Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Spanking the Recidivist Part 7 Stupidity Deluxe

The man with the 167 IQ is desperate to restore what little credibility he had after posting information from a source linked to David Irving. This was not a minor link
either as it was prominently displayed . Yet the game continues I am not a bigot I just print material from Simon Jones who does a good impression of one. According to Jones all Jooos perceive gentiles as the enemy. Yet we are all defacto Jooos as Capitalists in a system with usury. Jooos are responsible foe pollution and alienation. This sounds bigoted to me and the man with the 167 IQ complimented it. He has also been playing the Holocaust minimization game.

Now he is attacking the credibility of Freedom House because it receives money from the US Government. Following that logic then the UN is not credible either because its largest source of funds is the same USA government. Lets see the UN is credible because the bash joooooos but Freedom House is not because it gives Israel a good rating. If the Recididope were capable of reading he would have noticed the Ford and Pew foundations neither of whom are considered Conservative .


An article by William Bacon How Ford Funds the Left. The Pew Trust gave 109 mil ,Ford Foundation 26 mil ,George Soros 7 million to the radical Tides Foundation.
The recipients of the Tides largesse CAIR, National Lawyers Guild,Iraqi Peace Fund , the National Council of Churches, Center for Constitutional Rights, Arab American Action Network, Physicians for Social Responsibility and United For Peace and Justice.How the Recididolt figures that foundations that fund all these far Left causes are duped by the far right at House defies logic.

George Soros is one of the Redidupe's good leftist Jooooos. From his DTN file http://www.discoverthenetwok.org/printindividualprofile.asp?indid=977

" In that convergence of events was born Soros's favorable opinion of Democratic Socialism ,and his negative view of many Jewish groups.......

In 1979 Soros founded the Open Society Fund ,and since then has created a large network of foundations that give away hundreds of millions of dollars each year,much of it to organizations that share his left wing philosophy.He believes in order to prevent right wing fascism a strong leftist counerbalance is essential. Asserting that America needed a "regime change" to oust President Bush , Soros maintained that he would gladly have traded his entire fortune in exchange for a Bush Defeat in the 2004 election. ......He stated that defeating President Bush is the central focus of my life and a matter of life and death. America under Bush is a danger to the world and I am willing to put my money where my mouth is . ..The Republican party has been captured by a bunch of extreemists.Soros accuses the Bush administration of following a supremacist ideology. When I hear Bush say you are either for or against us it reminds me of the Germans. It conjures up memories of Nazi slogans on the walls ...My experiences under Nazi and Soviet Rule sensitized me.

Since establishing the open Society Institute,Soros has given away billions of dollars much of it to left wing causes. He pledged to raise 75 million to defeat President Bush in the 2004 election and personally donated nearly 1/3 of that amount to anti-Bush groups. Soros gave 5 mil to MoveOn.Org and 10 mil to America Coming Together.

The Recididumbass thinks that the Ford Foundation and Pew Foundation have lost their minds . Despite a lengthy history of donating to radical left causes suddenly they have made an exception for Freedom House. Freedom House was criticized in the Ukraine for meddling and its ties with Soros. Soros has an extensive record of left wing activism. Yet all of the sudden he has also lost his mind to contribute to Freedom House.

This claim about Freedom House being Stupid qualifies as Supersized Stupidity. However as the UN also accepts US money then they are illegitamte.Also left wing radicals break history just to help out the Joooooooos.

Now we will prove once and for all the Recidivist is a liar or profoundly stupid.

"The Occupied territories under Israeli administration have a far worse rating than the Palestinian administered areas, worse than Iraq did under Saddam Hussein and worse then that of the Muslim nations that the right are so fond of singling out for attention and comparing Israel to "

Israel occupied West Bank 6 6.
PA areas 5 6
Israel 1 3
Iraq under Hussein 7 7
Syria 7 7
Saudi Arabia 7 7
Algeria 6 5
Azerbaijan 6 6
Bahrain 5 5
Bangladesh 4 4
Egypt 6 6
Iran 6 6
Jordan 5 5
Kuwait 4 5
Lebanon 6 5
Lybia 7 7
Morocco 5 5
Oman 6 5
Pakistan 6 5
Quatar 6 6
Somalia 6 7
Sudan 7 7
Turkey 3 4
Uzbekistan 7 7
Yemen 5 5
China 7 7 The Recididummy never criticizes
Cuba 7 7 Communists. I wonder why ?

The Recididork claims that the Israeli areas have a far worse ratin then the PA areas is a Joke the 1 point inprovement over the Israeli areas was largely due to a sham election. The claim that the Israeli Occupied areas had worse rating then Iraq under Saddam Hussein is a lie as Iraq got the lowest ratings 7 7.

Israel's rating is vastly superior to all the Muslim nations and it is not even close. The West Bank has been in a state of virtual war and is still freer then Syria
Saudi Arabia and Lybia and those countries are in no war. The Israeli West Bank has the exact same rating as Egypt and Iran. Jordan is marginaly freer but it has no war as well.

Has the Recididimwit read the reports he would have noticed that Freedom House places
plenty of blame on the Palestinians and Some on the Israelis. The report is written in a manner that bends over backwards to be fair to the Arabs.

We have allready proven that the Recididolt can not read simple numbers. Maybe he should have Viper the useless idiot read his sources so he doesn't appear ridiculous.
He could try another hobby but I am told basket weaving and making lanyards require thought.


Elijah said...

does this guy have website?
lol @ 167

beakerkin said...

The Braindead man with the 167 IQ
has a facts free folktale Fiction
Blog. http://recidivistjournals.blogspot.com/

Do not construct an elaborate post because he removes them and then lies about what you posted. He is the dumbest leftwing bigot I ever saw. He call a Native American Warren a Mormon . He also thinks Jason,Warren,Mr Beamish ,Big Bubba
and I are the same person.

I am going to hold an electronic
bar segment on Friday . You will get a chance to meet the crew. We
discuss blog issues . If any liberals want to join in that is fun just remember a group of conservatives might have a bit of fun at one's expense.

bum from jersey said...

what do the ratings refer too? we should have a debate sometime about the israeli's right to the land they own now. not now though, tired. maybe not cause you are armed w/ more knowledge. still though...i think it would make for an intersting debate.

Warren said...

I don't know if I will be able to post anything substantive Friday or Saturday. I'll try to post, but it looks like a couple of 12 hour work days and a couple of hundred miles on the road.

If I get access to the net, I'll see what I can do.

beakerkin said...

Warren Get some Rest .If you can drop in on Friday I am holding an Electronic bar segment.

Bum from Jersey.

The ratings refer to Political and Civil Liberties. Freedom House is the best source for a BS free look
at who is free and who isn't. If one is prone to lie and bigotry like the Recidivist the facts are hard to digest.

Warren said...

Elijah, we all do a lot of LOL @ 167, he's just can't bring himself to believe it!

bum from jersey said...

where did today's post go. i was so ready to comment on that!

Anonymous said...

Who is the reviled "167" blogger? Is it Alec Cockburn?

beakerkin said...

No we have a pet bigot on this blog. http://therecidivistJournals.blogspot.com/

Our pet bigot is the Recidivist who has a pathological hatred for Jews, Israel, Bush , the Pope, Organized Religion, Mormons and America. He is prone to the most stupid comments. We have comedicaly spanked him and made him look absurd.

His court of merry men also are good for target practice except Hawke and Zombie who are eloquent.

If you want to see real bigotry you can google Simon Jones Jews and read any article of your choice. Jones like the Recidivist does not allow comments that disagree with him on the blog.

I would love to get that worm Jones here. However like most leftist extreemist he lacks courage.