Friday, May 27, 2005

Blog Policy Alert

I will no longer accept annonymous posts with no name. You do have a right to free speach here. If you wish to be heard kindly give yourself a name. You should register with blogger it is free and you do not have to maintain an account.

This latest idiot follows people around from regular Ron. He fears persecution by conservatives and is a fan of Lynne Stewart. 3000 Americans did not get incinerated by Rush Limbaugh listeners.They were savagely murdered by people who claimed to act in the name of Islam. The WTC may mean nothing to you but I passed through it daily.
All of the people who died were ordinary people minding their business except five
evil Muslim extreemists.

The failure of American Muslims and Leftist Utopians tells us all we need to know. We
were fed a diet of excuses , conspiracies and lies from the usual suspects. The day
that states could hide behind shadowy groups are over. Israel, India, Russia and the Philipines have been fighting the war on terror. The USA took almost 25 years of agression before they put troops of the ground.

The Islamic supermen thought the US was a paper tiger. Nobody is talking about paper
tigers. Saddam had a lengthy history of unprovoked agression , butchering his own people and paying off terrorists such as Abu Nidal, and Abu Abass. He gets zero sympathy from me. All of those crying about Iraq the key is the development of the Army each and every day we get closer to returning our troops.


Neptune said...

Your points about the Leftist duplicity are right on target. I remember very well that for years, the Muslim countries jeered that the USA was a Paper Tiger. Now that the U.S. has finally flexed it's muscles, the Lefties are calling us a bully, picking on those poor innocent Muslims.

Regarding Pest Posts :
I only frequent a few chat forums. I only log onto FPM when I'm in between projects and I occasionally drop into a forum operated by Kansas.Com for the Wichita Eagle and I check out your Blog and Bubba's, maybe a couple of others. That's about it.
However, I have a friend who is a longtime Blogger and browses dozens of forums.
My friend told me that some of the hardcore Leftwing sites encourage their members to post at sites like FPM, in order to disrupt them and interrupt the flow of dialogue.
You can see this happening at FPM.
Everyday, about a half-dozen or so trolls show up. They never make a cojent post or make a valid opinion statement. They either just parrot something from a Leftwing site and give a link or they just attack the opinion of legitimate posters.
Horowitz should take a clue from Kansas.Com.
Every member has a profile. Just like with BlogSpot, you can put as much or as little info as you want, in your member profile.
However, if you click on a member's profile, it lists all of the screen names for that I.P. number and all of the previous screen names, if a member changes his/her screen name.
Believe it or not, this acts as a deterrant to trolls.
It let's other members check out a poster and find out what other screen names they use.
If you want to check out the Wichita Eagle forum, just google Wichita Eagle and go to their Discussion forum. It has a couple of other innovations that I think you will like.
For example : the latest reply to a post, automatically moves the original post to the top of the page. I like that feature.
I'm going to suggest to Bubba, that he check it out.
Oh well. That's my two cents ( Shekels ) worth.

beakerkin said...


You are always welcome here. My problem is not free speech but duplicity. Say whatever one likes just use a blogger account or a name.

I am aware of the Hard left attempt to disrupt places like FPM.

Robert Bayn said...

I hate when people leave annoyomous comments, only because they usually leave moronic, or really just cheap shots at the blogger (had that happen).

As far as war, i was for the war in afghnastan, i will always defend america has a right to defend its self (i'm a lefy looney). However i was against the Iraq war and too a point still am. However if indeed history writes that Iraq brings freedom and democracry to that region i may be wrong on Iraq, i have no problem admitting when i'm wrong, the only question is, are the people on the other side willing to do the same, if history proves they were wrong.

Robert Bayn said...

Hope you don't mind, but i added a link to your blog from mine. Although most my readers are Libreals, i think its important both sides are heard, and i think you offer some good valid points.

Esther said...

robert, you seem like a cool and fair dude. Well done. :) beakerkin, great post, as always. I'm sick of people thinking we're a paper tiger. But then again, we were for way too long. But now they know differently, don't they.

Always On Watch said...

Anonymous whining/ranting and using hit-and-run tactics provide an important clue to the character of the commenter. An exchange of ideas is an entirely different matter and is one of the purposes of a blog.

Anyone who is a fan of Lynne Stewart has a serious problem. I'm all for the Consitutional right to an accused's having a defense attorney, but when that attorney starts passing information to anarchist, she has crossed the line.

So many warning events occurred prior to 9/11: Beirut, CIA shootings in VA, USS Cole, Mogadishu, etc. Even the first WTC bombing didn't sound an alarm to the general public (I admit that I didn't know much about it--I don't live in NYC), and didn't alert our government, at least not to an effective extent. Paper tiger, indeed. As little as I knew before 9/11, when the second plane flew into the WTC, I immediately and intuitively knew who had struck. It took me a few months of research to understand why because one had to dig out the information. My regular work came to a virtual standstill, but I uncovered the truth.

The events of 9/11 could not be ignored, but msm and Leftist Utopian spin are rampant now. And I'm concerned that some have forgotten that day, specifically, who murdered Americans that day on our home soil and what ideology started this entire mess.

Last March, Mahdi Obeidi, author of "The Bomb in My Garden," said in a speech which I attended [I'm paraphrasing here], "All the Middle East hates Iraq. They don't want a democracy there. Freedom is the cure for terrorism." The larger question: Will Islam allow freedom? said...

Beak, You've been memed!

beakerkin said...

Guy you have read my adventures with the fleet . Can you guys send a good greeting to the men of the USS Carr

Apparently young people understand
80's humor. I told them in the 23
street area the only navy men and cops that the locals like are in the Village people . Everyone was laughing about how Big Beak gets by the bouncers and into the clubs. What hot 20 year olds want to do with this old man would kill me. I declined and told the women to support the heros and not the zero.