Tuesday, May 10, 2005

More Briendel Courage and Fire,

Breindel was not affraid to be honest in his assesment of what he observed. Thus politicians who were former Communists were questioned but never answered. The ties
of Council woman Mirriam Friedlander, Senator Metzenbaum and Representative Crockett
were reported. Friedlander never said if or when she left the ranks of the Communists. Metzenbaum was tied to documented front groups the National Lawyers Guild,Ohio School of Social Science and Progressive Citizens of Cleveland.

However no use of language was more controversial then his description of the Crown Heights riot as a Pogrom. His column Kristalnacht in Brooklyn upset plenty of people and woke others up. The view of many was that only whites commit heinous acts of racial bias such as the Yussef Hawkins and Howard Beach cases. Yet we had a mob kill
two people Yankel Rosenbaum was the most famous.The second one was an Italian man with a beard who was mistaken for a Jew. I looked for his name on the internet but could not locate it. For 72 hours this violence continued before NYPD ended the riot.
In the end only one person was charged with Rosenbaums murder as opposed to the groups tried in Howard Beach and Bensonhurst. Years later a second man would be tried for his role in inciting the riot Charles Price.
A summation of Crown Heights http://www.ex-iwp.org/docs/1993/crown%20riot%Aftermath.htm

Breindel wrote Kristalnacht in Brooklyn on 9/05/91.

" As in Russia during czarist days,as in Europe under Nazi occupation ,the period before the high holidays saw a pogrom:This one like many that took place in Europe ,was directed against the most visable -by virtue of dress and lifestyle- and the most defenseless Jews in New York.

Pogrom by the way ,is very much the right word for what happened;not all pogroms were government sponsored. What they tended to have in common was the failure on the part of public authorities either to allow the police to put down the riot or even to issue condemnations. "

Briendel had knowingly changed public perception by his use of Pogrom and Kristallnact. The correct use of pogrom and Kristalnacht upset many liberals. Some pointed to this article in the defeat of Dinkins by Guliani in private conversations.

" In Crown Heights ,Yankel Rosenbaum , a young Hasidic Jew- a child of Holocaust survivors who was conduction research into the massmurder of the Jews who lived in his father village in Poland was lynched during a three day anti-semitic riot.Some twenty black youth attacked him shouting "Get the Jew.

Mobs of Blacks surged through the streets of Crown Heights chanting Heil Hitler ,breaking the windows of Jewish homes,attacking Hasidic Jews readily identifiable by their garb in the streets and hallways.

The Crown Heights Pogrom,like most other pogroms ,including the infamous Kristalnacht
(the night of broken glass 11/9/38)was whiped into a frenzy by professional agitators-some of them genuine anti-Semites;some of them Black seperatists,more anti- white then anti-Semitic,but wholly aware of the incitement potential inherent in their anti-Semitic rhetoric, some of them headline chasers, schooled- thanks to their efforts during the Tawana Brawley hoax- in Goebels's Big Lie technique.

The pretense for Kristalnacht was the assasination of a German diplomat in Paris by a
young Jew protesting Nazi anti- Semitic outrages.The pretext in Crown Heights was even thinner- an auto accident in which a car driven by a Hassidic Jew careened out of control ,fataly injuring a black child.


Jason_Pappas said...

I remember that for years the brother of Yankel Rosenbaum tried to get justice but that is quite a story in itself.

By the way, getting back to the New York Sun, catch today’s column by Daniel Pipes. And pass it on to the Recidivist.

In once sense, I pity the left. All they have is polemics and no facts. Empty moral posturing and name-calling are pathetic.

beakerkin said...

I have a special surprise for the Recidivist. I read Pipes Column but he is beyond help . He is now attacking Freedom House as a tool of the US government.