Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Communists are still with us

I find it amusing that decent liberals like Kafkaesq and AC Patriot get worked up about my angry leftists remark. They say nothing abot the Chemists paranoid conservative routine. In fact the Chemist was out raged because I made a passing remark that compared Hillary Clinton to the Wicked Witch of the West. This is hypocritical from a person that posted his middle finger to Gov Shwartzeneger. He also posted a piece "I fked Ann Coulter in the tail". I like the Chemist and he runs
a good blog but he is your classic angry liberal.

Part of this anger comes from a mentality that the world is in perpetual crisis. I am not too concerned with Bolivian Sandworms. Nor do I get worked up about chickens at KFC unless someone takes away my extra crispy. The sky is falling mentality is not one I share. Nor is the self righteous condescending manner that some leftists
treat comservatives my style. The only Leftist we bash here is the brain injured Recidivist and his antisemitic pal Simon Jones.If someone wants to defend that Simon
Jones diatribe please feel free but you will be humiliated.He is at it again with more foolishness trying to claim the Zionist exploited the Holocaust.6,000,000 dead is not enough but try to explain that as anything other then Antisemitism on the left.

The rhetoric aimed at the new Pope was bigoted. I will give Secular Socialism a pass
because Robby the Robot from Lost in Space has his own Halo. The Pope was bashed for
following and enforcing Church teachings. How many of you on the left get worked up
about Islamic teachings in schools that Jooos are to be killed. How many of you posted a word on the treatment of gays in Islamic Countries ? Any word on the treatment of ethnic and religious minorities in Islamic Countries ? Any word on the lack of human rights and freedom in those countries ? In fact bringing up any of those topics will get you branded a bigot .

The constant stream of daily paranoia about the Christian right is annoying. The statements that we are headed to theocracy are amusing. Especially from people who do not recognize or form common cause with seditious elements communist and some greens. I would sooner break bread with Falwell and Robertson then Chomsky and Zinn.
Breaking bread with Michael Moore could involve broken bones and body casts.

This angry fixation also extends to a rash of pie attacks against Conservatives. Conservatives are prevented from speaking at colleges and shouted down by the left.
The same leftist elements are the provinces of real facism speech codes. A hysterical satire of the Juvenile Vagina monolouges called testicalese was stopped .
Please travel to Kajando's site for the comedic details. Affirmative action cookie sales were halted. Conservative newspapers are routinely stolen a few times a year.
Has any one seen a pie attack on Michael Moore ? Where has Chomsky been mistreated
by Conservatives ?

I am rather amused at the reaction of AC Patriot and some of the others. I lived through the events as described. I witnessed the five day temper tantrum in NYC that was orchestrated and coordinated by Communists(Code Pink and ANSWER).The light blue shirted DNC staffers were in the crowd. The National Lawyers guild reported police deployments to protest organizers on 14th street.I saw women remove their shoes and throw them at peaceful Right to Lifers who were also spat upon. I also witnessed policemen being baited and saw an object tossed at them. I saw Jews just trying to go home harassed.The lady next door was reminded of KristalNacht and the Police had to escort her home.One does not have the right to harass innocent people because you have a problem with Republicans.The woman was a Democrat and voted for Bush out of anger for the temper tantrum.

I also witnessed 9-11 and saw people fall . I was in the building when it was blown up in 93. Do you leftist think you know more about where I was and what I saw ?I joined the sea of humanity running north. I thought of Sodom and Gommorah and sang the Jewish predeath song. I smelled the stench of burning smoldering death for weeks.
My Uncle a Holocaust survivor used to talk of a burning evil smell. I thought he was exagerating until I breathed the air after 9-11.

I also saw the protest organized by the left in Union Square Park the Saturday after 9-11. The smell of death filled the air and the fires were still smoldering 3 miles south. Most of us was wondering who we knew that was lost and the Death estimate was 15,000. The left does what they do best sedition. Dedicated Communist held a protest in the Park. Speaker after speaker "Why do they hate us" and blamed the Jews,Neocons,Likud and Mossad . My city was attacked again and the left is trying to
use the tragedy to recruit members. The constant theme was it was the Joooooos not Bin Ladden and the actual perpetrators. Unlike 99% of you I was there and witnessed
the event.

I am not surpised at the arrogance of some. The liberals feel they know what happened in NYC better then people who live there.They know how Native Americans feel
better then Native Americans. They know more everything and feel they have a monopoly on morality.

There is a decided and pathological obsession with the Joooooooos that Kafka claims
does not exist. The problem is Kafkaesq and his kind of Liberal are basicaly good people.They assume that those who break bread with them have the same altruistic motives . It is time that they opened their eyes and see Houston there is a Joooo problem on the left. If I dedicated 40% of this blog to denigrating Fijians day in any day out would you think I have a problem. The fact is the the Left has created an entirely new phenomena the Urban Red Redneck. A typical example of this dialouge will be displayed here with the letter URR.

URR : Those religious conservatives want to put us in a theocracy. They want to kill
gays and force their vision on us.
Me: What are you talking about ??? Private school vouchers , Gay Marriage / Civil Unions.
URR: Those Zionist control the media. Israel is the most evil state on the planet. We
have been defacto Jews because there is a Holocaust museum in DC. Joooos stole the Holocaust.
Me: You sound like Elmer Fudd look at the Freedom house ratings. Speaking about controlled media look at the Arab states and Communist Countries
URR: The previous Pope is evil and is responsible for the deaths of millions world wide.
Me: Where are those deaths.
URR: There is low voter turnout in the US so voter turnout should be mandatory.
Me: Ever here about the constitution.
URR: They hate us in Paris and in the Muslim world
Me: Who cares Paris hasn't been relevant for 100 years and the Islamic world longer.
My country was attacked on 9-11 and I do not take public opinion polls on a world wide level to determine my safety. Ever been in a building that been blown up or seen people fall from office towers. Did you smell burning flesh for well over two weeks ?
URR: India is almost as evil as Israel. It is the new zionist entity.Hinduism is a racist religion.
Me: Get a grip check out the Freedom House ratings. Pakistan is a virtualy ethnicaly cleansed country . Muslims are treated better in India then Christians and Hindus are in Pakistan. Hinduism has had any where near the violent record of Islam.
URR: The Jooooos,Neocons,Likud, Mossad ,Silverstein and Haliburton blew up the WTC.
Me: Even Art Bell dismisses that foolishness.

Depending on the response from my readers I may do a satire on the Urban Red Rednecks. The Crocodile Hunter goes to NYC to observe the antics and behavior of the
planets most uncivilized people the Urban Red Redneck. We have not done Satire for a long time and it might be fun. We could pass the project onto Kajando who seems to do well with that material.

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