City. Just before the hotel, there was a small monument in the plaza over the spot where the 1993 WTC bombing took place. It was the size of a wishing well and it memorialized the seven who died during that attack.

I used to look at that memorial and think how people have forgotten what happened. I didn’t realize half the story.

As you note there were signs of the jihadist movement and the organization plotting 9/11 from early on. The Kahane murder, the ’93 attack, the plot from Manila to hijack planes, and the plots to blow up tunnels in NYC, were all connected. But people wanted to forget and turn their heads. Even our politically-correct law enforcement agencies would not connect the dots.

I remember everything you wrote – most Americans still don’t know the story.

Always On Watch said...

Something similar (in that nobody seemed to recognize the significance at the time) happened in the D.C. area back in 1991. I don't remember all the facts exactly, nor do I recall specific names.

During morning rush hour, a Pakistani (muslim, I'm pretty sure) started shooting at drivers entering the CIA satellite-complex. At the time, nobody mentioned the possibility of jihad. I think he was finally captured and arrested, maybe executed.

Not long ago, I heard that the 1991 attack on the CIA was the first jihad attack here on our home turf. Now I read of the Kahane killing, more muslim mayhem.

I used to think I was an informed and aware person. Now I learn that too many events were under "my radar."