Friday, May 20, 2005

Why do Liberal talk about books and authors they have not read

I do admit to interacting with Liberal bloggers and with one exception they are all
great people. The person with the IQ of 167 is the exception as he is brain dead and
pathologicaly bigoted and incapable of defending his posts. I have alot of respect for Kafkaesq and B of Moral Authority. Rob of Dirty Liberal Words just has the best sense of humor on the net. The Chemist,JRH and AC Patriot are good guys who are a bit
angry at times. Still they are good blog hosts and that is our most important Job.

The Chemist has put up at least three posts about David Horowitz on his blog under Paranoid Conservatives. I asked him how many David Horowitz books he has read. The response was zero. He asked me how many Michael Moore books I read the response was one but I do not post on Moore. Moore is not a liberal and left Mother Jones because
he was too radical for them. Moore is a Far left anti-capitalist nostalgic for the good old days of Marx. He is an intellectual lightweight and best described as Groucho Marxist.

The fact that the Chemist read zero books did not deter him from posting on the subject. I have read six of his books and scores of articles . I have exchanged emails with David Horowitz. I do not blog on Horowitz often except to say his writing influenced me. The writer that was most influential was Eric Breindel.However if I post on Breindel only Jason and Pam know who he is. There should be a site dedicated to Breindel.

Another book liberals love to discuss but have not read is Unfit for Command.I have asked the Liberal critics did you read the book.Well.......How did you know what was in the book if you did not read the book .But none of the guys that testified were in the boat. Wrong Steve Gardner spent more time with Kerry then any other crewmate.
"He is disgruntled". What about the second half of the book about his activities as a protester ? " You conservatives will never forgive .... Typical liberal will tell
a person about a book he has not read.

I will print my favorite snippet about LT Ted Peck . Peck knew a jerk when he saw one. pg41
"But in Kerry's own unit Coastal div 14,his attempt to gain an award through fraud marked him as someone who could not be trusted. When Kerry was dispatched to An Thoi
with LT Ted Peck ,Peck told him "Kerry follow me no closer than a 1000 yards . If you get any closer I will show you what a real Purple Heart is."
pg43 "..Peck remembers Kerry's constant gripping about the transfer. In Tour of Duty
Brinkley writes that both Kerry and Peck were opposed to this assignment. Following Kerry's account Brinkley qoutes Peck telling his men,"Thereis no way I was leaving Cam Rahn Bay Voluntarily to go up the rivers. That was a suicide mission. ....Peck remembered Kerry distinctly objecting saying he did not volunteer for the war that was occuring in Nam Can and U Minh forests. Peck believed that Kerry did not belong in the Navy. In Brinkley's account the one guy who got his ire up the quickest was John Kerry, who he found standoffish and condescending. "I didn't like nothing about him" Peck proclaimed "Nothing". For his part Kerry liked Peck and decades later recalled none of this supposed animosity between them.

According to Peck,it was simply easier to get Kerry out of Ann Thoi then to lisen to his constant bellyaching about how he had not voluntered for this kind of danger. Better to just get rid of Kerry and let him be somebody else's problem/

William Franke echoes Pecks explanation of why Kerry was so quickly transered out of An Thoi:
Kerry vigorously protested being transfered to An Thoi arguing that he voluntered for coastal patrol and not for the more hazardous duty of missions within the inland waterways. Indeed his objections were so strong that upon his first assignment to An Thoi he was transfered out in a week"

This is my favorite Kerry Story pg 94-95
" The real home coming that most Swiftees will never forget occured at St Albans Naval Hospital in early 04/69 where Peck the commander of PCF94 lay recovering from wounds he suffered on 01/29/69. Peck was horrified to learn that PCF 94 and his crew was turned over to Kerry after he had been wounded . He thought "How can the Navy do this to me after all I've suffered.

Still in pain and suffering from his wounds, Peck was stunned to see a well groomed Kerry pop into his room compette in dress whites and attache cord. " Kerry you son of a Bitch" Peck Said " What are you doing here ? You were there a couple of months"

Kerry replied (lying about his own request to come home) "Tedd the Navy decided it was time for me to come home" Kerry explained he was visiting the wounded as an Admiral's aide.

Within a short time ,Kerry sought to recruit Peck for the VVAW, which Kerry described as a group he had oganized. Peck dumbfoundedasked Kerry "John how can you do this? All of our guys are still over there in Vietnam.

Kerry had no answer.

We have never been give any more of a real answer from Kerry then the one Ted Peck recieved while lying in his hospital bed."

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Why do Liberal talk about books and authors they have not read?

because if they read them, they wouldn't be liberals anymore ;-D

Hey Beaker Man.............

Always On Watch said...

Good one!

Conservatives get plenty of practice in reading the other side because the public school curriculum largely focus on reading and discussing liberal books and articles. As a senior-high teacher in the private sector, I present mostly conservative material, which is in line with what the students have already been exposed to, at home or in previous classes. It's interesting to see what happens when I have my students read the other side or when the occasional liberal student enrolls. Discussions can become quite heated.
Policy debates are also useful in this regard,i.e., conservative students learn not to argue with liberals before first knowing the liberal position.

beakerkin said...

I am saving the best for Last Coulter. Coulter is Demonized over
every single word. The problem may be dislexia

Here is the reading test snipet from 167
"But on the subject of Iraq and the whole fascist Judea- American
neocon war on terror fraud "

Conservatives see this as antisemitic and ant american

Liberal 1 Not anti-semitic but the author is a moron
Liberal 2 No comment
Liberal 3 Anti Zionism is not Anti

Jason_Pappas said...

I was just reading Breindel's Passion for Truth. It brings back so many memories of New York over the last 25 years. I miss the guy even more. He was clear and passionate ... and right on!

He was also great on the Vernona tapes. Some leftists have thrown in the towel and now accept that the vast majority of those accused of being Communists in the 50s were indeed Communists and the Communists were active in helping the enemy. But Eric shows how some just can't face the reality given the mountain of evidence. He's right - they are like the Flat Earth Society.

But even the other day, the New York Sun was talking about some leftist who proudly said "so-and-so was accused of being a Communist" as if this was a badge of honor. The Sun noticed that the left no longer adds "falsely" before accused. Interesting?

beakerkin said...


Where did you find Breindel ? He is sadly forgotten by all outside of NYC. His Kristalnacht in Brooklyn shook the city. It was considered a taboo to call the event a pogrom . It was the subject
of talk radio for days.

Most Communists call themselves Greens , Proressive or Anarchists.
The other day 167 claimed that the
Soviet and Terrorist threat is exagerated. 100,000,000 million dead beg to differ. The world wide victims of terrorism also differ.

bum from jersey said...

I agree with you here. I enjoy reading books from both sides of the aisle and often what you hear in the media about what the book is about its really not what its about (I hope that made sense). Anyway, chemist was wrong to comment on something he hadn't read. By doing so, him and many others miss out on what the true point the author is driving at and most of the time (except in Ann Coulter's case) their opinion is not that much different from the authors.

beakerkin said...


If you get a chance read Diamonds Collapse. It is the most under rated book in years. His refutation of the Noble Savage was worth the price alone.

His point was that indigenous people were more like us then we assume.