Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Is it time for a Conservative Blog Summit

I have been seriously thinking about a conservative blog summit. We need to think about holding an open house.We can even call it the Conservative Blog Lodge. This would raise the profile of the smaller blogs. It would naturaly be targeted by the left. Yet any leftist brave enough to venture into a conservative forum should be respected.

I have plenty of blog share chips for advertising. It would expose my readers to Kajando. Kajandos readers would see Liberty and Culture etc.

I would like the feed back from my fellow conservatives.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I'm not much of a joiner, unless I'm promised fresh meat for my leftist torture device, er, blog.

beakerkin said...

Such a gathering would provide plenty of opposition . The thread below is mild.Kafkaesq is a gentleman. We can get all kinds of leftists . They would be venturing into the Lions Den.

kajando said...

Bring it on, anything to make the left angrier, I mean energized. As in "we must energize our base" (translation: scare old people, and minorities)

Have you caught the new "N" word coming from the left. Teddy K now calls black people who disagree with his politics "neanderthals"

Warren said...

How do we set it up?

Should we each pick one of the left's pet pigs... er.. sacred cows, and proceed to butcher and devour it?

beakerkin said...

No I think we can set it up on Citzcom . Each of us sets up a short post about out blog. It is linked at the site. I use my chips
for blogshare ads to promote the site.

At the top is an open thread. The left seeing a group of gather would crash the party. Remember everyone wants to be the toughest gun in the west.

20 conservative blogs participating could draw every troll and then some. I know we have about five. I think we can talk Adam in. Kajando may know a few good ones. Big Bubba will probably go for it.

A conservative driving range.

Drew said...

alright Beeker, you nutter. Your attempt to have me blocked from FPM was successful. Congratulations: your conservative adherence to free speech shines. But now: just admit that you were merely trying to silence someone who disagreed with you, since my comments aside from responding to your childishness were directly addressed to the matter of the article topic. I scarcely think a grown man or young man is offended by the anti-semitic conspiracy theory of ZOG mentioned in passing, nor offended by the word 'penile.'

beakerkin said...

Excuse me Drew FPM has strict rules
and your use of ZOG offended Jews and non Jews. Maybe you think it is funny but I don't

The term Zog is used by fringe lunatic groups of the left and the right. On FPM I could not respond to your slurs .

You are an infintile little cur and the product of poor breeding.
The things I pass when I go to the
bathroom have more wisdom then you.

Feel free to post whatever you wish
but as an eye witness to 9-11 and a
survivor of WTC 93 I do not find ZOG to be humorous. Ever see people
falling from buildings or worse have to run in a human tidal wave.

We do not suffer fools wisely here.
Come back with better material or cry me a river.

Do come back again .

Drew said...

Oh, give it a rest. My mention of zog was exactly as involved as your above post. You know damn well, i did not endorse the idea or any such thing whatsoever,a nd you are merely trying to keep up some nonsense veneer of reprovement. I have friends who died in the WTC so don't try that hooey on me. As above, all you do is to bait and insult in lieu of coherent thought.

No, mentioning ZOG in passing is not offensive -- did it even occur to you that i might be jewish? Of course not. Whats the point in doing something that won't give you another option to catharsis by berating another.

Warren said...

So, go do what the other trolls do, change your Email addy, clear your cookies and pretend you're someone else.

And, if your a Jew, give us your name, rank and Neocon number!


beakerkin said...


I will use small words as you are slow of mind . ZOG is a word used only by extreemists and not remotely funny.

People who think them nasty Jooooos
blew up the WTC use that term. What is your story Redneck, Commie,
Garden variety bigot or plain asshole.The use of that term gets my attention.

Now as far as being against freedom of speech why is your blog
closed to the public ? Is it because you are a skin head ? Consider yourself lucky as the term ZOG as seen by my readers and friends is an invitation to a case of Cyber whup ass.

Take your brand of bigotry and go visit the Recidvist or Simon Jones.
They appreciate your uncooth illbred kind .

Another thing the gay cracks don't go over with the Recidivist. He may be lenient if you talk about killing some Joooooos.Try your luck there.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass as you leave. Have a good day and if I said anything that hurt your feelings I meant it.

beakerkin said...


This guy is too stupid to be a neocon. Seriously he does not know
why the term ZOG makes my blood boil.

Drew said...

It is not I who was a 'troll' ( a term whose use is indicative of excessive blog/msg board occupation ). I, in fact, was making a point about the article at hand and horowitz in general. Its the so called conservatives who wanted to call people idiot and get people banned for fallacious reasons.

I recall a few years ago Horowitz wrote a piece for Salon.com critiquing liberals on the basis that he was insulted, ignored or banned from a liberal chat forum. I wonder how your great strong hero would view the Beeker's rather taste-blind activity.

Drew said...

Nonsense. The term Zionist Occupied Governement is an ideological aberration espoused by a handful of nutcases. I simply don't believe you believe your own horseshit. If you will recall, I used the term ZOG whilst mentioning white nationalist websites, so your assertion that the term was thrown around is frivolous, but you know that anyway, and are unable to address the matter honestly now, as you were unable to do at the time.

If my site is closed, it is because that is the default value set my blogspot. There is nothing there.

beakerkin said...


Read above our official blog troll
is the Viper . We can always use an extra one or two . However Big Bubba is looking for a troll.

You can only rise to assistant troll here. You can dodge all you like but the use of the term ZOG
got you tossed.

Drew said...

Because you feigned shock and awe. It is YOU who are the 'troll' if anyone. All you do is bait and slander . . .

beakerkin said...

Excuse me you used the term ZOG to refer to our government. Roberta looked at the matter objectively.

Your depiction of closed and empty
refers to your head . You could email Roberta with your complaint.

Why should I employ you as a troll ?

beakerkin said...

Drew I have to quote a great visitor. Redbeard " One can not be a troll on his own Blog".

Why don't you admit you screwed up
got caught ? That would take a man but you are a whiny one.

Drew said...

Uh, no, actually the whole post made reference to white nationalist web sites as repositories of looniness. I was not 'caught' doing anything you loon. Mentioning ZOG as an example is no more offensive than mentioning Apartheid or the crusades.

Anyway, I will gladly email Roberta. how do I do so?