Friday, May 06, 2005

Here we Go again the Recidoofus is at it again

In his never ending work of fiction that he calls a blog the man with a 167 IQ has proclaimed me homophobic and fascist. What he bases these accusations on is a mystery.
Am I the person who post links to sites directly linked to David Irving a notorious Holocaust denier. Do I feel the need to minimize the Holocaust ? The use of a site prominently linked to David Irving was done by the Recidoofus himself. He likes to comment on this site but denies the opportunity to others. This is typical of Communists and far left types. The Recididoofus is fond of Norman Finkelstein and Joel Kovel ( Goood Joooos who know their place) who are commies but now use the term
green to mask their radical left affiliations.

The Recididummy also posted a link to an article by Simon Jones . Please visit the site judge for yourself. and read the second post we are all Jews now. The post claims that all Jews perceive gentiles as the enemy. That
Americans are defacto cultural jooooos. Jews created pollution and alienation both of which predate Jews. Look in the comment section and who praises this Anti Jewish diatribe , the man with a 167 IQ. I have broken the Jones post down in sections but please review it in its current form.

The Recididope writes " I wonder what editorial Liberties the homophobic neocon will
take with all the other homophobic killings he has chosen to edit out of existence."

ABC News is hardly a right wing source in any description. The Sheppard case was a brutal crime but he was not killed for his sexuality . There are reports that Sheppard and Mckinney Knew each other and that Mckinney was bisexual. These reports are also listed in ABC. repeat that with 2, 3 and 4.

"Displaying a strong aversion to Homosexual sex was a tactic McKinney tried at his trial. His lawyers developed a so called " gay panic defense " claiming the homosexual abuse McKinney had suffered as a child caused him to over react to a sexual advance by Sheppard and triggered the violent attack "

The media jumped on this story because it was a brutal crime. It played into their stereotype fantasy of gay persecution in small town USA. The only problem was it was not true. Sheppard was murdered because McKinney needed drugs. The lawyers gamble that this tactic might work in conservative Wyoming failed as the jury redered a guilty verdict.

The next part becomes comical because some one who made the odd claim that more Gay men are killed in the US then in the entire UK. We did go to the FBI statistics and report that only six such cimes were listed in the USA and 150 were reported in London. He reports that there were 23 such crimes in NYC alone and that the FBI statistics are compiled for 45 states and DC. Well if this is a problem then the Gay Community should push for those crimes to be recognized.

Now we come to reading comprehension which we know is not the strong point of the Recidivist who has an IQ of 167. The Number he provides is listed by Motivated by Sexual Orientation is accurate. However sexual orientation does not include gaymen alone it includes bisexuals,lesbians and a few crimes against heterosexuals he is not capable of reading numbers he reports are

Motivated by sexual orientation 1347 Anti-Semitism 1236

If he were capable of basic reading the numbers were gay men 910 and anti- semitism 1236 . The persecution of lesbians,bisexuals and heterosexuals are in his numbers.
This proves once and for all that he is illerate. My post was not about the persecution of lesbians, bisexuals or heterosexuals.Thus he misread both the original
post spanking the Recidivist 3 and a simple compilation of numbers.

"Is it really to awful for him to contemplate that there are other minorities that are subject to more hatred than his own Jewish minority ."

First of all the Recidivist has posted absurd stories about Gay men fleeing the United States in droves . He provides no links or statistics to his claims as with his claim that more gay men are killed in the US then the total number of people killed in the UK.

Now we can't accuse the Recidummy of fantasy. He neglects to mention that Gays are imprisoned in virtually every Muslim country and sentenced to death in a few . He also fails to report persecution of Gays in Cuba and Zimbabwe. A good leftwing extremist always thinks of the cause first even when his own group is concerned.

What does he base this new found bizarre claim that I am homophobic on. I am a Rudy Republican and my stances on Civil Unions are well known. The truth is I do not care what anyone does in their bedroom . It is not my concern or business who sleeps with
whom. The subject of what age school children should be taught about this subject is a legitimate issue. In NYC it is being done in the second grade and that is way too
early. He never provides quotes for his claims we do.

Why does he call Warren a Mormon as an insult. Warren is not a Mormon and is a Native American. What is wrong with being a Mormon ? I have a couple of friends who are Mormons and they are great people. Will the Recidope have the courage to repeat that slur when my friend Samwitch arrives.

How does a person who doesn't read my blog provide such intense coverage. How does this same person comment in several posts if he doesn't read them. Not only does he
comment on them sometimes he posts as the Low Loader.


Anonymous said...

The fascist pig rants again.

BigBubba said...

I am in a friend's "Jew culture" hook, line and sinker. No, it's not competitive bass fishing. I spend a lot of money supporting his culture. I don't think he is one of the twelve Jewish Bankers in charge of the world, however, he frequently changes pictures on the wall of his office of him and George W., or him and George H.W., or him and both. That's my story and I'm sticking to it and his "Jew culture." I can't be more specific because I love the guy and would never identify him. Oh, did I mention he had the good sense to graduate from Texas A&M. You know what they call Aggies here in Texas? Boss.

BigBubba said...

Harass Mormons? Heaven forbid. Refuse admission to dumwich unless he is wearing his magic garmies. Send him on over to see me.

BigBubba said...

That nasty case of brain flatulence is going to short circuit your already limited intellect 'anonymous.'

Warren said...

Dear little girlie troll,
Your services are no longer required.

As your software is obsolete, (little girlie troll version 1.67); We have decided to upgrade to, (manley TROLL, version 135.01).

Gather your personal belongings and be prepared for Blog Security to escort you from the premises. You will be required to turn in your troll badge and tin foil hat at the receptionists desk upon your departure.

Please note: Any violations of your TOE contract, (terms of employment), regarding the post employment conditions, (i e trade secrets), will be met with civil prosecution.

Have a nice day!

Warren said...

Big Bubba,
His skivies aren't Holy, they're holey!

beakerkin said...


I know you are the annonymous troll
but you have been fired . Drew is a manly troll with talent. We like
our trolls to exhibit courage and talent. You have neither quality
at all. Drew is now the official troll of this blog. You are fired.

Anonymous said...

You know nothing you bloated old windbag.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Screw all this political correctness crap.

Homosexuals are not a ethnic group. There are people of all shapes, colors, and sizes that for unknown reasons enjoy licking petrified fecal matter off of each other's genitalia.

The question is whether homosexuals are born (birth defects) or choose their path (psychological illness).

These people want to be defined by their behavior, and yet also want to object when their behavior is defined.

"Hi, I'm Biff and I like to put my penis in other people's rectums and churn excrement and blood around my pubic region for fun. No, don't run! I'm normal! Normal! Respect my biologically incoherent sexual fetish you homophobe!"

Get off your cross, Mary. Someone needs the wood.

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish

I agree with you that homosexuals
do not constitute an ethic group.
It is a peference that is not mine
but the obvious point is who cares.
It isn't my business who does what to whom . The point is why do we need to know at all.Nobody knows what my orientation is unless I draw attention to it.

I am glad the Recididoofus is happy about his orientation. Unfortunately, he is brain impaired and illucid regardless of his orientation. How a gay man takes pride in his identity and makes a group his cause celere that
kills Gays is incomprehensible ? The PA persecutes and kills Gays as

beakerkin said...


Why don't you be a man and post under your name. Are you afraid of being smacked around by me or Warren. You have been fired as the chief troll of this blog.Drew is the official troll.We have standards even for trolls

Anonymous said...

Smacked around by a couple of wasters like you two? A couple of brainless fascist gimps like you two can't even slap your way out of a paper bag - even if you combine your efforts.

beakerkin said...


Show some courage and the game of pretending the Revididoofus is anything other then a bigot is over. Unlike the doofus I have taken his assinine bloviations apart and backed put them into context,

You are a moron extroidinaire if you can not see the level of bigotry. You can cry and whine but I know it is you and the game is over.

Remember I am a gentleman and will
not attack in other forums . So by all means do continue to post in them. The book on the Recidivist is closed with the Simon Jones post we are all JOOOOS. Even Kafkaesq will not touch that. You can cry witchunt and facist all day.The new term is homophobe is more desperation by a fading whimp.
You demanded quotes and I gave them to you.

The game is over.

The Recidivist lost.

Warren said...

anonymass whimpered..."Smacked around by a couple of wasters like you two?" Sobbing inconsolably and rubbing his eyes, he then said, "A couple of brainless fascist gimps like you two can't even slap your way out of a paper bag", backed away " - even if you combine your efforts.", then turned and ran for the exit.

Looking over his shoulder, anonymass, then ran into the door jam and landed on his butt!

Curtain comes down.
(end scene 167)

Bravo, Bravo!

Hey, is it me or does the phrase "drama queen", come to anyone else's mind?

kafkaesq said...

Wow, you guys really need a hobby or two. This is really sad schoolyard stuff:

Anonymous: You're a poopie face!
Beaker: No I'm not, you are.
Warren: Yes, anon is a big fat dummy!
Mr. Beamish: (slightly confused) Gays are evil, I hate gays!
Anonymous: I'm smarter than you!
Beaker: No you're not.
Warren: I'm witty!

...and so it goes.

beakerkin said...


This is a running battle between this blog and the Recididork. I notice that you picked up on the running conflict between this blog
and the Recidivist.

Note 1 Nobody is censored here unlike the other blog.
Note 2 I treat visitors with the respect they show when visiting this blog.
Note 3 You do mention Mr Beamish's
quote an isolated one. You do not
mention repeated quotes from the Recidivist at Holocaust minimization and the Simon Jones
Post. Do you want to tell me this man does not have a problem ? While
you tell me there is no problem with Jews on the left others percieve it quite differently.
Note 4 What Beamish said was no where close to calling the Pope a murder, Claiming Jews stole the Holocaust , Using Mormon as a curse
word and this fantasy the gays are being killed in the US in large numbers.

I have always praised you as rational . The word game that the left as typified by the Recidivist
does is switch Jew for Zionist. This type of mentality can be found
at any peace protest. If you do not believe me wear a yarmulke to a
major peace protest. You will be amazed at what you hear. This is not to complain that liberals like yourself are anti-semites. However
people like yourself have turned a blind eye.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I don't hate gays. Nor do I think they are evil. I just hope that someday there is a cure for what causes homosexuality in the womb.

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish

Here is the Homosexual paradox in a concise form. Axiom 1 we were born this way. Okay if it is a genetic condition lets cure it or at least offer a cure to those who want it

Axiom 2 We are normal with another
preferece. Fine , then take responsibility for your behavior.

I prefer axiom number 2 as this leaves less room for hostility. The problem is that the two are exclusive. If a genetic tie were found for homosexuality problems
arise. I am sure the Recididumy would not want kids aborted if it was found that they were likely to
be gay.