Tuesday, May 17, 2005

An open Challenge to Simon Jones

I have perused your bloviations at your blog and at the anti-semitic site Jewish Tribal Review. Anytime you or your minnions want to get hit with the facts come here
and we will be glad to do so.

I want a source for your claim that Jews perceived gentiles as the enemy.

I also want to go over your claims on the Holocaust.Holocaust minimization is a mental illness.

Show some courage and bring help you need it.You will not be censored or codled.

All those who wish to see Simon Jones's anti-semitic illucid Jew obsessed musings
go to www.Jewishtribalreview.org/ or http://simonjones1.blogspot.com/

Simon Jones has one goal in life to be certified as a crank. He is excelling at his role and should recieve recognition any day.


Simon Jones said...


I think you need to clarify the link you mention on your blog.

The Simon Jones your referring too has a link http://simonjones1.blogspot.com

I, on the other hand (also a Simon Jones) have the link you posted.

I'm fairly sure I'm not an anti-semitic!


Robert Lindsay said...

Hi there, Simon is a very good friend of mine.

Jewish Tribal Review is not an anti-Semitic site, you hypersensitive Jewish Zionist kook.

It's a known fact that standard Jewish culture has always perceived Gentiles as the enemy, and often with good reason. Classical Judaism, ongoing until about the 1820's, absolutely preached that the Gentiles were the enemy. Absolutely! How do you think the Jews somehow survived and never assimilated and hardly bred into the surrounding peoples? It's the racism, stupid. The *Jewish* racism. Got it?

Did you know that Jews in Europe often built those ghettos for themselves, to separate themselves from the Gentiles? Did you know that a pious Jew would not take tea or eat with Gentiles, on principle, until the early 1800's, when Classical Judaism started falling apart and the Jews left the ghetto?

After the Jews left the ghetto, even the most assimilated Jews often feared the Gentiles, did not understand them or wish to understand them, regarded them as dangerous and mysterious, and bizarrely lumped them all together into one grouping. The general mentality of the Gentile was "potentially dangerous". That is an excellent description of the East European (Polish and Russian) Jews who came to the US 100 years ago and formed Jewish districts in many of our big cities. How do we know these Jews felt this way? Because they told us! They wrote it down. Many Jews continue to believe that all Gentiles are basically anti-Semitic deep down inside; in fact, this view is frequently promulgated by passionate Jews and is used as a defense for Zionism.

A Jewish friend of Simon's told him, "Judaism may properly be thought of as a conspiracy against the Gentiles". There is a certain amount of truth to that, and that is in fact the thinking behind Jewish ethnic warfare and Jewish ethnic politics that many Jews continue to wage in many societies. It is precisely this mentality, this ethnic warfare, and this hyperethnocentrism, that is at the root of most anti-Semitism and surely at the root of most anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.