Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Spanking the Recidivist Part 6

I tried to lay off this segment but his latest round of stupidity is just too funny.
He runs around and is desperate to try and prove he is not a pathological bigot and
in all probability a Communist. He has invented ridiculous charges against myself and
Queers against Terror Blog . Last we checked Warren is alive and well with a great blog . The braindead Recidivist posted here under the name Low Loader and was caught.
He lied but for all his claims of a 167 IQ he left his email adress.

I seriously wonder about the readers of the Disgruntled Chemist. They are all wonderful people but do they seriously read the Recidivists Facts Free Folk tale he calls a blog. I do not think if he spun this bigoted bs about any other group then Christians they would associate with him.He may play word games with Zionist but it is clearly the Jooooooos.

Todays post Why Some of US don't participate in the Holocaust Guilt Industry.

The first part is his comedic attempt to claim that because he is a Dane he is immune from being a bigot. The Danes are a wonderful people whose heroic efforts in the Holocaust have zero to do with your bigotry. In fact your relationship with a Great Dane is as relevent as that line of logic. However he does have an IQ of 167 so the rest of us aren't capable of understanding his points.

He does use sources to back his claims about Denmark. He uses none for what follows.

"Then allong come the arrogant self deluded low life American Zionists who know so little of the truth-but to much of the fabrications and myths of the well oiled propoganda machine-who come and demand that we all participate in some sense of collective guilt that they claim is ours through the supposed inactivity of our forfathers"

Lets see he has called American Jews lowlifes and liars as 90% of them support the state of Israel.We don't care or want your guilt. Nor has any Jooooo including me asked for your approval.You are a bigot and a fraud. Jane Fonda has the right to free speech in Vietnam that you will not extend on your blog .Please tell us how Lord Haw Haw commited no crime .

" Do the Zionists tell you of their own inactivity.Do they tell you ......."
He blames the Zionists for not trying to rescue the Jews and allow them into the US.
They were suposed to have foresight and imagine the horrors that followed. He forgets the Rabbi Sephen Wise held ralies at Madison Square Garden against the Nazis.
He also omits another fact many Jews were Communists and said nothing because of the Nazi- Soviet non agression pact. The second the Soviet Union was attacked their position changed. This is Further evidence that leftists are seditious types who do not display loyalty to anything other then the party. Read Ronald Radosh's account in Commies.

He also leaves out the reason they were denied permission to go to their logical home Israel. Arabs placed entry quotas on entry into Israel. The Arab leader was Grand Mufti Haj Muhammed Amin al Husseni who instigated the 1920 Hebron Massacre that is well doccumentes. It happened long before there was a joooooish state. Unlike Deir Yassin the numbers have never been in dispute. FYI even Arab sources conceed the number was around 100, no rapes occured . That is a subject for a lengthier post.

The wonderful Mufti organized riots against the Joooooos in 1929. He also started a wave of terrorism against Brittish and Joowish targets.The Recidivist ignores this history.In 1937 the Mufti forms an alliance with Hitler. In the Eichman trial it was revealed that the Nazis helped bankroll the "Arab Revolt" from 1936-39. In 1940 he asked the Nazis for the right to settle the Joooooish problem in Palestine. In 1941 he took part in a pro nazi revolt in Bagdad.

From the Nuremburg trial Eichmans assistant Dieter Wislicency ( Hanged later)

"The Mufti was one of the initiators of the systematic extermination of European Jewryand had been a collaborator and adviser of Eichman and Himmler in the excecution of the plans. ...He was one of Eichmans best friends and constantly incited him to accelerate the extermination measures.I heard him say ,accompanied by Eichman ,he had visited the gas chamber of Aushwitz."

Like the Recidivists other hero Lord Haw Haw he made radio broadcast from Berlin to the Arab lands advocating the killing of Jews. He also recruited Muslims in the famous Balkan SS divisions. He was an indicted war criminal in Yugoslavia. He also hadKing Abdullah assasinated in 1951. King Hussien refused to let the Grand Mufti into Jerusalem, imagine holding a grudge over regicide .

"Do these Zionists tell you how they themselves have no interest in going to Israel ,but think it is right to seek and force others to go there"

This is the old if you support Israel why don't you go there.Well lets extend that since you love the Palestinians so much why doesn't the Recidivist go and live there.
The fact is as a gay man he would be dead in a few weeks. The boys in Hamas do not care for Gays. In fact gays flee the PA for Israel , he dennies this.

" When we dare to question the motives and methods of a country like Israel- or the motivation that lays behind their twisted racist views -they in ignorance dare to accuse us of Antisemitism"

Special Ed, Palestinians are Arabs and Arabs nor Muslims constitue a race. Jews come in every racial category . Every state in the region has an official religion Islam.
Why does he pick only the Jooooish state as an example. Israel also has a higher freedom Rating then any Muslim or Arab State and about 4/5 of the planet according to
Freedom House. Freedom House must be infiltrated by Joooooos.

He concludes that Zionists need Antisemitism and that it is almost an honor to be labeled an antisemite. Well it is an honor well earned given this and numerous other posts. Since he posted we are all Joooooooos in america by Simon Jones this honor indeed qualifies him for the Crank Dot Net Hall of Shame.

His next submission proves beyond belief how stupid he is

He admits posting a report from the Reporters Notebook. A site to the main page shows that this site is the site linked to famous Holocaust Denier David Irving in fact the first hilight in the page is dedicated to Holocaust Revisionism

" Not only does it highlight the devious nature of the official press self cencorship in Israel-censorship that is denied because it isn't strictly official-but also the utter hypocrisy of those who complain about imaginary cencorship elsewhere,yet they consider that the Israeli TV station which broke the self censorship agreement with the army ,in order to show in their report, should have self censored the report about the Israeli army's killing of an innocent and unarmed Palestinian Woman as they searched her home, and the subsequent cold hearted delays in allowing her husband to get medical assistance for her as they left her to die"

The brain dead Recidivist is lost on some facts the free press functioned as it should in Israel. Where is the Free press in Most Arab and Muslim Countries ? The incedent will be investigated and if misconduct occured the offender will be prosecuted. Sadly there are numerous reports of the PA using ambulances to carry weapons and suspects. The delay likely was caused by this wonderful practice. He has not mentioned that the PA condones and finances suicide bombers who select their targets Pizzerias and Busses. This tactic is far more cold blooded and given the level of provocation the Israeli response has been muted. Chechnya is an example of how regular nations respond to these provocations.One can also look at Jordan in 1970
a five figure Syrian Massacre or routine daily life in Iraq under Hussien for other examples. Singling out Israel alone for undue criticism is bigotry.

My question to Kafkaesq does the use of sites dedicated to holocaust dennial prove anti semitic enough for you and AC Patriot. I am not telling you who to associate with but do not insult our intelligence and claim there is not a Joooooo problem on the left. All of the readers of the Chemist are great people I disagree with . I have not raised this anti semitic charge at any one else. Please feel free to use legal training and spin.


Drew said...

WHAT IS with your bizarre ethnographic fixation. Your obsession with judaism and statements like "The Danes are a wonderful people . . . . "

Really, then some peoples are "bad peoples" . . . following from the schema you have set up . . . If anything is racist, that is. It reminds me of the kinds of sayings that old school bigots used to harp on, such as [whatshisname] the mormon philosopher: "The Civil Rights folks are giving a bad name to blacks, who are, on the whole, a decent, hard working people."

This manner of ethno-formulaism is not exactly upsetting, just bizarre, really.

I don't know that you are a racist, but overobsession on matters joooooooooo-ish or ethnically related, is over the top and leads to circular, self-referential points of view.

This stereotype of the 'neocon' jewish american is barely justified in scatterpots of how jewish americans vote or think, no matter how much you revel in the concept. You cn't always tie your Ethnicity to your political belief system, as is often the unfortunate case in places like Portadown. In fact, to yearn for such an arrangement is silly: when this formula occurs, it is indicative of less than optimal living conditions.

Diversity of opinon within ethnicities is a positive sign that indicates a population at peace with its place in the greater nation.

beakerkin said...

Drew how about reading the other blog first. Kindly go to the Recidivists Journals and read some archive.

My obsession with Judaism is fairly obvious I am a Jew. The question is why does a Gay Dane living in the UK feel the need to rant on both my people Americans and Joooos daily.

There is plenty of diversity in the Joooooooish comunity . However the overwhelming Majority support Israel. Feel free to respond to why a Joooo should not respond to attacks on Jooos. This is magnified by the proof that the dolt uses material fromm Holocaust
denier David Irving.

Drew said...

So, he's your strawman . . . anyone who used Irving as a general source of information is not really worth acknowledging anyhoo. where is this 'blog' anyway?

beakerkin said...

You can visit him at

Please do not call him a straw man
as he is prone to crying. You two
have alot in common . He is more annoying practice using hypocrite liar and racist.

Anonymous said...

Christ almighty, Bekaerkin, you are one seriously sick individual. The manner in which you assume to be able to read other people’s minds and motivation leaves no scope for doubt about the fact that you have very serious mental health issues that need adressing. And so do all your other personalities and incarnations.

Craigy B said...

It is so funny reading your irrational and paranoid rants.

You make all these grand accusations, none of which you substantiate and then load in all sorts of things that you demand he should talk about. You are such a snivelling hypocrite.

By the way, when are you going to get around to showing us this evidence about the Lowloader claim? You have had weeks now and you have been told how to give the evidence without revealing your own email address. Sorry, I forgot that you can’t provide the evidence because it is all in your imagination :)

I am also intrigued to know the following:

Where he has quoted David Irving?

Where he has indicated that Lord Haw Haw is a hero?

Where he has said that because he is Danish he can't be a bigot?

Where he has said that Lord Haw Haw commited no crime? (please be factual and provide links, because if you are talking about the Chemist's blog, what he actually said was that Lord Haw Haw could not have commited the crime for which he was convicted and executed, which is correct and which is why Lord Haw Haw's conviction has been overturned by the British courts that convicted him).

Where has he said that "American Jews lowlifes and liars as 90% of them support the state of Israel"? (and can you even tell us what that illiterate nonsense of yours means?)

He hasn't said any of those things, but you think that your freedom of speech and allows you to tell whatever rank little lies take your fancy.

In order to arrive at your conclusions for his motives you have to have the arrogance to assume that he is posting in response to something that you have said. Maybe you should provide the substantiation for that before you let your inflated ego get too carried away, because a look at the discussion boards he is participating in would suggest a very different story, you stupid deranged old man.

Recidivist said...

I have read some preposterous paraphrasing in my time, but this nonsese really takes the biscuit, Beakerkin.

Can you actually substantiate a single one of these ridiculous claims? No.

And suggesting that I have used David Irving and holocaust denial sites as a source LOL .. I used a site which offerd a reward to anyone who could prove a particular David Irving claim to be wrong. I know it is asking a lot given your ample propensity to posting libel, but please do try to get just some of the basic facts right in your lame trolling attempts.

The big problem with your claims is that I do criticise Islam, Arabs an Palestinians too .. I even defend the right of Israel to exist - you NEVER find any fault in the actions of Israel and its racism, yet you accuse me of being the bigot.

Now if you really expect any further responses to anything you say, then kindly make it factual and rational, otherwise just go away and find another obsession you sad miserable humourless racist.

A bit strong for you? Tough shit because that is all you deserve for the factless nonsense you have spent months posting on here.

Recidivist said...

Oh yeah .. I nearly forgot: if you are going to ‘quote’, then kindly cut and paste, or provide a link to the alleged ‘quote’, rather than attempting to pass your ridiculous paraphrases off as my words by placing them within quotation marks. Failure to do so reflects much worse, your desperation and your motive than it does on me.

beakerkin said...

The Bigots Convention.

Recidivist look at front page of the Reporters note book. The second line is the institute for Historical review and that is David
Irving. Line one is another attempt
at minimizing the Holocaust. Care to defend Simon Jones and the bit about Jews calling Gentiles the Enemy.

All my facts are in order so far other then a spelling issue you have zero.

There are no Palestinians there never was a Palestine. There are the decendants of invaders from the Seventh Centurt. You neglect to mention the Jim Crow status Jews
Christians and others lived under
in Islam.

Did I make up a fact about the Grand Mufti and his role in the Holocaust or the violence that preceded the creation of the state
of Israel. You also were way off on the number of people at Dier Yassin. Even pro Arab sources acknowledge the numbers were around 100. There was also a battle
and no rapes.You also neglect to mention a masacre of relief workers. In fact the Brittish handed over some victims who were then killed.

You have never mentioned suicide bombings or a world of Abuses in Arab and Muslim Countries. In short
the Simon Jones post left you exposed.He had less courage then you.

Your record on Jews and Israel is doccumented. Out of respect for other sites I do not post this material there.

Craig B

Even the Recidivist acknowledges Reporters note book is linked to Irving and the first two links are dedicated to Holocaust Denial and minimization.

The conversation about Lord Haw Haw
was reported correctly. Haw , Haw
did not attempt to defend the broadcasts. His claim was the court had no Jurisdiction. That is a technicality by definition.

I see you are barely literate and the words Low Life American Zionists and Well oiled Propoganda
machine are self explanatory.

The Recidivist has never backed a single assertion of his claims with quotes. Lets count who has posted on whose blog more often.
It is hypocritical to ask for posting at a site when you do not reciprocate.

Warren posted the Low Loader bit.

To the faceless Coward . Probably the Recidivist as Viper whines more
but it is irrelevant . What are these other names ? You don't even post your own. FYI the Recidivist was caught playing that game. I post my material here as it can not
be deleted.

The Zionist /Jooooo game is over the Simon Jones post removed any thread you were clinging to.

Drew said...

So, what I gather Beek, is that you are employing a mechanism where you identify a mere mention of a fringe group/idea (ZOG/David Irving) and proceed label the originator as Racist. This IS supposed to be your form of revenge for the percieved manipulation of the 'racist' by liberals . . . at least thats why Horowitz goes about naming people as racist (Franken, Chomsky, etc.) . . . it s the old "claim the vocabulary" trick that marxists like Horowitz believed so strenuously in. Now he would like to employ the same nonsense on the other side of the ideological fence, so he goes into his insane polemical rants about.

You decided to have me banned from FPM when I mentioned ZOG in passing, and it seems you are up to this kind of take no prisoners crap you probably read in one of Horowitz's booklets. You are some kind of jackass, man. Quit it with the faux tough guy rants, and stop acting like a 14 year old script kiddy.

beakerkin said...


You have talent as a troll unlike the whiny Craig ,the cowardly Viper
and the bloviating Recidoofus.

This matter has gone on long enough.Mention or ties to David Irving are fair game. Holocaust Denial is classic bigotry.

Chomsky is a communist even if he calls himself an Anarchist. His support of Pol Pot and the claim of 3.5 starving Afghans preclude him from serious thought.

Your own behavior got you banned but you have a great future as my pet troll. Craig should take notes as you have a talent.

We have raised the quality of troll here at the Beak Speaks.

Recidivist said...

Yet again, Beakerkin, you refuse to provide proof, quotes or even links .. instead you throw more ridiculous accusations in to the frame in order to confuse issues further.

Not only have I mentioned suicide bombings, but I have unreservedly condemned them. That is on my blog for all to see.

You say that there are no Palestinians. I gave scientific support to my claim that there is .. you have only provided a link to Zionist propaganda to support your claim. Warren the moronic Mormon also tried to support you with some nonsense from a Mormon site which was making excuses as to why it was impossible to prove the claim that American Indians have descended from the Israelites.

You say that I neglect to "mention the Jim Crow status Jews Christians and others lived under
in Islam" ... if that is supposed to make sense, then I would comment. Have you mentioned every aspect of everything there is to mention? Failure to discuss something that doesn't touch upon what I have said really has zero relevance.

My record on Jews is not as you claim and you consistently fail to show that it is .. other than making ridiculous claims that "Zionist" is self-evidently synonymous with "Jew". That is self-evidently preposterous nonsense and you will have to do a little better than that. Your paraphrasing and arrogantly assuming to know my unspoken meaning and intent is pretty feeble.

The conversation about Lord Haw Haw The conversation about Lord Haw Haw was not reported correctly .. as anyone checking the Chemists blog can see. I never commented on his defence .. I commented on the reasons why his conviction was quashed. I never said he wasn't guilty of anything .. just that he couldn't possibly be guilty of treason against Great Britain if he wasn't a citizen of the United Kingdom. I did not, as you claim, attempt to defend the broadcasts.

Low Life American Zionists refers to just them .. David Horowitz, yourself and others who use your dirty tactics ... it does not refer to Jews as you claim and ineptly try to pass off as a quote on this very post.

Did you make up a fact about the "Grand Mufti and his role in the Holocaust or the violence that preceded the creation of the state ......." Did I ever claim that you made it up? Given that I didn't, why even introduce it?

On Dir Yassin you say I am way off on the number of dead and say it was only around a hundred ... but around a hundred is EXACTLY what I claimed on my post. I made a passing comment on the fact that the New York Times had claimed a lot more at the time. It is there on my blog for all to see.

You say there were no rapes, yet the Red Cross report says that there were dozens. The links are there for all to see. You don't support you claim that there were no rapes.

You also claim that I neglected to mention a massacre of relief workers .. yet I mention it in the Dir Yassin post. It is there for all to see.

Neither you nor Warren have produced any PROOF at all to support this lowloader claim. You have produced what is freely available on my blog .. but nothing to show that it was me. You claim you have the proof, so provide it or shut up, otherwise everyone will reasonably deduce that you are a liar who makes false claims in the certain knowledge that they can not be disproved unless you are shown the alleged evidence (which you do not have).

The simple truth is that you are seriously short on any facts at all to support your ridiculous paranoid notions .. in fact you have repeatedly been shown to be a liar.

You repeatedly claim that it is an honour to be compared to David Horowitz. Well he is a pathalogical liar just like you are .. only he is better at it than you are.

Now, since you so steadfastly refuse to provide the evidence that you have been asked to provide to back up your lies and arrogant assumptions, I shall now return to ignoring you as I have been for many a week.

But, before I go, I shall leave you with one little thought to ponder: Have you considered the fact that just maybe all the people you whinge about so endlessly actually persist in posting on the subjects that they do simply because it is entertaining to see how predictably easy to get you wound up enough to start spouting your usual single track hate filled rhetoric ?

beakerkin said...

Recidivist here we go again.

Did you mention the Hebron massacre of 1920 ? Did you mention
the number in the Deir Yassin alleged massacre was reduced twice ?

You posted nothing of relevance that proves there are Palestinians.
In fact the PLO charter recognizes
this myth dozens of time . I let the Deir Yassin item slide because the naked bigotry of Simon Jones
is more interesting.

You have lost this round and all the otherer . My running count has
30 plus posts for you here. I have no need to censor you at all. The fact you desperately need to mount a counter attack is fun enough.

Remember you started this round with an ignorant attack on the Copts. Where is there state and why do you laugh at their suffering.Where is the Assyrian State and the State for Kurds.

It all boils down to Jooos. You failed at a lucid response to the Freedom house rankings. Arabs have 22 states allready and should absorb their brothers.

You would enjoy Iran they are pro choice. Gays are given four ways to die a fact you neglect to tell your readers.

You get zero sypathy here.Your disgraceful depictions of Queers against Terror and other sources with no quotes makes you an unsympathetic victim.

Now moving ahead I also suspect that you are a Communist. Your views are consistent with a Communist .This would explain the your exclusive focus on Israel and the US.

Recidivist said...

I haven't lost anything, but if it pleases your deluded little mind to believe that you have won anything, then so be it.

Yet again, rather than acknowledge where you have shown to be a blatant liar, you ignore that and make even more ridiculous accusations.

Have fun talking to all your own multiple online racist personalities.

Warren said...

I'm not going to go through this with you nitwits again.

You know what you did, I know what you did and Beak knows what you did. Most of the posters in this blog know what you did.

You are without honor, you are a lowlife and the scum of the earth and those are your good points. I'm not wasting my time reposting just because you are to damned stupid to understand that you got caught because because because because of your arrogance.

I don't waste my time visiting that cesspit you call a journal. There is nothing there worth reading that I couldn't find on any white supremacists web site.

So blow it out the old whazoo, low loader!

And curb that mutt that follows you everywhere. There are leash laws even in the UK.

Recidivist said...

Most of the posters on this blog are various incarnations of Beakerkin and since he knowns that he is a deluded liar, the falsehoods contained in your sad little claim are regrettably self-evident, Warren, my dear Mormon moron.

beakerkin said...

You have been on Warren's blog and
he is clearly not me. Are you accusing Jason of being me he has much more talent. Beamish kicks ass and is not me. Big Bubba is a Vietnam Vet and less diplomatic.
Kajando is brilliant and Hysterical.

Now I do know your name is Mark . All I have to do is comb Jooos sans frontieres. You claim not to be the moronic Elf or Jordan I am not sold low loader.

beakerkin said...

Recidivist I am now adding Mormons
to the growing list of people you

First time I am not near a blast in NYC