Monday, May 30, 2005

Generational Envy in NYC

I am a life long NYC resident and people who do not live here think my descriptions
of events are satire. There really are hordes of hardcore Communists in and around the area of Union Square. Some call themselves progressives, greens or whatever the currently fashionable anarchist school is at the moment.

Republicans like myself call ourselves Marannoes in tribute to the Jews who hid durring the inquisition. The point is not hiding but living in peace with neighbors who quite frankly are political labotomies. A Republican has to endure stupidity on a
large scale. A typical example was the book Unfit For Command and the idiot critiques. Did you read this book ? Well no but..... Then read it and shut up .

Part of the problem is that local Liberals have fallen down on the job. The cadre of Leftist Utopians have pushed the dialouge so far to the left that a Rudy Republican like myself is considered a Right Wing extreemist. There are a few good liberals who see that the local left has gone off the deep end. Colaberating with leftist Utopians has twisted reality.

The anti- Israel rhetoric has crossed the line into outright anti-semitism. When you hear the words Zionist occupied Government or Zionist media anti semitism is evident.
When every stupid conpiracy theory contains Jews it is clear Anti-semitism is evident. When Mayor Bloomburg is called the evil Joooo mayor anti-semitism is evident. Even the leftist Radicals themselves conceede it in private.

In my generation we had a different type of Conservative. We were prepared to fight alone and in the trenches. The local extreemists were still singing the praises of Marx during the Contra Aid fights and as the wall fell. We were a mean tough lot because there weren't many of us. The leftist Utopians rarely ever encountered a dissenting liberal much less a conservative. They grew flabby and weak unchallenged
and they spoke ungaurded and were easily ripe for target practice.

However as I got older my instincts to mellow out got the best of me. It was easier to have peace then to slug it out with the leftist utopians. Then came 9-11 and I was a witness to the horror. 9-11 and the reaction of the leftist Utopians to the event changed me back into a fighter.

That Saturday after 9-11 NYC was a somber place. The smell of death hung heavily in the air. The estimate was 15,000 dead and all of us wondered who we knew that was gone. My Uncle who was a Holocaust survivor told me of the haunting smell of burning death and pure evil. I always thought he was nuts and exagerating. However I smelled that odor for weeks afterwards and it was pure evil. One did not get used to that horrid odor.

I have described this event and leftists including liberals do get upset. It would be nicer if they stepped away from the utopians. The event I witnessed is still a sore subject and the participants clam up in embarassment.

The leftist utopians gathered in a dazed city that Saturday and knifed America and my city in the back. They held a peace rally in Union Square Park and started to whine "why do they hate us". They started to blame Israel, Jews , Neocons, Likud, Fox News/ Corporate media as part of . They advanced a series of wacky conspiracy theories. They blamed everybody under the sun but the terrorists. That day changed me forever it was not enough to ignore the extreemists. If they stabbed America in the back amidst burning buildings they would stoop to anything. However to expect anything other then sedition from leftwing utopians is foolish. It would be nice if liberals woke up and stepped away from the traitors. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

I have to admire the younger generation as they band together and spoof the leftist utopians. Communists for Kerry and Protest Warriors have fun lampooning the worst of the extreemists. The use satire and have a blast but I am a product of my generation.
I have been trained in an era where conservatives did not band together. We were just
tougher and well prepared. I respect liberals but only the best of them readily step away from the commies.


Esther said...

Hearing how you've had to deal with liberals sounds a lot like Los Angeles. Good for you for finding a way to hang in there.

As for the scent of death post 9/ heart goes out to you, (my) Big Sister, my late uncle, my aunt and all the other New Yorkers who experienced that.

beakerkin said...

Esther I can not describe that odor of burning evil. I pray that you never smell that ever. I always
thought my Uncle was crazy and perhaps he was. He always spoke of the smell of death as a Holocaust

I changed on that Saturday Esther.
The days we could ignore the left are over. I will not take this anymore without saying my part.

Esther said...

And that's what will always set you apart from the rest. You're doing great. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

great post! I posted a reply and commentary on my blog.
Scott of Slant Point

Always On Watch said...

I gasped when I read your description of NYC just after 9/11: "...the haunting smell of burning death and pure evil." Then I read on and got angry: "The leftist utopians gathered in a dazed city that Saturday and knifed America and my city in the back...."

Yes, we all get busy with our lives, and most of us mellow as we get older (I know I did). But how can any human being not understand what horor 9/11 was? And still is! The same megalomaniacs want to perpetrate more of the same, and some so-called Americans excuse them. You're correct in calling such Americans "traitors."

As I've said before, I don't live in NYC; I'm down here in Virginia. But I want you to know that, from here to Texas (at least, where my best friend lives), we cried for NYC. In Texas (of all places!), pickup trucks had "I love NY bumper-stickers" on them.

What happened in NYC, here in Virginia, and in that field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, happened to all true Americans.

That last statement is not to take away from your very personal experience. But I want you to know that many of us, who do not live in NYC or near any other 9/11 site, grieved and continue to grieve for those we didn't personally know. And anyone who calls himself an "American" and, at the same time, doesn't understand that 9/11 is a turning point in history is a friend of the enemy. Liberals who do not step away from the leftist utopians do not have my respect; they have earned my contempt.

[Yes, this is a strongly worded comment, but I have intense convictions on this matter. The msm is worried about the reaction to the alleged desecration of some pages from a book and about "putting out the fire in the Arab world." I'm worried about my country.]

beakerkin said...

Always on the Watch

I saw the sailors from the Midwest
and they all said similar things to your comments. I learned a valuable lesson from going around
NYC with the sailors. Teamsters stopped striking and insisted on buying us sodas and thanked me.

People stopped their cars to thank the sailors. Even in NYC the only negative spot on the map was NYU and Union Square. I call it enemy occupied territory.

Jason said it best sometimes Teamstsers show more class and wisdom then spoiled NYU students.
I wanted to say it but Jason voiced
it better then I .

Frank said...

For me, being a liberal was about being a chameleon. Whatever sounded cool, snarky, counter-culture was grafted onto my lazy political ideology. That day destroyed it all, and I started a real search for values. What you said about New York is right. In general, I would say:

Every non-religious leftist is an expert on the evils of Judaism and Christianity while deaf and mute about extremist Islam and the wide support it enjoys.

Leftists use the word rape and nazi not to describe theocratic gay and woman killing feral hominids, but to describe the leader of the free world. The height of sick irony is that they don't see the hijackers as rapists when they ask what we did to make them hate us.

If they listened to Zell Miller and Ron Silver, they'd know what they did to make me hate them.

beakerkin said...


Welcome to the blog.

The plain fact is Leftist Utopians
know zero about Judaism or Christianity. Leftist Jews like Chomsky and Finkelstein do not practice the faith or have knowledge.

If you read the archives I used the Zinn model to attack Islam. The left howled Racism but I guess when the same exact technique is used by the left on Western Civ it is just fine.

MissingLink said...

"Even the leftist Radicals themselves conceede it in private."

But then they re-group behind their religious banners and start shriekieng the old slogans again.

What realy upsets me is the fact that the radicals were allowed to gaind almost full monopoly on media and education.
Especially higher education.

I am talking from Australian perspective but I can see that the situation looks similar in the US.

beakerkin said...


I have met several Jewish radicals that have stepped away. The number is not as great as I would like.

My friend Fran was a Radical up to years ago . She left due to the anti-semitism. Now she is a regular liberal.

The problem with radicals is they
do not understand how profoundly bigoted and arrogant they sound.
I had a major blowout with a radical I am friendly with. "Jesus was a Palestinian . Zionists get out of my temple. Zionist are pharisee.

I had a major fight over that speech. I gave the offender a history lesson.

9-11 changed me and I am a fighter again. The Leftist Utopians have gone too far. Knifing America while
we were down was the last straw.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

As a lifelong anti-leftist, I welcome you to the ranks, but you're on probation until we cranky conservatives verify you're not secretly a communist infilth-traitor ;-)

bum from jersey said...

hmm...sounds like the battle lines are being drawn and everyone has to take a side. i think i am gonna sit this one out :)

Jason_Pappas said...

Ah, yes, Union Square. Leftists do call themselves Green but they are also known as Watermelons – green on the outside and red on the inside.

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish

I am a life long anti-communist and a fervent Cold Warrior and anti
leftist utopian. My problem with liberals is they make common cause with people who are seditious.

Bum From Jersey

9-11 changed me and I was content to let things slide. That protest
that Saturday was the final straw
and the RNC temper tantrum.

It is okay to sit on the sidelines.
I am content to be at the front .Sit back and enjoy.

Robert Lindsay said...

Death to Israel!

beakerkin said...

My Lindsay

Please feel free to join Hamas or any other group of your choice. Let me know when you are man enough to act. Kindly let me know
where you are in the West Bank. I will make a special trip to take out the trash.

What size toe tag fits you.