Monday, May 16, 2005

Temporarary Change

Due to spam we will change the comments to blogger. This is not an attempt to silence annyone we like trolls . Spam sucks and in a day or so we should be able to change back . It is curious that the spam is aimed at one post.


Always On Watch said...

Guess one or more parties doesn't like seeing the truth put up for public display. Pathetic, really.

beakerkin said...

I think the problem should clear up in a day or so.

beakerkin said...

Lets try againg

Elijah said...

hope you didnt take my comment on your last post personally, it wasnt meant that way.

beakerkin said...

Of course not Elijah I agree with you. I do not like gay bashing and
we make a big deal over it.

There seems to be a direct relation between Communism and famine. This is famine by design and social policy.

This is PC but to fix Africa economicaly we first have to deal with political stability. Then we
have to eliminate the acceptence of corruption. Lastly we have to have more capitalism .

Elijah said...

In Africa that seems an impossibilty. But maybe that is defeatist.

Esther said...

beakerkin, I think you're right on target on what to do about Africa.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours seems great! I can totally relate to your "about me" section. And sorry you've had such troll issues. That bites.

Morris said...

Sorry you are having problems.

Ask Morris

beakerkin said...

Esther,thanks for visiting my blog.
The trolls are entertainment
for the blog. I started out doing
comedy when some lunatic from the UK started up.

The Conservatives on this blog took apart the trolls. It helps that they are all fairly stupid.

The most comedic monent occured when a liberal compared the Palestinians to Native Americans.
He did not realize that a regular
reader Warren is a Native American.

People who try to minimize the Holocaust are sick. This is not normal anti Israel leftism but a pathology


Welcome to the blog we use the trolls for comedic fodder and grade them. They scream a slogam or two and run.

Esther said...

LOL! Well, that's good. Hope Warren gave the person a serious whack. And I agree -- it totally peeves me bigtime when people use rhetoric that minimalizes the Holocaust, whether they realize it or not. I slamed Streisand for it recently on my blog. SHE should have known better but her heads so turned to the left she's lost her mind. said...

You have been deflowered! Once you've been trolled, you're truly one of us!
Welcome baby welcome

beakerkin said...

Esther and Atlas :I am going to try and get Simon Jones a vicious
anti - semite to come here. If I am susessful please change the comments to anonymous. I do not want his minions following you back
to your blog.

Jones has articles claiming Jews are responsible for polution and alienation. His articles also run around making the claim that Jews
percieve gentiles as the enemy.

His more barbaric material can be found in the anti- semitic site
Jewish Tribal review. Selected gems are Gays are the chosen people
and only one million Jews dies in the Holocaust. Holocaust minimization is a sickness.

Striesand is a distant relative her
maternal great grandmother and mine
were sisters in Lvov. Her insanity
is not genetic I hope. said...

This may sound odd but it is true

no no not odd at all, but animals can elect a a government of animals, raping- pillaging- well you get the picture
they need a Constitutional Republic
ba da bing!
nevuh gonna happen

Neptune said...

It has been a well known fact, for centuries, that the most virulent anti-Semites are Jews who have rejected the Faith and become Atheists or Agnostics.
This phenomenom is also true of Christians who have converted to Atheism. The most rabid critics of the Catholic Church are Atheists whose parents or grandparents were Catholic. The same is true of Atheists who were raised as Baptists, Lutherans, etc. It seems to be some sort of cathargic process that they undergo.
All Jews or Christians who are non-religious are not anti-Semitic or anti-Christian, but it seems to be a common denominator among the radical leftwingers, especially the Hollywood fruitcakes and the leftwing media.
Jews, like Barbara Streisand are not true Jews, they are Atheists.
I know that genetically they are descended from Jewish ancestors, but they are not true Jews, in my opinion.
For example; My father's family immigrated to Virginia from Scotland. They were Presbyterian. I still attend a local Presbyterian Church, occasionally.
If I converted to Atheism, I would still be of Scottish descent, but I wouldn't be a Presbyterian.

The attitude of many of the leftwing radicals, strikes me as bordering on insanity. They visciously criticize conservative Jews and Christians as being intolerant. They accuse religious conservatives of being anti-Gay and anti-Women, etc. They say that religious conservatives are trying to impose their religious beliefs on the country and violating the separation of Church and State. Yet they make excuses for the Islamic extremists. who execute Homosexuals and treat Women like property and openly advocate imposing an Islamic Theocracy on the World.

I agree in principal with your free exchange of ideas policy, and I applaud your intellectual integrety, however, I think that you will find that a totally unregulated forum is impractical.
Some Trolls, like Weasel, Profpike, Liberal Professor, etc. are harmless and provide comic relief.( They make excellent foils for Bubbaesque barbs. )
Other Trolls are far more destructive. The sole purpose of some Trolls is to be as disruptive as possible and they can destroy a thread and make it all but impossible for legitimate posters to engange in a coherent dialogue.

Warren said...

Neptune said...
Other Trolls are far more destructive. The sole purpose of some Trolls is to be as disruptive as possible and they can destroy a thread and make it all but impossible for legitimate posters to engange in a coherent dialogue.

Ve have our vays of dealink vith trolls!

[sinister] BWA Ha Ha Ha Ha [/sinister]

beakerkin said...

Warren our friend from the UK is now obsessed with Richard Poe. Poe is laughing at his 80 plus word sentences.

Warren said...

I doubt that 167 can understand Mr Poe! As a matter of fact, I know he can't.

He doesn't seem to understand much of anything.

The things he says show he is totally out of his depth.

beakerkin said...

I exchange emails with a variety of writers including Mr Poe. Poe was quite amused and enjoys being called a Neocon. I think he is confusing Plaut and Poe again.

I have sent Crank Dot Net his friend Simon Jones web site. Jones
could be a certified crank.

Esther said...

Wow. I admire your charge-and-get-'em attitude!

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